James Smith Answers the Question, “Why is exercise so important?”

In Professionals on March 31, 2010 at 1:41 pm

An active lifestyle is the cornerstone of success in life. James Smith is a widely traveled entrepreneur with a penchant for humanitarian causes. Always on the go, James Smith has often said a physical fitness program was the wellspring of his personal energies. Regular exercise fends off anxiety, clears the mind, and strengthens the body. The sense of well-being that comes from exercise is the source of energy and has been the inspiration for James Smith’s many achievements in life.

Many people ask James Smith for physical fitness tips. The business owner and world traveler explains that exercise is not as complex as sedentary people make it out to be. The hardest thing about exercise, says James Smith, is getting started. Once a person overcomes the inertia of inactivity, exercise becomes easier and more pleasant as the weeks go by. The basic elements of regular exercise are sweat and increased heart rate. If a person works up a sweat and huffs and puffs a few times a week, they are on the road to wellness.

For basic physical fitness, James Smith suggests three to four 30-minute workouts per week. Of course, adds James Smith, professional athletes work out much more than this, but each person has to assess their own fitness goals. A good technique is to combine endurance exercise with strength training. James Smith explains that endurance exercises are activities like running, biking, and aerobics. Strength training is based on building muscle mass through weight lifting and similar programs.

According to James Smith, an individual cannot understate the therapeutic and physiological benefits of regular exercise. Exercise lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol and is probably the cheapest, most reliable remedy for depression on the market. James Smith notes that exercise has somewhat fallen out of favor in this modern world of cars, fast food, and home theaters. But research and experience do not lie. Exercise, insists James Smith, is the key to individual health and happiness.


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