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Bikes in the Mail from Bikes Direct

In Automotive on May 29, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Bikes Direct is an online bike retailer that offers top quality and extremely affordable road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrids and comfort bikes. The bikes are shipped to your house from Bikes Direct by ground shipping and arrived nearly completely assembled. Instructions for reassembly and final adjustments can been seen at the Bikes Direct website, and can be done easily by either the Bikes Direct customer or a local bike shop.

If a rider is not sure of the bike size to order from Bikes Direct, using the customer’s inseam measurement can help make that determination. If you fall between bike sizes, Bikes Direct sales staff says personal preference will make the final choice: if you take the smaller biker, you’ll have lower handlebars, which means more agile handling. If you order the larger size bike from Bikes Direct, you’ll get higher handlebars but less straddle room.

People who have never ordered bikes from an online provider like Bikes Direct often rely on the opinions of those who have, before taking the plunge themselves. It might help to read, for example, that one satisfied Bikes Direct customer in Chicago (who purchased a Motobecane Vent Noir) said that his “bike came quickly and was very well packaged. There was no damage whatsoever even though the box took a beating”. He went on to say that he would endorse Bikes Direct and the Bikes Direct experience completely.

Another happy biker contacted Bikes Direct to confirm receipt of his Motobecane bike (he bought the “Le Champion” model). He said that “it was well packed and well protected and arrived in perfect condition.” Yet another customer thanked Bikes Direct “for putting up with a paranoid e-mail shopper” and added that his Bikes Direct “bike came out of the box in great order and was easy to put together.”

Still another customer confirmed that Bikes Direct “shipping was fast” and went on to mention “above all the Bikes Direct courteous and personal touch in responding to email-messages (on time). Bikes Direct is as close as an Internet bike shop can be to a real bike shop.”

For more information, or to speak with someone at Bikes Direct, please go online to or send Bikes Direct a fax at 877-245-3329.

Satisfied Customers from Bikes Direct:

Dear Bikes Direct,
Remember, I got a Motobecane 500DS mountain bike [from Bikes Direct] two weeks ago? I just wanted to notify Bikes Direct, that I am completely satisfied with the bike! It’s a great riding experience! Probably the best I ever had on a bike. In addition, the retired owner of a bike store here in Baltimore asked me about the price of the bike, he suggested $1500!

Thanks again.

Bikes Direct,

Just wanted to tell you that I got my 500 DS [from Bikes Direct] just over a week ago and I am enjoying trail riding on it. By the way, assembly was very easy.

Lynn (Lake Charles, LA)

Carnegie Digital Computers | Guide to Informed Electronics Purchases

In Professionals, Technology, Uncategorized on May 25, 2010 at 6:40 pm

All people want to make good decisions with their money. That’s why
Carnegie Digital Computers has compiled the most important and crucial information for those considering buying a new electronic device. According to Carnegie Digital Computers, there are certain things consumers need to know in order to spend their money wisely.

When buying electronics, Carnegie Digital Computers suggests that customers begin by reading Consumer Reports. These official reports detail consumer experiences with certain products, says Carnegie Digital Computers. Such information leads to more informed purchases, which is better for both the buyer and seller. Carnegie Digital Computers lets customers know that the most reliable data on any electronic is available through consumer ratings.

Carnegie Digital Computers also urges buyers to consider purchasing a refurbished electronic device. Refurbs can offer huge discounts compared to the original price. The key is to make sure the product is factory-refurbished, says Carnegie Digital Computers. This is the only way to ensure that the product has a decent manufacturing history. Carnegie Digital Computers explains that these products should also come with a valid warranty in order to provide a good deal to buyers.
Customers may also want to consider purchasing extras for the product. Carnegie Digital Computers says that some electronics stores may not offer add-on memory cards or data cables. Many times, buyers do not need such extra products to receive full functionality of the electronic, but it’s always a good idea to consider.

According to Carnegie Digital Computers, buying products from brands with a history of products with superior performance is usually a good choice. Although many people are wary of big-name brands because of price, Carnegie Digital Computers says that most of these companies make great electronic products.
In general, Carnegie Digital Computers says that the best rule of thumb to use when shopping for electronics is to take the time to find the product that is best for you. Ask questions and do research and Carnegie Digital Computers knows that you will enjoy your new electronics purchase.

Homes by Vanderbuilt Achieves Success in the Relief of Buyer Stress

In Home and Family on May 24, 2010 at 12:18 pm

The sales teams at Homes by Vanderbuilt know that purchasing a new home can be an exciting but stress-filled experience. That’s why the team at Homes by Vanderbuilt works hard to create peace-of-mind for the buyer at all points in the process of buying their home.

One Homes by Vanderbuilt home buyer said that with the experienced Homes by Vanderbuilt crews overseeing the foundation, delivery, set-up, installation and trim work, the process becomes like clockwork, fascinating in its perfectly coordinated joint effort. Another satisfied client said he found the whole Homes by Vanderbuilt building process fantastic and will highly recommend Homes by Vanderbuilt to friends and family in the future.

The excellent workmanship evident in every stage of Homes by Vanderbuilt manufacture through to installation goes a long way to reassuring Homes by Vanderbuilt buyers that one of the largest purchases in their lives was a good decision. One Homes by Vanderbuilt customer said it was the daily progress reports and projections by the on-site Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew that brought her into the process and allowed her to more personally experience the completion of her new Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home.

From footing to set-up, the Homes by Vanderbuilt crews are the on-site people that new homeowners can turn to for help and answers — and Homes by Vanderbuilt’s commitment to excellence is rewarded time and again by customer testimonials and referrals. Sometimes it’s the smaller items during installation that cause the most stress, like replacing a cabinet or fixing a porch. The consistent feedback from Homes by Vanderbuilt buyers is that these issues become non-issues, because they are addressed with complete customer satisfaction by the Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crews in a manner that is always friendly, professional and courteous.

Homes by Vanderbuilt not only builds modular homes, but continues to build on its reputation for excellence in the business with unsparing attention to details, top quality workmanship and unrivalled customer service.

What Customers Are Saying About Homes by Vanderbuilt:

“I was very pleased with their work. Homes by Vanderbuilt were there early, worked late, and did a super job. [Homes by Vanderbuilt] were very likeable, courteous, answered any questions we had, and just did a wonderful job cleaning up the mess! I was very satisfied. Any last minute problems were very minor, but were taken care of nonetheless.
Thomas – Madison, NC

“Everyone has been a pleasure to work with. [Homes by Vanderbuilt] has a great organization and a very helpful staff. Thank you so much!”
Ken & Ann – Monroe, NC

“Give these [Homes by Vanderbuilt] guys a raise!”
Raymond – Whitakers, NC

We are thoroughly pleased to have had Gary and his Homes by Vanderbuilt teamwork on our home. Their professionalism, courtesy and commitment to excellence in their work are commendable. We certainly would recommend Homes by Vanderbuilt to others considering your modular homes.
David – Elberon, VA

“The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew did better than outstanding. Nothing short of awesome describes their work. They put their all into the work, and it shows. They were friendly, did the trim work with the utmost professionalism, and even went out of their way to bring little extras to the home so I would not have to wait for a service call. In my book Homes by Vanderbuilt is the best!”
Imogene – Angier, NC

“This Homes by Vanderbuilt crew is an asset to your business. They have multiple skills that are needed in their work. They are very courteous, respectful, and prompt in responding to your requests.”
Jerry – North Carolina

I am very pleased with the work and communication. The Homes by Vanderbuilt team was very friendly and courteous.
Iowa – Yadkinville, NC

“The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. Homes by Vanderbuilt were also very professional and knew their job.”
Edward – Manson, NC

1st Loan Modification of America on President Obama’s Loan Modification Program

In Finance on May 22, 2010 at 11:54 am

President Obama’s housing plan supports loan modification as a solution to real estate slowdown. With representation by companies like 1st Loan Modification of America, borrowers can negotiate terms to afford make mortgage payments more affordable. Here are four things that 1st Loan Modification of America can illuminate about President Obama’s loan modification program.

1. The 31% Line: The administration’s plan, explains 1st Loan Modification of America, requires participating loan servicers either to reduce a borrower’s principal or monthly payments to no more than 38% of the borrower’s gross monthly income, with the government chipping in to bring payments down to not more than 31%.

2. Financial Hardship: 1st Loan Modification of America partners with the target group for the administration’s strategy: responsible homeowners caught in recession and at risk of default. To participate, 1st Loan Modification of America’s homeowners must verify occupancy status and outstanding principal balances through documentation, sign an affidavit of financial hardship, and verify income.

3. Net Present Value Test: To determine if a particular mortgage will be modified, 1st Loan Modification of America says that a servicer will perform a net present value test. 1st Loan Modification of America details that this compares the anticipated cash flow generated by the loan, if modified, with the anticipated cash flow generated, if not. If the modified loan is expected to produce more, the servicer is to restructure the loan.

4. Cash Incentives: To encourage participation, 1st Loan Modification of America reports that servicers are paid $1,000 for each modification and an additional $1,000 payout each year for three years, as long as the borrower makes payments. 1st Loan Modification of America’s clients, meanwhile, benefit from up to $1,000 off the principal of their loans each year for as many as five years if they make payments on time.

According to the experience of 1st Loan Modification of America, foreclosures take place less frequently due to the total value of the home mortgage than to a homeowner’s inability to meet monthly payments. 1st Loan Modification of America helps to them get back on track.

For more information about loan modification for a mortgage, contact 1st Loan Modification of America, LLC at

Stephen Pitz | Fine Arts Programs in School Can Help Reduce Student Stress

In Creative Arts, Professionals, Uncategorized on May 20, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Stephen Pitz knows first hand about the benefits that arts can contribute to a school program. Being a former educator, Stephen Pitz believes that fine arts must be kept in schools for students. Why? Because according to Stephen Pitz, students who choose to take part in arts and theatre programs grow into more mature and well-balanced young adults. Stephen Pitz is so passionate about fine arts that he is currently pursuing a writing career.
Students who take part in fine arts programs learn how to handle daily stress better, according to Stephen Pitz. Understanding how to handle stress and pressure is a crucial part of growing up. Stephen Pitz claims that arts and theatre programs teach students this important ability.
Fine arts activities also tend to make students more responsible, continues Stephen Pitz. Acquiring the self-discipline to practice an instrument or memorizing lines for a part in the play helps students grow. Stephen Pitz asserts that the skills that come with fine arts are not specifically found in any other subject. Because of this, Stephen Pitz believes that taking art programs out of public schools would cause a serious blow to creative thinking.
Stephen Pitz argues that becoming involved in arts or theatre programs in school is one of the best decisions a student can make. Participating students generally become more mature and trustworthy. Also, Stephen Pitz points out that fine arts offer good-natured fun. Stephen Pitz feels that young people who are able to have fun in an arts-based setting are better able to withstand peer pressure. Because students can gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, they are better able to resist the temptation to give in to negative social pressures, concludes Stephen Pitz.

Collex Collision Experts Utilizes Auto Watch’s State of the Art Technology

In Automotive on May 20, 2010 at 10:55 am

Thanks to a 30-year record of good hard work, Collex Collision Experts have become Metro-Detroit’s leader in auto body repair. Collex Collision Experts have reached the top because of their commitment to customer service and knowledgeable use of the latest automotive repair technology. Excellent service and innovative technology are the mainstays of Collex Collision Experts’ impeccable body shop reputation.

Collex Collision Experts takes the technical side of business very seriously. To remain ahead of the industry curve, Collex Collision Experts maintains a full time IT department. The IT department at Collex Collision Experts constantly works to improve existing systems and develop new programs. With a strong information technology infrastructure, Collex Collision Experts makes sure they have the best possible communication channels between mechanics, service reps, and the ever-important customers.

For example, the technology infrastructure at Collex Collision Experts provides a free service called Auto Watch. Auto Watch is a web-based monitoring system that allows customers to get daily, even hourly updates of their car’s progress during repairs. Technicians at Collex Collision Experts take periodic digital photographs of each client’s car during the job and post the photos on the company’s website. This way, Collex Collision Experts customers can keep tabs on their car 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from the convenience of a computer at home or at work.

Collex Collision Experts knows that auto body repair, especially in the Metro-Detroit area, is a highly competitive industry. To remain at the forefront of that competition, Collex Collision Experts makes sure that each facility is powered by the latest auto body repair technology. These technologies include vacuum-sealed downdraft paint and bake booths, laser alignment machines, and computerized paint mixing. On the customer service end, Collex Collision Experts use the latest technologies to provide Auto Watch live repair monitoring and a host of other services that make repairing a car after an accident as comfortable as possible.

Collex Collision Assists Drivers in Post-Accident Procedures

In Automotive on May 20, 2010 at 9:13 am

Collex Collision is a Michigan based auto body repair organization with over a dozen locations across the Eastern United States. Most clients come to Collex Collision because they have been involved in an accident. Collex Collision knows that car accidents can be very frightening and disorienting experiences. Nevertheless, Collex Collision reminds drivers that there are a few basic steps to keep in mind if ever involved in a collision.

The first order of business at the scene of a car accident, notes Collex Collision, is to make sure that all passengers are safe and sound. If the accident is in the flow of traffic, advises Collex Collision, move out of the way of traffic. By the same token, adds Collex Collision, if the scene of the accident is isolated away from traffic, do not move the automobiles from the position of impact until a police officer arrives on the scene to make a report. If anyone is injured, call 911 for medical assistance. Collex Collision reminds drivers that it’s essential to call the police, no matter what. The police will assess the scene of the wreck and write a report, explains Collex Collisions, which will be indispensable during the insurance claim process later.

Collex Collision suggests that it’s best to refrain from discussing the accident with other drivers involved. Only discuss the accident with the reporting police officer or an insurance representative. According to Collex Collision, this suggestion is for each driver’s own legal protection. Car accidents tend to get a lot of adrenaline flowing, notes the team at Collex Collision, and it can be challenging to stay calm. In such an excited state, Collex Collision says it is unwise to discuss the accident right away.

Collex Collisions says that many drivers in an accident, simply because of the emotional tension of the experience, tend to mistakenly admit fault even when they were not at fault. Collex Collision warns drivers not to admit guilt at the scene of an accident, even if it feels like the “right” thing to do. Check for injuries, wait for the police, fill out a report, and then call the insurance company. Leave the discussion of fault to the insurance companies, advises Collex Collision. It’s their specialty.

For more information about Collex Collision, call 888-426-5539 or visit them on the web at

Joseph Merlo – Keeping Our World Green – Joseph Merlo

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Keeping Our World Green | Joseph Merlo Discusses the Major Sources of Pollution

Environmentalist and American businessman Joseph Merlo weighs in on the state of today’s environmental conservation movement, particularly the major sources of pollution.


Joseph Merlo ranks industrial production as the primary producer of pollutants on the planet. The industrial process, explains Joseph Merlo, creates hundreds of harmful chemical by-products. Joseph Merlo says that these substances exist as gases, liquids, and solids. A typical oil refinery or metal works facility, points out Joseph Merlo, spews enough gaseous waste into the sky that it affects local weather and eventually settles into the surrounding soil. Joseph Merlo cites a study of a metallurgy facility that established a 25-mile radius of polluted soil around the factory. For 25 miles around the factory, clarifies Joseph Merlo, the soil was tainted simply from the facility’s smokestacks. This high-density industrial pollution, adds Joseph Merlo, has been going on at the hands of humanity for at least two centuries.

Housekeeping supplies

It should come as no surprise, continues Joseph Merlo, that the environmental havoc wreaked by large-scale industrial production also trickles into the home. Joseph Merlo explains that housekeeping is another significant pollution producer. Consumers buy tons of harsh and powerful cleaning supplies every year, says Joseph Merlo, and most of these chemicals end up in our water system. Joseph Merlo also draws attention to the astonishing amount of packaging supplies wasted on cleaning chemicals and basic household wares. All of this packaging is thrown away, notes Joseph Merlo, and only some of it is recycled. Bottles, cans, plastic wrap, blister packaging and cardboard – Joseph Merlo explains these are just a short list of the ecosystem cluttering by products the typical household adds to the waste flow. Joseph Merlo also lists bleach, detergent, floor cleaner and furniture polish as common chemicals that either add greenhouse gases to the air or deliver ecologically unsound chemicals to the ground and water.

Joseph Merlo explains that humans are not the only culprits denigrating the environment. The natural world itself produces atmosphere-clogging pollutants, says Joseph Merlo, like volcanic eruptions. Joseph Merlo points out that volcanic eruptions spew dust, ash and water vapor into the atmosphere. Joseph Merlo also notes the cloud of detritus produced by a large volcanic eruption can remain suspended in the atmosphere for over a year. The CO2 concentrations of volcanic clouds, adds Joseph Merlo, rival any one instance of human generated pollution.

But Joseph Merlo says that it is unfair to rank volcanoes as gross polluters just to take the responsibility off of humanity. Humans and their industrial processes produce more pollution than natural disasters, says Joseph Merlo, and they produce it faster. Another distinguishing characteristic, adds Joseph Merlo, is that we, as a species working together, can reduce volume of pollutants emitted into the ecosystem. While a volcano can’t go green, concludes Joseph Merlo, people definitely can.