C. Frederick Wehba Considers Real Estate Options of Buying vs. Selling

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C. Frederick WehbaC. Frederick Wehba, a real estate leader with four decades of experience in his field, has a deep understanding about the various complexities related to buying a property. For Americans today, this process carries with it an extraordinary financial responsibility, notes C. Frederick Wehba. In this recent interview with Presentation Solutions, C. Frederick Wehba explains the different activities required before completing a real estate purchase.

Presentation Solutions: Welcome – thanks for calling in today!

C. Frederick Wehba: I appreciate the opportunity, and you are welcome.

Presentation Solutions: Here’s the million-dollar question: Should people rent or own?

C. Frederick Wehba: Well, there are a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Presentation Solutions: That’s a broad answer…

C. Frederick Wehba: It is! Each individual must ask a number of important questions before making his or her decision.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the major costs?

C. Frederick Wehba: Business persons should consider their long-term prospects before purchasing a new property.

Presentation Solutions: How so?

C. Frederick Wehba: A significant down payment is often required in most cases, not to mention property appraisals and early-stage renovations.

Presentation Solutions: For what is the property owner responsible?

C. Frederick Wehba: Purchasing a property commits the owner to a variety of tasks. In the event of business growth requiring workplace changes, it may be difficult to make adjustments when property ownership is involved.

Presentation Solutions: What other considerations are important in this decision, in your opinion?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s the owner’s responsibility to take care of any waste products resulting from activities at the property.

Presentation Solutions: Could you talk about the possible consequences of poor maintenance?

C. Frederick Wehba: If the business releases contamination into the local ecosystem, legal authorities require that the business owner address the issue.

Presentation Solutions: What might be necessary in that scenario?

C. Frederick Wehba: Financial reparations are often necessary to fix the problem. And they can be quite costly.

Presentation Solutions: It seems that purchasing may not always be the right fit, then.

C. Frederick Wehba: Although it offers plenty of rewards, it is also a tremendous obligation and must be carefully considered before plunging ahead.

Presentation Solutions: Does the final decision depend on the specific neighborhood of the property?

C. Frederick Wehba: Location is always a vital aspect of the selection process, whether it is for the purchase of a personal home or commercial property.

Presentation Solutions: In more attractive areas, is leasing or purchasing the best option?

C. Frederick Wehba: Properties located in desirable regions are often easier to lease than to purchase, yes.

Presentation Solutions: Very interesting…

C. Frederick Wehba: The most prudent solution is to seek out the counsel of a top-level real estate professional who can offer invaluable guidance.

Presentation Solutions: This has been a highly educational chat. Thanks again!

C. Frederick Wehba: It has been my pleasure.

Los Angeles business expert C. Frederick Wehba is a trusted advisor in the real estate market, answering a series of questions for would-be lessors and property owners who are confused about these complex processes. We appreciate C. Frederick Wehba taking the time to share powerful information that sheds light on the various aspects of these transactions.


Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews AC Cars and the Shelby Cobra

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Flemings Ultimate Garage ReviewsFor customers of Flemings Ultimate Garage, reviews are one of the first places they go to find out the specifications of a sought-for vehicle. To that end, Flemings Ultimate Garage reviews offer extensive details about all of their classic cars and sports cars, including the Shelby Cobra. Today, the team at Flemings talk with Presentation Solutions staff about the Shelby Cobra.

Presentation Solutions: Hey, glad you could call in this afternoon!

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Thanks so much for having us!

Presentation Solutions: For starters, what company is the manufacturer of the Shelby Cobra?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: The original Shelby Cobra is manufactured by AC Cars of England.

Presentation Solutions: What type of engine is available in AC Cars?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Like a majority of British manufacturers, AC Cars has implemented a Bristol straight-6 engine.

Presentation Solutions: Who designed and created the model Shelby Cobra?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Carroll Hall Shelby, an avid car collector, is responsible for making this tremendous contribution to the auto industry.

Presentation Solutions: Where did Carroll Hall Shelby grow up?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: He was born in Leesburg, Texas. Carroll Hall Shelby is the son of Warren and Eloise Shelby.

Presentation Solutions: When was the GT350 introduced to the public?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Shelby debuted both the GT350 and the 427 Cobra in 1965 at Riverside Raceway.

Presentation Solutions: How did these vehicles come to be a dominant force in the racing world?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: That same year, the GT-40 won a race at Daytona. The Shelby GT350 secured a race victory as well.

Presentation Solutions: What distinctive markings could be found on the Cobra?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: The Terlingua emblem is prominently displayed on the 5R002 and CSX3002, which served as the Shelby team cars at this time.

Presentation Solutions: What other notable successes were celebrated by Shelby in this time period?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Shelby American earned a piece of history in 1966 when a trio of GT-40 Mark IIs finished 1-2-3 at Le Mans.

Presentation Solutions: Why was this such a milestone in race history?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: It marked the first time that an American team has achieved victory at Le Mans.

Presentation Solutions: Very impressive!

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: That’s why Shelby is known for such a remarkable tradition.

Presentation Solutions: I’m sure our readers are interested in more details about your showroom. Where can they turn for the latest advancements?

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: Our website is constantly updated with news and views related to the auto industry.

Presentation Solutions: Excellent. Thanks again for the chat.

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Team: We appreciate the invitation!

Flemings Ultimate Garage reviews from an international list of clients are the driving force behind the dealership’s operations. At Flemings Ultimate Garage, reviews are examined and studied on a regular basis to determine the comprehensive inventory roster.

U.S. Music Industry Sees Large Uptick in Revenue from Streaming Music Services

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In 2013, overall music sales were flat compared with the previous year. But despite treading water, many music industry professionals were expressing optimism about streaming services and other forms of revenue.

In a report issued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the future of the music industry was laid bare. The revenue from streaming music services grew markedly in 2013, with a 39 percent increase from 2012. Streaming music services like Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM and Spotify have combined for more than $1.4 billion in total revenue.

The number of online consumers who have subscribed to these streaming services totaled 6.1 million in 2013, a considerable increase from 3.4 million the previous year. These impressive numbers do not include Beats, a new subscription-based streaming services that opened in late 2013.

In 2013, performance royalties paid to record labels and artists by SoundExchange increased nearly 30 percent to a total of $590 million. SoundExchange represents about half of U.S. streaming music revenue. Over 2,400 services in digital radio currently use SoundExchange for their daily operations.

As digital radio royalties become an even more prominent entity in the music ecosystem, labels and recording artists are concerned about their bottom lines. While music streaming continues to experience steady growth, overall revenue slipped from $7.01 billion in 2012 to $6.99 billion in 2013. Overall revenue has hovered around the $7 billion mark each year since 2009. The industry experienced revenue of $8.8 billion in 2008.

If these streaming services can convert an appropriate amount of free users into paid subscribers, record companies, record labels and artists may finally reap the benefits of the new Internet age. A premium subscriber to Google, Rdio or Spotify’s streaming service is paying approximately $120 each year on their music. That amounts to between 10 and 12 full-length albums.


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