Weathershield Reviews Point to Promising Future

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Weathershield ReviewsWeathershield is one of the leading US manufacturers of new construction and home remodeling window and door products. Looking back on its 59 year history, Weathershield reviews how a healthy respect for its past has helped the company position itself in the present for a better future. Today, we have invited the company to share how this insight has led to new product lines and a renewed commitment to quality products.

Presentation Solutions: Thank you for joining us today.

Weathershield Reviews Team: It’s an honor.

Presentation Solutions: I guess we should start at the beginning. Tell us about Weathershield’s early days.

Weathershield Reviews Team: We were founded in 1955 by Edward Schield. “Lee,” as he liked to call himself, was a hard-working man who saw a need in Central Wisconsin for attractive and durable storm windows.

Presentation Solutions: So the company did not always make complete windows?

Weathershield Reviews Team: In the very early days it was just Lee and his truck handcrafting extruded aluminum storm windows. But people began to see the quality of his storms and begin asking for windows.

Presentation Solutions: How did the business expand?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Lee started by calling contractors and showing them what he had to offer. It did not take long for his business to grow.

Presentation Solutions: We understand this is still a family company. Is that correct?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, we are at two generations now of Schield family active in the daily operations of the business.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us about your company’s involvement in the local community.

Weathershield Reviews Team: Fifteen years ago company executives along with long-time employees started the LITE Foundation, which is a community program that shares gifts to people looking to help themselves. Through the program, management at Weathershield reviews total employee contributions and matches them to further expand our reach.

Presentation Solutions: How did this program get started?

Weathershield Reviews Team: The Schield family has always been involved in their community and remain guided by biblical teachings.

Presentation Solutions: It sounds like this harkens back to Matthew 25:40 “What you do to the least of my brothers, that you do to me.”

Weathershield Reviews Team: Exactly. But of course, without a strong sense of business and exceptional products we would not be able to do the things we do. That is why Weathershield reviews its business practices often to ensure a dedicated, ethical, and strong group of employees.

Presentation Solutions: What do you consider the core of your business?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Customer service is our top priority. This means giving our customers the best products at a competitive price and always having people on the other end of the phone to help when it is needed.

Presentation Solutions: Are all of your products custom-crafted?

Weathershield Reviews Team: All of our products were designed and are manufactured by industry experts. We have an extensive and extremely innovative product offering. Each of our product lines – including three recent launches, Aspire, Premium, and Signature – use only premium materials.

Presentation Solutions: How are these lines different from one another?

Weathershield Reviews Team: They’re made with different materials for different budgets. We have everything from basic vinyl clad wood windows to architectural grade products.

Presentation Solutions: If you had to sum up the reasons why a homeowner would choose Weathershield over another brand, what would you say?

Weathershield Reviews Team: We offer more value per dollar than any other window manufacturer. Our experienced and knowledgeable customer care and field service support teams are second to none. Additionally, we offer architectural support and continuing education for dealers. We manufacture in a way that is environmentally responsible and we create hundreds of jobs right here in America.

Presentation Solutions: How would you say that Weathershield’s company history has dictated its business practices today?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Lee Schield had to work hard to make it in such a competitive industry. We have never lost sight of this and know that in order to maintain our current customers and attract future clients we have to stay on top of every aspect of the window buying experience.

Presentation Solutions: We certainly appreciate your time today but we have to close.

Weathershield Reviews Team: Thank you for asking us here.

Weathershield employs a highly skilled team of research and development professionals who continually strive to offer the most beautifully crafted and technologically advanced window and patio door products on the market. Weathershield constantly reviews the demands of homeowners and continues to evolve to meet those needs and more. For additional information, log on to

Business Entrepreneurs Benefit from Art of Networking

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3.14.14 - NetworkingRunning a business is a difficult task and it can feel lonesome and isolating at times. In order for an organization to grow, professional development is important. Although it often pays to be independent, there are numerous advantages to working in tandem with other top executives and thought leaders. These prominent figures can end up having a positive impact on a business.

Networking is the most powerful marketing strategy to build and maintain success for any organization. Networking means making mutually beneficial connections that can serve as a launching pad for each member’s particular mission. Relationships are a proven catalyst that can help other people succeed and serve as a valuable resource. In a world constantly with sales pitches, status updates, tweets, emails and advertisements, messages can easily get lost. Professional relationships enable an organization to cut through the clutter and remain foremost in the minds of industry leaders.

Networking is critical to the success of any business entrepreneur. By meeting new people with similar ambitions and interests, an organization can succeed, an entrepreneur can uncover new opportunities for growth and renewal.

Networking does not have to be reserved for a professional event. Having similar hobbies or interests can be an enjoyable way to meet potential friends and business partners. At first, it’s advisable to perform some general research and see what organizations share the same core values and beliefs. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce is a prime activity for many businesses. It brings visibility and credibility to a business while more contacts. The various attributes involved with becoming a member include publicity and promotion, chamber events, community presence and a voice in government. Exchanges with like-minded individuals can lead the way towards more innovative ideas while providing moral support for both parties.

With more businesses expanding globally, online forums and social networks have made it much easier for professionals to stay in touch with business contacts in their local community and beyond.

New Instagram Ads Expand Brand Awareness for Levi’s, Ben & Jerry’s

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InstagramA Facebook property since April 2012, Instagram has emerged as one of the premier interactive storytelling channels online, challenging the dominance of established social-media sites by proving the power of photo sharing in today’s modern mobile world. By providing brands a platform to share messages through compelling visuals, Instagram hopes to attract users by presenting attention-grabbing content.

As a key influencer in terms of consumer behavior, Instagram serves more than 150 million account holders on a daily basis. Identifying these users and offering compensation to post about a particular brand will be a commonplace activity in the next 12 months. According to Nitogram, 17 major brands have exceeded more than 1 million followers each.

Instagram is embracing the art of storytelling by allowing brands an opportunity to market their products and services. As businesses and organizations strive to cut through the clutter, social-media success is predicated upon more than traditional content like text and outbound links. With social-media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat putting greater emphasis on image sharing, it’s quite obvious that the future will depend on these visual assets. For example: On Twitter, photos are now appearing directly in the user’s newsfeed.

In examining the qualitative metrics of these campaigns, the user reach has been quite impressive for initial ads from Ben & Jerry’s (9.8 million users, 8 days) and Levi’s (7.4 million users, 9 days). As new advertisements continue to grow and develop in 2014, sponsored posts will become an increasingly vital marketing tool for companies.

Storytelling helps to develop stronger connections with audience members who may be on the verge of making a purchasing decision. However, Instagram must proceed with caution. Users expressed outrage when the company adjusted their terms of services to indicate that user content may eventually be turned into advertisements. For Instagram, the challenges of brand marketing integration are sure to be their top story of 2014.


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