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James Smith Answers the Question, “Why is exercise so important?”

In Professionals on March 31, 2010 at 1:41 pm

An active lifestyle is the cornerstone of success in life. James Smith is a widely traveled entrepreneur with a penchant for humanitarian causes. Always on the go, James Smith has often said a physical fitness program was the wellspring of his personal energies. Regular exercise fends off anxiety, clears the mind, and strengthens the body. The sense of well-being that comes from exercise is the source of energy and has been the inspiration for James Smith’s many achievements in life.

Many people ask James Smith for physical fitness tips. The business owner and world traveler explains that exercise is not as complex as sedentary people make it out to be. The hardest thing about exercise, says James Smith, is getting started. Once a person overcomes the inertia of inactivity, exercise becomes easier and more pleasant as the weeks go by. The basic elements of regular exercise are sweat and increased heart rate. If a person works up a sweat and huffs and puffs a few times a week, they are on the road to wellness.

For basic physical fitness, James Smith suggests three to four 30-minute workouts per week. Of course, adds James Smith, professional athletes work out much more than this, but each person has to assess their own fitness goals. A good technique is to combine endurance exercise with strength training. James Smith explains that endurance exercises are activities like running, biking, and aerobics. Strength training is based on building muscle mass through weight lifting and similar programs.

According to James Smith, an individual cannot understate the therapeutic and physiological benefits of regular exercise. Exercise lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol and is probably the cheapest, most reliable remedy for depression on the market. James Smith notes that exercise has somewhat fallen out of favor in this modern world of cars, fast food, and home theaters. But research and experience do not lie. Exercise, insists James Smith, is the key to individual health and happiness.


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Tom Patterson Deerpark – The Flute in Antiquity as Discussed by Tom Patterson, Deerpark Middle School

In Music on March 26, 2010 at 2:52 am

Tom Patterson of Deerpark Middle School teaches about the history of many musical instruments. The flute, says Tom Patterson of Deerpark, is one of the most interesting instruments. Deerpark’s Tom Patterson says the simplicity of the flute, a bored tube with a mouthpiece and simple fingerings, makes it the foundational instrument structure of the entire woodwind family.  Tom Patterson of Deerpark mentions the examples of piccolos, clarinets, oboes, and saxophones – all of these instruments employ the same basic sound making techniques as the ancient flute.

Two archeological examples of early flutes date back from about 35,000 years ago, says Tom Patterson of Deerpark Middle School. One prehistoric flute was found near Slovenia and looks to be carved from the femur of a small bear. Tom Patterson of Deerpark notes two other prehistoric flutes found in Germany. Tom Patterson of Deerpark elaborates that one ancient instrument is a V-shaped flute made from a vulture bone and the other a three-holed flute made from a mammoth tusk.

Tom Patterson tells his Deerpark Middle School students that this information is very exciting because it sheds light on the age and significance of musical creativity in early humankind. Deerpark’s Tom Patterson reports that some scientists see the flute as a cultural artifact that may even help explain the connection between Neanderthal man and early modern humans. Tom Patterson of Deerpark elaborates by saying that the intellectual creativity illustrated by the existence of the flute suggests that musical talent was one of the driving intellectual forces of the early modern humans.

Tom Patterson of Deerpark continues that as these early humans developed their intelligence, the art they produced was some of the earliest evidence they left behind for us. In short, says Deerpark Middle School’s Tom Patterson, by learning to play music, and building instruments for that sole purpose, early humans gradually developed more intelligence. On an archeological and historical level, continues Tom Patterson of Deerpark, flute carving and music making are the heralds of contemporary human intelligence.

The State of Jazz According to Tom Patterson, Band Director in the Round Rock District

In Music on March 24, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Tom Patterson of Deerpark in the Round Rock school district recently commented that jazz has become an ornament that adorns all modern musical genres. Tom Patterson of Round Rock added that jazz music may no longer be the leader of the music industry, but it still remains the grandfather. The modern traditional jazz scene is a productive but under-represented segment of the musical population, noted Tom Patterson of Round Rock. Tom Patterson pointed out most musicians are not jazz musicians. Regardless, maintained Round Rock’s Tom Patterson, jazz remains more prevalent than ever through its ubiquitous influence.

Any modern genre of music, explained Tom Patterson to Round Rock students, owes its existence to jazz. Tom Patterson of Round Rock also told them that Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop and Electronica are all jazz based music. Round Rock District’s Tom Patterson added that these contemporary forms of music all have jazz structures in common. Common jazz structures, according to Tom Patterson of Round Rock, include complex rhythms and chromatic chord progressions. Tom Patterson of Round Rock further explained that we do not notice these elements everyday simply because they are so common. In fact, it would be easier to notice their absence.

As Band Director at Deerpark in the school district of Round Rock, Tom Patterson is familiar with the fact that much of today’s radio repertoire is constituted almost entirely of jazz inspired musical forms. Tom Patterson of Round Rock pointed out that if we remove all jazz based music from radio broadcasts, all that would be left on the air would be classical music and talk radio. It is important to develop an appreciation, instructed Tom Patterson of Round Rock, for jazz and its integral part of music today.

Like any great art from, concluded Tom Patterson of Deerpark’s Round Rock district, jazz has not confined itself to the land of its birth. Round Rock’s Tom Patterson drew attention to how jazz, in a relatively short time, has spread all over the world. From its American roots, jazz has traveled to every continent and country. Tom Patterson of Round Rock concluded that a jazz fan could easily find jazz festival in every time zone of the globe.

Round Rock Band Director Tom Patterson Studies the Blues Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll

In Music on March 23, 2010 at 2:00 pm

According to Tom Patterson, the band director at Deerpark Middle School in the Round Rock district, World War II was one of the most culturally and socially significant events of the last century. Tom Patterson is a band director in the Round Rock district who enjoys the study of history through the lens of musical forms. Band director Tom Patterson recently explained that the Second World War brought tremendous social upheaval in its wake. One of the cultural responses to this social upheaval, noted the Round Rock band director, was a popular music explosion known as rock ‘n’ roll.

Artists like Bill Haley and Chuck Berry, said band director Tom Patterson, were at the forefront of the rock ‘n’ roll revolution. Tom Patterson told interested Round Rock students that rock ‘n’ roll was built on the musical accomplishments of blues, jazz, and swing. Band director Tom Patterson also noted that the electric lead guitar characterized this musical era. Today, the band director from Round Rock added, any typical rock ‘n’ roll ensemble sports a lead guitarist. Round Rock’s Tom Patterson said this formula arose out of the blues guitar tradition.

Round Rock band director Tom Patterson further explained that the blues guitar established its role as a strong solo instrument with the help of electricity. Electricity made the guitar a truly modern instrument, said Tom Patterson. B.B. King was a seminal figure, continued the Round Rock band director, elevating the electric blues guitar to a revered position in modern blues. Tom Patterson also said that the blues guitar became a premier solo instrument, even competing with the singer for the audience’s attention. Performers and audiences alike, wrote Round Rock band director Tom Patterson, flocked to hear the electric blues guitar sound.

Once the blues went electric, elaborated Tom Patterson, the rock ‘n’ roll revolution was not far behind. The Round Rock band director described droves of American citizens coming home after the Second World War looking for more out of life. Tom Patterson pointed out that new inventions, like radio, TV, and rock ‘n’ roll created a modern cultural environment where Americans could explore and test their boundaries. Band director Tom Patterson concluded that the success of this movement was evident in the classic rock ‘n’ roll of the 50s and 60s, from Elvis to the Beatles and beyond.

Chiro 8000 Reviews Discuss A Solution to Help Chiropractors Stay Compliant

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2010 at 4:54 am

Can you imagine playing Monopoly without knowing the rules? Could you win a game of chess without an understanding of how each piece moves? What if the rules kept changing? Unfortunately, say online reviews of Chiro 8000, too many chiropractors suffer from needless headaches because they do not know how to deal with the paperwork (the rules) that goes along with managed care and insurance claims. In addition, as these policies change on a regular basis, it becomes an ongoing challenge to keep up with compliance. As in Monopoly or chess, chiropractors want to win at the “Insurance Game” and not sacrifice their sanity in the process. Chiro 8000 reviews give this Patient Relationship Software a two thumbs up.

Managed care not only demands more paperwork and pays less, points out reviews of Chiro 8000, but it can interrupt an assessment of necessary treatment for patients. Electronic claims filing software reviews acknowledge that Chiro 8000 cannot solve the challenge of insurance companies dictating the number of visits or extent of patient care a policy will cover, but Chiro 8000 reviews say that it does play a significant role in maximizing accounts receivable and the mounds of paperwork that office staff have to deal with each month.

Chiro 8000 reviews point to the need for chiropractors to keep claims compliant. Fortunately, say those reviews of the Chiro 8000, there are software solutions devoted to assisting the chiropractic profession in managing the ins-and-outs of Medicare and insurance billing. The Chiro 8000 consistently receives very positive reviews from satisfied users. Note that a busy office will inherit additional headaches if their software selection does not include built-in provisions for implementing new requirements and protocols like those for which the Chiro 8000 has received reviews. The financial investment and time spent on learning the program will be all for naught if it becomes outdated faster than the return on investment can be achieved.

According to Chiro 8000 reviews, this software was developed after consulting the actual needs of chiropractic offices. A key component considered in the design of Chiro 8000 was the ability of an office to implement the software and free up a doctor to enhance patient care and grow his practice. Additionally, ensuring the availability of Chiro 8000 tech support reviews and educational training consultants was a key factor built into the concept.

The Chiro 8000 – the latest to garner positive reviews for its creator Forte Systems – carries on a 24-year history of designing, implementing, and supporting chiropractic practices with an uncommon level of personal service and care. Chiro 8000 provides services precisely tailored to individual offices, both large and small, taking a personal interest in the success of the doctors they assist.

For more information and reviews about how to take better care of your Chiropractic office with Chiro8000, visit or call 800-456-2622.

Chiro8000 Chiropractic Electronic Medical Record Software Tips: Choosing the Right EMR EHR Tool

In Technology on March 15, 2010 at 3:34 pm

The team at Chiro8000 knows that good patient care is the basis for a successful chiropractic office. Beautiful furnishings, elaborate advertising strategies, and efficient administrative practices may bring in new patients, but they won’t come back unless they believe they are receiving the best patient care available.

While many chiropractors focus on remaining current with the latest advancements in preventive and curative medicine, Chiro8000 says that most are not aware of specific chiropractic electronic medical record software tips that should be considered in their continuing education. Chiro8000 adds that learning how to choose the right EMR-EHR tools has a direct impact on providing the best patient care.

Off-the-rack solutions do not lend themselves to the personalized attention that today’s patient expects, points out Chiro8000. The ability to chart electronically and provide patients with timely billing will make future visits more productive. Additionally, software features like those found in the Chiro8000 software enhance the claims process and remove unnecessary confusion often experienced in antiquated practices.

  • Chiro8000 can be tailored to the specific needs of your office
  • Chiro8000 contains a user-friendly interface
  • Chiro8000 is known for their excellent 24/7 technical support
  • Chiro8000 provides hands-on assistance to make the learning curve easier
  • Chiro8000 team members are responsive to feedback and suggestions

While technology will never replace the relationship between doctor and patient, it can definitely serve to increase patient satisfaction. And as Chiro8000 points out, that is sure to lead to more referrals and a reputation for putting patients first. In the end, a smoother running office utilizing Chiro8000 allows for the kind of growth and expansion that most chiropractors desire.

The Chiro8000 software solution by Forte Systems has a proven record of accomplishment of helping chiropractors become more productive and successful in their efforts to provide the best patient care possible. With thousands of satisfied clients and years of experience, Chiro8000 provides the partnership that can streamline patient care. Visit or call 800-456-2622 for a closer look.

Anthony Schwartz is the president of Chiro8000. Founded in 1983, the Chiro8000 software company has been providing affordable and cutting edge applications specifically for the Chiropractic Profession. Tailored to the small to medium sized practice, the Chiro8000 software connects the area of billing, scheduling, office management, marketing EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management. With over 200 chiropractors that actively consult with the product as well as their alliance with Microsoft technology, the Chiro8000 offers the perfect balance of technology and industry perspective for the profession.

Home Installation Professionals Discuss the Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

In Home and Family on March 4, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Hardwood flooring is one of the most highly regarded flooring materials in the housing market. Homeowners and builders alike prefer the quality and the appeal of hardwood flooring. Brian Weinstock and the Home Installation Professionals note that adding hardwood flooring to a renovation project immediately increases the value and beauty of a home. Furthermore, according to Home Installation Professionals, wood flooring is a renewable resource that brings an elegant calming tone to any room.

Home Installation Professionals prefers hardwood flooring for their renovations because it rarely needs replacing. Homeowners love hardwood floors because they are durable and easy to care for. Home Installation Professionals also recommends installing hardwood flooring during renovations because of the significant and instant value it adds to a home.

Hardwood floors, says Home Installation Professionals, have a great deal of aesthetic variety. A homeowner can opt for simple, uniform flooring. But, with the help of craftsmen like Home Installation Professionals, a homeowner can alternatively choose lovely patterns and creative inlays for a hardwood floor. Home Installation Professionals says that installing hardwood floors can be both a fun and artistic experience for a homeowner.

On a more practical note, Home Installation Professionals points out that hardwood floors have excellent hypoallergenic qualities. Home Installation Professionals notes that it is much easier to gather up allergens from hardwood flooring versus the allergen-trapping tendency of carpet. Home Installation Professionals cites recent EPA findings that show hardwood floors reduce the accumulation of toxins in the home. In turn, this contributes to improved indoor air quality.

This easy-to-clean attribute of hardwood flooring also makes it an excellent choice in homes with children. Additionally, says Home Installation Professionals, the durability of hardwood keeps it shining and beautiful for years, even with children or pets running around the house. Home Installation Professionals concludes that these are several smart and compelling reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your next renovation project. Call Brian Weinstock and the pros at Home Installation Professionals to find out more about the merits of different flooring materials.