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Eating Healthy in a World Full of Diets

In General on December 21, 2013 at 6:05 am

PresentationSolutions - Healthy eatingThere are hundreds of different diets and myriad confusing guidelines for how to eat. Even the experts can’t seem to come to a consensus on the best diet to follow: no-carb, paleolithic, no-fruit, only fruit, etc. In reality, however, there isn’t just one nutritional plan that’s right for everyone. By following guidelines set forth by the USDA, most Americans can achieve health, energy and a better body.

The USDA recommends a number of foods that should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Avocados are a must-eat food. They are a great source of healthy fats and help your body absorb nutrients.

Berries are jam-packed with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Blueberries have the highest dose of those powerful antioxidants.

Cinnamon is one of those must-have spices everyone should work into their diets. Research shows that less than a teaspoon a day can help regulate blood sugar.

Eggs have received a bad reputation due to their high cholesterol content. However, research shows there is limited evidence linking egg consumption to heart disease. Besides, this high-protein food only has 70 calories and numerous vitamins and minerals.

Olive oil is a triple win because it’s full of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, and it’s still delicious.

Nuts are loaded with protein, antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Kale is a leafy green vegetable loaded with vitamins A, K and C, calcium and fiber. Kale is also packed with many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Quinoa is a grain that is a complete source of protein and is packed with fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as regular yogurt and is filled with probiotics, which help keep the immune system strong.

Almond milk has the consistency of cow’s milk but half the calories without the dairy. It’s great for someone with lactose intolerance.

United Faith Church Q&A on Worship

In General on December 19, 2013 at 4:11 pm

United Faith ChurchWhat is Worship? Should I worship God at home or at church? United Faith Church describes worship that is pleasing to God.

United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church established in 2006. United Faith Church exists to share the love of the Father to all people in the Barnegat community and surrounding areas. Recently, Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago of United Faith Church sat down for a conversation with Presentation Solutions to discuss how worship is more than a song; it is a lifestyle of praise and adoration, connecting the heart of the believer to the Father.

Presentation Solutions: What is worship?

United Faith Church: We teach that worship is one of the ways believers express thankfulness and adoration to God, not only for all that He does, but for who He is. God is the very one who, out of love, created us and continually gives us life and breath through His Son, Jesus Christ. For the people of United Faith Church in Barnegat, worship is a response to the goodness of God. United Faith Church teaches that worship is not just a form of singing or clapping, but it is a lifestyle. The Bible clearly instructs that believers are to worship “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). United Faith Church believes that to worship in spirit and in truth is to not only to sing, clap, or dance unto the Lord, but to live a life in alignment with the Word of God.

Presentation Solutions: What happens when believers worship?

United Faith Church: During worship believers begin to give glory, honor, and praise to the Lord Jesus. The Scriptures state that “the Lord inhabits the praises of His people” (Ps 22:3). As believers at United Faith Church begin to worship, the Lord inhabits their praises. This is exemplified as the presence of God fills the place where His people worship and the atmosphere of heaven comes to earth. United Faith Church delights in the presence of God that refreshes and empowers His Church during these times of worship. United Faith Church in Barnegat teaches that worship is also a time that God’s people come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of His heart. It is in worship that the bond of intimacy between the Lord Jesus and His children is strengthened.

Presentation Solutions: Why do you believe that personal acts of worship are so important to God?

United Faith Church: Throughout the Bible there are countless examples of people who either worshipped the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or the gods of other nations. United Faith Church acknowledges that God’s desire is for mankind to worship Him and Him alone. God pours out His blessing on those who solely worship Him because it is a fulfillment of His will. At United Faith Church, believers are taught to worship God because it pleases Him and brings glory to His Name. As believers worship, they are joining with all of heaven in submission to the Lord of All. God cherishes and lovingly receives the worship of His children as a fragrant offering, and He blesses them with His presence.

Presentation Solutions: How does worship in the Church today compare to worship of the Old and New Testament?

United Faith Church: In the Old Testament of the Bible, Israel’s greatest weapon of warfare was worship. When the people of Israel were outnumbered and faced with the deadly threat of war, they would begin to worship God. The result of Israel’s worship was victory over their enemies. King David, of the Old Testament, worshipped in times of joy, sorrow, victory, and even in times of loss. United Faith Church encourages believers that in all seasons we are to worship God as King, just as His people did in the Old Testament.

United Faith Church in Barnegat believes Christians become victorious over their circumstances as they worship the Lord Jesus. The beauty and power of worship is evident in the New Testament as well. Paul and Silas, while imprisoned, began to worship the Lord Jesus in the middle of the night. As Paul and Silas worshiped, God shook the foundations of the prison and set them free. In United Faith Church, believers learn to worship in the midst of all situations, whether good or bad. United Faith Church has experienced the freedom and victory that comes as God’s people worship their Lord, just as it had first been established with King David and will continue to be until we join with the angels in heaven.

Presentation Solutions: So, do you teach that God should be worshiped individually or corporately?

United Faith Church: Both! It is equally important for believers to worship God individually and corporately. United Faith Church recognizes the importance of a personal relationship with God through worship. Believers should individually practice worshiping the Lord Jesus as they seek to grow and come to a deeper knowledge of Him. United Faith Church also acknowledges the importance of God’s Church joining together to worship in unity. We are not to “forsake the gathering” (Heb. 10:25). God’s Church is a family of believers, and as a family it is important not to neglect having a corporate time of worship, which strengthens the unity amongst His people.

Presentation Solutions: How would you describe a worship service at United Faith Church in Barnegat?

United Faith Church: Worship services at United Faith Church usually include the reading of Scripture, prayer, and songs of worship. Through prayer and preparation, services at United Faith Church are arranged in advance, but are ultimately led by the Holy Spirit. At United Faith Church, believers may experience a time of thankfulness and celebration, a time to stand in awe of the holiness of God, a time of refreshment, and even a time of healing as God touches His people. Altogether, worship at United Faith Church is coming into the presence of God in order to give Him glory and experience His great power, love, and renewal.

Presentation Solutions: Why might your people sing, clap, and even lift their hands during worship?

United Faith Church: At United Faith Church, many believers may sing, clap, lift their hands, or even dance during worship as an outward expression of an inward transformation. As believers seek the Lord Jesus, they are transformed from the inside out. The Lord Jesus heals their brokenness and cleanses them from their sins against God. As believers experience this awesome work of the Lord Jesus, an inner joy begins to grow deep within. At United Faith Church, some believers express this inner joy by singing, clapping, dancing, or by many other expressions of celebration and thankfulness to God for all that He has done. This is what the Word speaks about when it declares that “the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).

Presentation Solutions: Much of the content in today’s music contains sexual, violent and self-degrading messages that have influenced our culture. How do you see worship counteracting the effects of such messages?

United Faith Church: Everything that we hear or set our minds on has an effect on our thinking. Today, so much music is filled with messages of fornication, drug abuse, violence, murder, and many other subjects that are opposed to God’s Word. These messages have negatively influenced our culture by promoting sinful behavior and rebellion against the ways of God.

United Faith Church teaches that as believers worship the Lord Jesus their minds become focused on His character. When believers focus their minds on the Lord Jesus and His Word, they become kingdom-minded. In other words, their thought-life becomes filled with Godly thoughts that enable believers to worship in spirit and in truth. The Word of God states to, “Fix your eyes upon Jesus” (Heb. 12:2). United Faith Church teaches that when we fix our eyes on Jesus, the sinful desires of the world and our flesh fade away, producing pure hearts of worship.

To learn more about the worship ministry at United Faith Church in Barnegat, visit

YOR Health Suggests Convenient and Easy-to-Use Health Tips for Consumers

In Health and Beauty on December 19, 2013 at 10:25 am

YOR HealthAccording to YOR Health, eating four to six small meals per day is a more healtlhy routine, as opposed to the larger meals preferred by most citizens in the company’s home country of the U.S. Meanwhile, eating on the go should be strictly forbidden as part of one’s daily activities, says a spokesperson from YOR Health. In this interview, YOR Health provides additional nutrition tips that will help people lose weight, gain muscle and feel energized to make a difference in the world.

Presentation Solutions: Welcome to YOR Health! We’re looking forward to hearing more about better health.
YOR Health: It’s our pleasure to join you today. We’re all about better health for everyone. All of these techniques are designed to fit the average lifestyle, so there’s no excuse not to try them.

Presentation Solutions: What’s a common mistake that people make when adjusting their diet?
YOR Health: People generally struggle with adjustments to their diet because they institute drastic changes right off the bat.

Presentation Solutions: What happens as a result?
YOR Health: Soon they aren’t able to follow through the diet plan to success when they begin craving certain foods.

Presentation Solutions: How can I avoid this problem?
YOR Health: A slow but steady transition to healthy eating is more feasible. It is usually recommended to maintain a steady eating plan, with a built-in allowance each day. This allowance might be a food such as a cupcake or other dessert that would be high in fat and calories.
Presentation Solutions: How can people keep a regular routine?
YOR Health: As an individual builds healthier eating programs, he or she begins to crave vegetables and fruits instead of sweets and fats. When striving for weight loss, it is important to eat frequently throughout the course of the day and never skip meals.
Presentation Solutions: How can skipping meals undermine my efforts?
YOR Health: What most people fail to understand is that skipping meals has a profound effect on metabolism. As a result, individuals then tend to binge eat during the later part of the day. We recommend limiting food consumption after a certain hour, and eating small portions throughout the course of the day.

Presentation Solutions: Are there meal replacements that might aid in this process?
YOR Health: Sure. For a nutrient rich alternative to full meals, try YOR MRP or YOR SuperGreens. It can be difficult to implement lower-calorie food choices into a diet, and these products can help ease the transition.

Presentation Solutions: What happens when immediate results aren’t evident?
YOR Health: Don’t feel overwhelmed when you don’t lose weight in the first few days of the process. It takes longer for the body to adapt to its new routine.

Presentation Solutions: What’s one last piece of advice before you go?
YOR Health: Eat a complete meal an hour or two before a trip to the grocery store. When you’re hungry, it’s harder to resist the temptation of less nutritious snacks, sodas and other food items.

Presentation Solutions: Clever idea! I never would’ve thought of that.
YOR Health: It works – trust me!

Presentation Solutions: Thanks for your time today.
YOR Health: Best wishes to you.

At YOR Health, the founders, customers and independent representatives all join forces to create a supportive environment. YOR Health features an extensive listing of health and wellness products for people of all fitness levels.

Sandra Dyche Kim Explains US Port Redevelopment Efforts

In Business on December 18, 2013 at 6:12 am

Sandra Dyche KimSandra Dyche Kim works closely with the EB-5 program, which helps immigrants gain visas by allowing them to invest in U.S. industry. With such a close relationship to the influx of immigrants, Sandra Dyche Kim has followed the recent redevelopments to American ports, noting the impact they will have on the American economy. Sandra Dyche Kim spoke to Presentation Solutions about these port redevelopments and how they’ll influence the movement of freight into the United States.

Presentation Solutions: Could you explain what a port is and how it impacts the economy?

Sandra Dyche Kim: In America, ports facilitate the transport of goods in and out of the United States. There are currently 360 commercial ports in this country.

Presentation Solutions: Why are some ports in need of redevelopment?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Over time, some of these ports have become incredibly outdated and therefore unable to handle the workload presented to them on a daily basis. Many of the larger carriers are now choosing to work with the same few ports, leaving other ports abandoned. These ports are redeveloping in the hopes of competing with these more successful ports.

Presentation Solutions: What types of changes are they making as part of this redevelopment?

Sandra Dyche Kim: It varies from port to port, but many are taking in-depth looks at their dock structures and berths, as well as making improvements to the points where they connect to other transportation mechanisms, such as trains and interstates.

Presentation Solutions: How will these redevelopments be funded?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Many of these ports rely on government funding, but there can be issues with this type of financing.

Presentation Solutions: Such as?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Shipping companies might end up taking on the risk of these investments, and if that happens, they might end up overinvesting in ports for their use. In the end, the brunt of the cost may end up going to the public.

Presentation Solutions: What is the alternative?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Many of these redevelopment efforts may end up being funded by project-based financing, with the cost going to private companies rather than the government.

Prior to her work with CapSpan, Sandra Dyche Kim was owner and chair of Hasca of America, which dealt in ceramics, as well as high-tech abrasives. She’s also worked in banking and finance, giving her a well-rounded view of the investment process.