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Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity

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Charitable volunteering has always been an element of human society. Long ago, monasteries and convents were places where people could go to find social services like counseling, basic medical care, and caring for abandoned children. As our society has grown and changed, religious organizations adapted to take on more charitable roles and social needs.

As medicine has evolved and improved, religious organizations like churches and nunneries have become less responsible for medical services in society and have been able to turn their energies toward other needy people. However, these religious organizations need volunteers and donations as much as ever – in some cases more than ever. For those of you that would like to volunteer, but don’t know where to begin, here is a brief description of some modern avenues for volunteering and donation.

Religiously based weight loss programs are becoming more popular. A spiritually based weight loss program uses community resources to help people improve their health and lose weight, including education in exercise, nutrition, and recipes. If you have knowledge or experience with these subjects, this may be a possible way to serve your community.

Another modern social service being administered through religious channels is debt relief. In these trying economic times debt relief can be as important as a food drive. Also available through various religious organizations are volunteer and donation opportunities in the areas of marriage counseling and youth programs. All of these forms of service, are great community building endeavors for someone inspired to give back to their community.

Presentation Solutions urges you to volunteer your time to an organization in need of helpers. You will find that volunteering and giving back to your community infinitely rewarding. Find a cause you believe in and see what you can do to help!

Apostle Pierre Bennett: A Little Boy Defeats the Giant

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Apostle Pierre Bennett

Apostle Pierre Bennett

Apostle Pierre Bennett has learned something about courage over the years. A former United States Army serviceman, Apostle Pierre Bennett worked his way up the sales ladder, eventually founding his own resort travel club business. Today Apostle Pierre Bennett leads God’s Luv International Ministries.

Apostle Pierre Bennett relates the story of David taking on the giant Goliath. David was just a child, no match for the giant Goliath, Apostle Pierre Bennett tells us, but through faith alone, David was sure he could take on any rival. “The Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hands of this Philistine,” Apostle Pierre Bennett quotes from 1 Samuel.

When the giant saw David, he was insulted. He began taunting him, Apostle Pierre Bennett relates, until David was annoyed. Apostle Pierre Bennett says Goliath didn’t even go after David at first. He was too busy ridiculing him.

Apostle Pierre Bennett points out that many people will treat you that way as you begin to walk with God—especially people who have known you for a while. Those people will seem disbelieving that there might be anything special about you, Apostle Pierre Bennett advises, as if you aren’t deserving of being anointed.

But according to Apostle Pierre Bennett, God loves to elevate the least likely people. The underdogs may seem unlikely to be channels for God’s messages, but just as David faced Goliath with the full power of God behind him, you face your friends and enemies with that same power, Apostle Pierre Bennett informs us.

As Apostle Pierre Bennett points out, when David faced Goliath he was well aware that while Goliath might be a giant in his realm, David was a spiritual giant. Goliath’s weapons were no match against David’s spiritual power. As David approached Goliath with nothing more than five smooth stones and a slingshot, he wasn’t even wearing armor. Physically, he was no match for the ten-foot-tall Goliath.

Even though Goliath was fully armed, David was able to take him down with one small rock to the head. Apostle Pierre Bennett saw this recreated on television once and the shot proved challenging for the world’s best slingshot artist. There would have only been a one-inch opening in Goliath’s helmet, Apostle Pierre Bennett emphasizes, and he was ten feet tall. So David would have had to be at least thirty feet away to hit him at that height with a slingshot. Even the best slingshot artist would have a tough time accomplishing that. Unless he had the power of God behind him…

Instant Tax Solutions | Ratings and Reviews of Common Tax Problems

In Finance on April 26, 2012 at 1:28 pm
Instant Tax Solutions Ratings

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team says U.S. taxpayers with problems now have more options.

The IRS, says the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team, can be confusing and intimidating. It doesn’t have to be, however, as there are solutions to common problem. The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team points out that, while the IRS can and does act swiftly in cases of delinquency, they do have provisions that allow for unexpected circumstances.

When a taxpayer simply does not have all of their supporting documentation in order, the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team advises that an extension of up to four months may be requested – however payment of any owed taxes is still due. If money is the issue, such as when a medical emergency has all available funds tied up, a taxpayer may request to delay their liability by up to 6 months, says the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team.

The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team points out that filing or paying late can result in heavy fines and penalties. Taxpayers may request that these fees be removed if extenuating circumstanced can be substantiated; for instance, the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team notes that personal tragedy such as a major illness or auto accident may be forgivable delays. In these situations, penalties abatement may be requested. The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team encourages taxpayers to ensure that they have proper documentation to support their request, and to always send copies – never release an original document.

According to the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team, even old debt may be considered for penalties abatement. If the taxpayer can show reasonable cause for the delay and can prove they acted in good faith to pay, the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team notes that having some of the penalties canceled can be a great start at getting their debt under control.

There are even provisions in the IRS tax code that allow for deductions to be considered when the IRS denies them, notes the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team. For taxpayers who should be entitled to certain deductions but have misplaced records, the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team points out that having an affidavit, that is the written testimony of the taxpayer claiming the deductions are legit, is often a sufficient replacement to an original receipt.

These are just a few situations where a tax bill can be reduced. Instant Tax Solutions offers ratings of taxpayers’ economic status to help them determine if any of the IRS programs are a good match. For more information on the firm, or for Instant Tax Solutions ratings, reviews, and services offered, please visit

Steven P. Delarge Discusses Effective Time Management for CEOs and CFOs

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Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge

As a long-time business executive, Steven P. Delarge has seen countless other executives trying to juggle too many things. Many CEOs and CFOs have hundreds of unread e-mails and a to-do list far longer than any one human being could ever complete, Steven P. Delarge reports. However, unless someone can magically grant these busy executives more hours in the day, says Steven P. Delarge, may feel they have no real options.

The answer for many people, Steven P. Delarge says, is creating to-do lists. There have been many books on effective time management, points out Steven P. Delarge, and nearly all suggest some variation of these to-do lists. While this is effective in the short-term, many people find their best intentions are short-lived and soon they’ve fallen back into the same rut, according to Steven P. Delarge. The key, says Steven P. Delarge, is to create “not-do” lists. These are items you simply won’t do each day. It’s a creative way to turn the to-do list concept on its ear, suggests Steven P. Delarge.

The key, Steven P. Delarge advises, is to think of those things that are colossal time-wasters, like checking and responding to e-mail for a full hour each morning when you first get into the office. Steven P. Delarge recommends making an initial list of three items—perhaps things you’ve identified as bad habits, like staying at the office each day until late rather than leaving on time to spend time at home with the family.

Steven P. Delarge has found that focusing on his “not do” list frees him up to do the things that would traditionally go on his to-do list–without all the pressure. According to Steven P. Delarge, this might include calling a client he’s needed to touch base with for a while, or giving an employee helpful encouragement and feedback. By completing these tasks, Delarge says that he experiences a sense of personal accomplishment and that this helps his business succeed.

We all have our mental “to-do” lists. Steven P. Delarge recommends removing the non-value added tasks from that list, freeing up more time to conduct more important day-to-day business affairs. According to Steven P. Delarge, this will give you more personal time to spend with your family, doing things you personally enjoy.

O2 Media’s Designing Spaces on Lifetime withJarrett Dornbusch

In Creative Arts, Home and Family, Media on April 23, 2012 at 6:56 pm
Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Jarrett Dornbusch, a leader in outdoor design. Here, Jarrett allows our viewers a chance to see how he helps fix a couples’ backyard.

Host, David Jones: Okay Debie. How about a trip down memory lane.

Host, Debie Marie: Ahh-oh.

Host, David Jones: Now, don’t worry. We’re not going back that long ago. You visited a home where a backyard got the treatment. Remember?

Host, Debie Marie: Oh okay, yes. And there were fountains and outdoor furniture and a gazebo. You know, we really had a good time.

Host, David Jones: Well, I want you to see this so take a look.

Host, Debie Marie: Okay.

Host, David Jones: Does your backyard look like this?

Host, Debie Marie: Well, if this looks all too familiar, today’s show is perfect for you. We are going to show you how you can transform your backyard by yourself by just going to your local home store. We traveled to Douglasville, Georgia, a small and beautiful city just west of Atlanta. It’s home to the giant mailbox, Jolty’sJava and it’s also home to Amanda and Ryan.Hey guys. How’s it going?

Amanda: (The newlyweds are enjoying life together in their new home with their dog, Samson.) Well, we love living here. We love the house. My favorite room in the house is the living room. I like the columns that are in there. The fireplace, of course, is really nice. It’s cozy.

Ryan:I like the basement. We have a huge bar and projection screen T.V. We watch football games, events like that. It’s fun.

Marie:But although they are happy with the inside of their home, the backyard is a different story.

Amanda: Well, the backyard was defiantly one of the main reasons we bought the house. It was very like you said, open and spacious.

Ryan: We need lots of help back here.

Marie:Amanda and Ryan clearly need help in decorating their outdoor space. And to make things worse, they are planning a party tonight. And, where are you going to put everybody?

Ryan: Well, we don’t know just yet.

Designing Spaces: What would you say if I told you we could decorate this backyard where you could entertain everyone out here tonight?

Amanda: That would be great.

Ryan: That would.

Amanda: Yeah.

Ryan: Do you think we can get it done?

Designing Spaces: I think we can get it done. Backyard decorating is very important because it expands the living area to the home. One of the most popular trends is taking the inside out and the outside in. Jarrett Dornbusch is the head designer for Southern Patio. He has been a leader in outdoor design for over twenty-years. So Amanda and Ryan kind of waited to the last minute, but they are having people over tonight and they want to transform this backyard into an area where they can entertain. So is that something that you think you could help them with?

Jarrett Dornbusch: Absolutely, it is important that we give them everything they need for a party. Comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Designing Spaces: Okay and how would we do that? Like what types of things would you be able to supply?

Jarrett Dornbusch: We’ll, there are a few things, but again based on our trends of Earth, Wind, Fire. I will bring in a water feature. We will use some shade elements for the wind. We’ll use some nice planters and everything for the Earth.

Designing Spaces: They did mention they wanted some color, so that is good.

Jarrett Dornbusch: Yes, and we have a nice fire feature. A fire house, we would call it. And we’re going to set it up and make it a focal point.

Designing Spaces: Now, I know they are waiting until the last minute so they don’t have a lot of time. But normally the regular homeowner can go and get all of these supplies at their local home store. So you guys, this is a big project do you think you can handle this

Jarrett Dornbusch: Well, fortunately I brought a good team with me. So, yes.We are prepared. In here the wind chimes.

Designing Spaces: Jarrett shared his ideas for their backyard. Confident they were in good hands. They left to buy party supplies and to give the Southern Patio team time to work their magic. Jarrett, you did it. You pulled it off. This is beautiful.

Jarrett Dornbusch: Thank you.

Designing Spaces: I love this, now this is the focal point of what you were telling me before, the fire pit. Tell me a little bit about this.

Jarrett Dornbusch: Well, it’s all steel construction with MGo2, which is Magnesium Oxide and fiber glass mixed. It means it makes it fire proof.

Designing Spaces: I like that. Okay, this is great! So when you come out here if it’s maybe a cold night, they can sit down, they can put their feet up here that is going to make it very comfortable out here.

Jarrett Dornbusch: Absolutely. It gives off a great glow! And over here, we have a nice seating area that has one of our crank and tail solar umbrellas, so it’s got solar lights underneath it. It’s a nice night ambiance.

Designing Spaces: That is great. And in addition to that we have another table. They are going to be able to entertain because they were saying they BBQ and all their friends have to go inside. So now they have all this area over here. So tell me a little bit about it. You have a fountain over here, right?

Jarrett Dornbusch: Yes, we have a focus wall over here, which has a wall fountain on it with a concrete look. But everything is fiber glass products back there. We added a lot of color. We concentrated and we added a mixture of textures.

Designing Spaces: Yeah, you can and it really just brings out the warmth and it’s very comfortable looking. I think that is what they were going for as well. And we have another fountain over here, right?

Jarrett Dornbusch: Yes, this is a three tier fiber glass fountain that allows us to have the water feature and the water sound everywhere in the yard because you can hear it.

Designing Spaces: Yeah that is great. Okay, and then we have the gazebo over here. And you have the netting, so you could probably sit out here and not get bit by bugs.

Jarrett Dornbusch: Correct. Because it completely seals off. And it’s got nice water resistant fabric that you could sit out here even in the light rain.

Designing Spaces: And the shrubbery, I love the pots, the planters that you have out here. This is gorgeous. You know they are going to flip when they see this. I cannot wait for them to come home. Oh absolutely, I just hope they like it.

Amanda & Ryan: Oh My God.

Ryan: Oh wow. This looks amazing.

Amanda: I cannot believe this.

Designing Spaces: All in one day. That he did this. Okay, wait until you see this. Isn’t this gorgeous. Look at this your very own bar. Thanks to Jarrett and his design team at Southern Patio, the party was a success. There were tables and lights and lots of seating. The perfect space for an outdoor party. Southern Patio is the manufacture of all the products that you have seen here today. Their product line ranges from patio umbrellas and furniture to planters, outdoor speakers, wind-chimes, bird bath and bird feeders. Southern Patio products can be purchased at most major retailers across the country.

About Designing Spaces on Lifetime Television
The TV show is a half-hour informative series that inspires viewers to make every space count and instructs them on the smartest ways to make their homes more beautiful and functional.  To view a show online, just go to If you have a great idea for a story, or want to be a part of the show please contact LysaLiemer at

About O2 Media℠
Based in Pompano Beach, Fla., O2 Media℠ is a national television production company and pioneer of the branded entertainment industry. Since its inception O2 Media℠ has engaged, entertained and educated viewers with such reputable show as The Balancing Act, both airing on Lifetime Television. O2 Media℠ has earned hundreds of industry awards for revolutionizing the way brands engage with consumers on television. O2 Media℠ provides unmatched marketing value to its clients while producing quality content for its growing national viewership through Brandutainment®. Household brands and blue chip companies alike, continue to depend on O2 Media℠ for effectively communicating their message to consumers.  For more information, visit

Byron Pederson Interview: Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition

In Finance, Legal on April 23, 2012 at 4:58 pm
Byron Pederson

Byron Pederson

According to Byron Pederson, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition was formed to help keep the industry honest and fair. This, says Byron Pederson, will draw more customers to call upon the services of tax problem resolution firms. Byron Pederson’s Instant Tax Solutions has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a rating that Byron Pederson and his staff have worked hard to develop and maintain over the years. Today, Byron Pederson talks to Presentation Solutions about the upcoming meeting of the National Association of Tax Debt Resolution Companies.

Presentation Solutions: This is an exciting time for tax problem resolution services. How many are involved in the coalition?

Byron Pederson: The coalition has 46 members at the moment, most of whom are CPAs and legal counsel, all coming together to maintain integrity in the industry.

Presentation Solutions: What types of members are represented?

Byron Pederson: TPRSC members reside and work all over the country, representing taxpayers and tax resolution services nationwide.

Presentation Solutions: What speakers can attendees expect to hear from at the conference?

Byron Pederson: The conference will feature the director of the IRS’s office of professional responsibility, Karen Hawkins.

Presentation Solutions: What will be the topic of her presentation?

Byron Pederson: She’ll give us the IRS’s perspective on the problem of tax problem resolution services that are operating in a shady manner.

Presentation Solutions: She’ll also speak positively on the IRS’s perspective on tax professionals who operate positively on behalf of taxpayers in front of the IRS.

Byron Pederson: Yes, it has always been the philosophy of everyone who works for Instant Tax Solutions to maintain professionalism at all times. Karen Hawkins will address the importance of professionalism in the field.

Presentation Solutions: Who else will be presenting at the conference?

Byron Pederson: Larry Lawler, who will be speaking on policies and procedures the IRS has that help regulate the industry.

Presentation Solutions: There will also be a lobbyist present, correct?

Byron Pederson: Yes, Mark Guimond will discuss several pieces of legislation that affect our industry, including a bill that impacts telemarketing, which is currently on hold.

Presentation Solutions: When is the meeting and how does someone get more information?

Byron Pederson: The meeting will be May 20-21 in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit

Byron Pederson is co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, providing tax relief to taxpayers in need. As a leader in the industry, Byron Pederson is dedicated to eradicating fraud in the industry to maintain the integrity of the tax resolution industry nationwide. Byron Pederson is proud to be a part of the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition. For more information about Instant Tax Solutions, visit them online at

The American Spirit of Possibility

In Technology on April 23, 2012 at 5:20 am

A crowning achievement of modern America is a single event that was televised on July 20th, 1969. Many readers may remember that day, but many more were not yet born. It was a day when America proved again that anything is possible. It was a day heralded by a now iconic astronaut as:

“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

If you have not guessed yet, that man was Neil Armstrong, and the occasion was the moment that man first set food on the moon, wearing the spacesuits of our own American astronauts. But that day – that achievement – reaches deeper than a single moment by a spacecraft. It would not have been possible without the dedication of thousands of Americans working together.

Landing on the moon was an emblematic moment that represented years of engineering, scientific achievement, and cooperation on the part of countless Americans. From President Kennedy’s call to action at Rice University in 1962, it took Americans less than a decade to walk on the moon. From family members of the crew to the number crunchers and physicists at NASA, landing on the moon was a unifying collaboration that raised the spirits of Americans everywhere and reminded us that we can reach the stars, as long as we have a vision.

There was an astounding amount of meticulous labor that was poured into the Apollo moon mission. Mr. Armstrong’s carefully chosen words convey a wise and unifying sentiment. America, though acting as a leader in the world, acts on behalf of all mankind. This historic moment proved that the beauty of American cooperation is not just in the quality of our accomplishments as a nation, but also in the spirit of unity and welcome that those achievements convey to the whole world.

Many citizens consider the American space program a shining example of the resolve and genius of the American people. While American history is decorated with momentous events, both laudable and terrible, there was an event that unified all people and all nations in wonderment and awe. That event was mankind’s first step on the moon, accomplished by the cooperation of our American space program.

Landing on the moon electrified the world with a sense of unity and pride in human achievement. People across the globe were able to gaze in wonderment at the moon footage, listen to Neil Armstrong’s proclamation that this was a “giant leap for mankind.” This moment in 1969 went beyond nationality and ethnicity. Forgotten were the political distinctions of nations and cold war politics. Landing on the moon was an accomplishment for the entire world.

CWD Construction Helps Renew Your House with a Makeover

In Home and Family, Real Estate on April 18, 2012 at 2:43 pm
CWD Construction

CWD Construction

CWD Constructionknows the lagging economy has forced many homeowners to stay in a house far longer than originally anticipated. The drop in home values, CWD Construction points out, has left many homeowners upside-down in mortgages, giving them no choice but to remain until the economy improves.

CWD Construction has addressed a widespread need in the market by helping homeowners renew their existing homes. Additionally, homebuyers with money to spend are finding great deals on fixer-uppers—homes that can be bought at a bargain in exchange for some renovation work. Because many individuals are not qualified to do this work on their own, CWD Construction offers custom home makeover work, helping restore homes that have fallen into disrepair.

According to CWD Construction, once a home has gone into foreclosure, it can sit empty for months. During that time, it falls into disrepair, a state that only adds to any damage that disgruntled residents might have done before vacating the premises, CWD Construction explains. CWD Construction begins by breathing life into vital living spaces with custom interior trim, new paint and flooring.

Once the living areas are renewed, CWD Construction turns its efforts to the bathroom, installing new showers with custom tile, new custom vanities with granite, and quality plumbing fixtures that make all the difference in a bathroom’s appearance. When it comes to bathroom projects, the team at CWD Construction works efficiently and quickly, always keeping in mind that the bathroom is a vital part of the household and needs to be in working condition as soon as possible.

The premier room in a house is the kitchen, and CWD Construction’s kitchen remodels are in high demand. With custom-built cabinetry that rivals those found in the most expensive luxury homes, CWD Construction turns the kitchen into a showplace. Services include granite countertops, exciting tile backsplashes, and upgraded plumbing fixtures. CWD Construction can even add a beautiful custom mantle surround at the cooktop and a custom work island.

Finish off the project of turning a fixer-upper into the home of your dreams by adding a fireplace or screened-in porch, both services CWD Construction provides. When you work with CWD Construction, you’ll get the services of its in-house interior designer, Sonia Dohm, to help you pick out the fixtures, flooring, and paint colors that will best express your personal style.

Sonia and Chuck Dohm are available to work with customers to determine if CWD Construction can help turn a fixer-upper into a dream home, even before a purchase has been made. For more information, visit CWD Construction online at

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Giulio Verillo

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Giulio Verillo to discuss his new book.

The Balancing Act: Our next guest has lived quite the life, he’s travelled all over the world working with some of the biggest names in the hair styling industry; Vidal Sassoon in London, L’Oreal in Paris, John Paul Mitchell, and Jaques Dejohn’s in New York.  No doubt a hairstylist by heart but now he adds a new title, that of author.  With us this morning is Giulio Verillo, author of “A Slap on the Back of the Head.”  Good morning.

Verillo: Good morning, thank you for inviting me.

The Balancing Act: I’m glad you’re here, I’ve got to tell you, when I first picked up the book I said “a slap on the back of the head, what’s that?”

Verillo: That means that is how my father used to wake me up every day, not for school but just for life in general.  It was a good slap on the back of the head.

The Balancing Act: Kind of like my dad, you know that slap that says “wake up.”

Verillo: Exactly.  I think we all need a few of those slaps on the back of the heads these days…

The Balancing Act: Let’s talk about your family, you are from Italy, your mom and dad were born and raised there, right?

Verillo: Yes, and so was I.

The Balancing Act: Talk to me about that.

Verillo: Well, I was born in Italy; we came over when I was about five years old.  They had quite the great life but my dad and my mom decided that because of the economy they were going to come here; they were going to give us the American dream.  They gave up everything, the selfishness, you know, everything for them, and turned it all for everything for us.

The Balancing Act: And I know for you it was hard because you were only five when you came to the states and no doubt a new language, new culture, new friends, and I read in your book pretty tough times for you.

Verillo: Yeah, I was bullied quite a bit when I was younger and I didn’t know that I had what they call learning disabilities.  I call them gifts today.  I was diagnosed later on by years with ADD, OCD, and dyslexia and phonics challenges, so I wasn’t the best student.  However, it was rough because, you know, being downed by teachers and being bullied, your self-esteem is pretty low; I had quite a rough time.

The Balancing Act: I can only imagine, but yet you really made it.  You kept moving forward, which you talk about in your book a lot, and you make it to college but yet one day you tell your father—and I’m sure he gave you a slap on the back of the head—that you are not going to finish college.

Verillo: Believe me; I was ducking what I was trying to tell him at the same time, because I didn’t know what was going to come.

The Balancing Act: I can imagine what my dad would have done to me.

Verillo: But, yeah, you know, letting them know that this wasn’t for me, I was trying to think of any excuse to make them proud of me, I’m like “I’ll go in the marines, mate they’ll shake me up.”  That was tough but dad just stood there with that stare that was worse than a slap, that disappointment, you know, your brother is a doctor and what are you going to be now?

The Balancing Act: Oh…

Verillo: You know, change your name is pretty much what he was saying through those eyes (laughs).

The Balancing Act: And then you tell your dad you’re going to become a hair stylist.  I’m going to assume that did not go over well.

Verillo: No, he was probably thinking is there more you want to tell me? But first of all, it was full of pretty girls; who doesn’t want to go to school where there are all pretty girls?  That’s one incentive to get there, but as I did that I knew I had a gift, a gift that I didn’t understand I had before and it came naturally and it was fun and it was addicting, it was—I had a passion for it.

The Balancing Act: And you really became successful, Giulio!  I mean, you really became a very famous hair stylist and successful in your own business.

Verillo: I had so much passion for it that I did it for the love not for the money.  I knew the money would be the applaud for the great job that I’ve done, but my father most importantly, you know, he went from that disgusted look even though he supported me, to that okay, you got it going on.  You’re not your brother, you’re not the doctor, but okay you’re doing well.

The Balancing Act: So we’re accepting now.

Verillo: Yes, I get to keep the last name!

The Balancing Act: You get to cut his hair, too.

Verillo: That was the one thing I thought in the beginning he wouldn’t let me do, but as we got more comfortable, I would tease him as I would cut his hair.  I’m telling him I’m going to make him look like Frank Sinatra, I was going to make him look like this, you know, so we did have some fun time even though he was a very strict man.

The Balancing Act: I know a turning point for you also is when you get married and you have two beautiful boys, tell me about your kids and what that did for you.

Verillo: Oh, having two boys, you know, even though he wasn’t there to slap me, you could feel the slap, like “Wake up, you’ve got two, how are you going to teach them, what are you going to give them like I gave you?  The etiquette, the respect, the integrity, and you’ve got to model that process like I modeled it for you.”  So everything comes back and I took that seriously, too, and that’s how I raised my kids.

The Balancing Act: It’s a great autobiography, what inspired you to write it?

Verillo: It wasn’t a story about me; it was a story about letting people know that through acts of love and life lessons, you can have that journey to success.  No matter what your past was like, no matter how many failures, which I call discoveries, they are not failures they are discoveries and you learn from your discoveries and you can do anything you want when you fall in love with you first.  When you fall in love with yourself you can make it anywhere.

The Balancing Act: To end, I know your dad played a huge role in your life and I know he passed on and in your book you write about seeing him for the last time.  It’s pretty poignant what you did, can you read to my viewers that part of the book?

Verillo: I would love to read it.  I have a chapter here at the end that I’ll share with you: “At the funeral home I was invited to give him a last haircut.  I went in to the embalming room and I found him on the stainless steel table waiting for me.  I cut my father’s hair for the last time, and as I did, I continued to think about all that I had learned from my father.  It was silent, it was quiet, but he was laying there as if he was smiling and I could hear him speaking to me in the sense of ‘I’m proud of you, you’re successful, I’ve done well, you’ve learned everything, go on and teach it to everyone else and thanks for the great haircut.’”

The Balancing Act: Thank you for your time, thank you! Great story, thank you, Giulio.

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Volunteering Opportunities in Community Services

In Professionals on April 16, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Religious organizations have long spearheaded various community service programs. In fact, community-based religious organizations are a major provider of valuable services for the needy, and have been for centuries. These days, religious services are organized differently than they were centuries ago, but the basic philosophy remains the same. That basic philosophy requires dedicated citizens who are willing to give their time, knowledge and resources to the goal of bettering the community. Some common modern day volunteer supported social services include marriage counseling. The perspective of religiously based counseling tends to bring a very patient and forgiving attitude to resolving marital problems.

Another prevalent religious community service is youth groups. In this age of educational cutbacks, youth groups are on the rise as an alternative form of social and educational support for children who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Many youth groups are formed locally, sometimes as a reaction to cutbacks in after school programs. The programs create a haven for youth to get together for support and fun activities. Volunteers run many of these youth activities. Activities include tutoring, sports, arts, and crafts.

Many of these organizations need volunteer workers. Not everyone has extra time to volunteer, but people still want to help as they are able. Some organizations need assistance to the needy in ways that don’t require volunteer hours per se; for instance donations of food, clothing, guidance, and shelter. Many programs actually rely heavily on donations to provide their services. So, if you find that you do not have the time to give to your local charitable organization, you might just be able to donate cash so that these organizations can provide give critical help to those in need.