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Safe Ways to Exercise in the Heat

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When hot weather strikes, many people want to continue their regular exercise routines. But you need to know how to keep working out while protecting yourself against the dangers of high temperatures and humidity. The staff of Presentation Solutions has a few tips to help athletes continue their regular routine, in any temperature.

The most important thing to keep at close hand is water.  A little known fact is that by the time a person becomes thirsty, they are already dehydrated. If you are exercising heavily in hot and humid weather it is possible to lose up to three liters (or over twelve cups) of water. So, it’s extremely important to keep hydrated or the body will start taking water from organs. In order to hydrate effectively, Presentation Solutions recommends that you start drinking water before going out into the heat. Experts recommend that athletes do not drink cold water because it can be jarring to the system. In order to hydrate properly, drink cool water and a lot of it – especially after you’ve exerted yourself.

Although it’s tempting to reach for something with more flavor than water, it’s extremely important to avoid drinking juice or soda. Both juice and soda contain more than ten percent of carbohydrates, which aren’t absorbed well during exercise. However, sports drinks are fine to consume while working out because they usually contain less than eight percent carbohydrates. When exercising for less than one and a half hours, either water or sports drinks do an equal job of keeping someone hydrated.

Presentation Solutions also recommends wearing light colored, roomy clothing when you are outside, because that helps reflect light and keep air circulating – which will help keep you cooler.

And one final tip for people who are keeping up with their exercise routine in the summer – try to stay out of direct sunlight by wearing a hat and sunscreen.

Sigma Alpha Lambda – 6 Core Values

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Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

If you have been searching for someone who works towards achieving his dream, Kyle Thomas Glasser fits that description. His whole life revolves around dedicated, hope, persistence and achievement. In fact, his faith is unbelievable. Despite the fact that he is ever busy, at least he can afford some time to visit sigma Alpha Lambda community to offer a hand. Kyle is an active member of community-oriented programs as well as many other associations.

However, as he tours all these communities he respect six core values that anyone should bear in mind to make sure that their life goes well. If you follow keenly the core values you will read here, your future will definitely be full of life and happiness. The values are:

In every organization that you are posted to work as a medical doctor or any other profession, you should practice high integrity level as well as exert fiscal responsibility. Just in case you need some help of what integrity is, here you go. Integrity is a self-motivating factor, it keeps you going, stay strong and it is a very important thing that is found in you. For people who have integrity in their work place, they are said to be strong-willed, proud and steady. Integrity shows your inner side, and if you have it you will be acting according to what is right rather than what other people tell you to do.

The other core value according to Kyle is that you should treat everyone around you with the highest level of dignity and respect. You know some people do not have respect for others just because of their background. Well, participating in Sigma Alpha Lambda community programs helps you know how to respect others no matter how they look or what their background, ethnicity or community is.

Sigma Alpha Lambda community programs help student to be united in their university. This is because community programs encourage solidarity and union among the team members. Kyle followed this core value and that is why has been a respected member in the association.

You should not unduly exploit the resources in your community, university, chapter and even in the world. This is a very important core value and Sigma Alpha Lambda helps students and every member achieve.

You should encourage every member to have personal growth, innovation, have the team spirit whenever working in a team and act independently when the need arises.

The final core value is living every day in an honest manner and has moral character. All the six core values you have found here have helped Kyle Thomas Glasser achieve his goal of studying medicine.

Healthy Food is Beautiful Food: The Bright Palette of a Good Diet

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Diet trends come and go. Whether it’s eating only low-carb food, or Sophia Loren’s famous quote: “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti,” perceptions change constantly about health and diet. The truth is, the two should go together and eating healthy food doesn’t even remotely mean eating boring food.

Studies show that the more colorful foods a person eats, the healthier they are. It’s easy to tell what ingredients are healthy, because good food is beautiful food. From the dietary effects of red vegetables to the boost that an immune system gets from blue food, a diet rich in color is a person’s best bet to stay healthy.

Every color of a vegetable or fruit signifies different health benefits. For protection against cancer – especially prostate cancer – red fruits like strawberries and red vegetables like peppers or tomatoes are helpful because they provide lycopene or anthocyanins. In the case of tomatoes, cooking them with a tiny bit of fat will also boost their cancer fighting properties.

Orange foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins are loaded with beta-carotene. It’s not an old wives’ tale that carrots are good for your eyes. Beta-carotene does help maintain healthy eyes. It can also help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Green foods like spinach, kale, cucumbers, peppers, peas and celery contain lutein. Like beta-carotene, lutein helps to keep eyes healthy and can also reduce the risk of cataracts. Also, leafy greens like spinach, kale and broccoli can help reduce the risk of birth defects and contribute to healthy hair.

Blue foods such as blueberries, blackberries, grapes, figs and raisins are colored by pigments known as “anthocyanins.” Anthocyanins help protect cells from damage, and they may help reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

If you want to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, look to the white foods. Cauliflower, potatoes, ginger, bananas, onions and parsnips all are good sources of potassium and they contain anthoxanthins, which help promote heart health.

For the best health benefits, combine as many colors as possible. Research indicates that the types of antioxidants listed above tend to work best as a team with each one boosting the others’ effects. But, combining vegetables or fruit is also a simple pleasure. Think of a good chicken stir-fry with peppers, greens, ginger and scallions. Or picture a delicious salsa – with its combination of tomatoes, peppers, onions, lime juice and cilantro. And last but not least, picture a green salad with spinach and bright red strawberries.

Healthy food is delicious, beautiful and it can be a little bit decadent too!

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays Recommends Mexican Destinations

In Travel on June 11, 2012 at 1:54 am
Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a full service travel agency, with expertise not only about destinations in Mexico, but every country in the world. Travelers can experience the firm’s unparalleled customer service as part of their club membership program. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a world-class leader in the travel industry and invites new members to take advantage of the best that Mexico – and the world – has to offer.

Although Mexico has a great deal of diversity, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, many Mexican destinations share a natural, cultural and gastronomical richness. Throughout Mexico’s beautiful beaches, historical sites, archaeological wonders and mountains, visitors will be amazed by the splendor that surrounds them. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that whether travelers prefer outdoor activities like water rafting and mountain climbing, or would rather soak up Mexico’s long and amazing culture in museums or galleries, there is no doubt that newcomers will want to come back for more. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays invites members to enjoy this mystical and beautiful country, and in this brief article suggests some of the top destinations that visitors should see on their Mexican vacation.

Acapulco is a romantic port that promises visitors adventure and relaxation, too. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that Acapulco is the number one place for tourists to visit. When travelers reach the city they will be astounded at the options available to them. From bungee jumping to dancing the night away, no one will ever be bored in Acapulco. And with Pierre Bennett Global Holidays discounts on resorts, visitors can concentrate on everything that the city has to offer. Acapulco has some of the best sailing, scuba diving and para-sailing that visitors can hope to find, and when the day is done, the city has some of the best dining and nightlife around.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also recommends a visit to Guadalajara. This capital of the state of Jalisco is a bustling metropolis and has earned its nickname, “The Pearl of the West.” Guadalajara boasts broad, tree-lined streets with parks and fountains along with galleries, museums and modern architecture. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that the city also has a wonderful confluence of the traditional and the new, with mariachi music alongside new musicians, nightclubs, the national sport of charrería, and a sprinkling of actors and producers.

Another popular destination, Puerto Vallarta, lies along a stunning stretch of the water, according to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays.  With exuberant vegetation, striking natural scenery and thriving local traditions, this charming city is a little slice of paradise. Whether visitors are more comfortable on a fishing boat, swimming, dining, exploring the tropical waterfalls or just laying on the beach waiting for dolphins to appear, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays says that a trip to Puerto Vallarta is sure to be memorable.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggests that members visit Playa del Carmen, located on the Mexican Caribbean. One of the most stellar attractions of the Riviera, the city is a radiant place in the middle of a stunning area. According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Mayan area of Mexico and has a semi-tropical climate, which makes it perfect for any aquatic activity. The city has seen unprecedented growth from when it was a small village fifteen years ago, and is now regarded as a cosmopolitan place with outdoor restaurants, bars, high-end shopping and crafts. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggests that members visit the city with food on their mind, as Playa del Carmen’s signature cuisine is by itself worth a visit to this lovely city on the shore of the Caribbean.

Better Nashville Interviews Mercy Ministries 2008 Graduate Tara

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Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries graduate Tara is a local college student who is confident, happy, and full of life.  But she hasn’t always been that way.  Better Nashville recently met up with Tara to get her story.

Better Nashville: From the outside Tara seemed like any ordinary teenager.  But on the inside lived an eating disorder, a battle of self-worth.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: My best friend and I would eat lunch every day in the cafeteria and I would just be sitting there ya know throwing things under the table or like throwing it in my purse or just saying, “Oh you know I already ate” or whatever.  And she had no idea.  So I would do the same thing with my family.

Better Nashville: This habit of restricting food started back in the fifth grade.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: That was the year that my granddad passed away.  And he had been somebody who was really special to me and really the only person I felt like I didn’t have to be perfect around.  Ya know I’ve just always been a perfectionist.  And so I sorta had this thought of like ya know I’m not good enough or not smart enough or not pretty enough.  But I always felt special when I was with him.  And so when he died I really went into a depression.

Better Nashville: Things got even worse in high school before anyone found out about Tara’s secret.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: And it got to a point where I couldn’t even walk anymore and that was when my parents, they had sorta suspected that something was wrong before that but I would just lie and say “No, I’m fine.”  But I couldn’t deny it anymore at that point.

Better Nashville: That’s when her parents put their eighty-pound daughter in an eating disorder treatment facility.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: It goes back to when I was in the hospital and the eating disorder treatment center and I was at a point in everything where I absolutely had no hope left.  And I actually had a psychiatrist tell me that she was going to be speaking at my funeral so it just completely, um, really I was just ready to give me.

Better Nashville: After several failed attempts of healing at different treatment centers, Tara was finally taken to Mercy Ministries; a place she says was totally different.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: When I first got to Mercy Ministries I tried to be rebellious and get kicked out because I thought if Mercy Ministries saw who I really was they would realize they were just wasting their time.  They didn’t.  The Mercy Ministries staff kept loving me and just telling me how much God loved me and they really helped me learn to trust Him.  And that made all the difference.

Better Nashville: Tara began looking at herself in a different light.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: They have you write down the negative thoughts about yourself and then you go to the Bible and you find verses that sorta correspond to it.  So for example, ya know if my negative thought was I’m ugly then I would go to the Bible and find verses that say that God has made everything beautiful for its own time.  And then that really meant something to me.

Better Nashville: Now, more than a year since Tara arrived at Mercy Ministries, she now knows she’s loved and beautiful, inside and out.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: I feel happy now.  And I told myself I was happy before when I was sick and it was all completely an act.  And so it’s been really weird to actually be genuinely happy.

Whitney Nall – Mercy Ministries Staff: When I first got to Mercy Ministries I saw these girls come through the doors and they couldn’t even look us in the eyes.  And I would be giving tours of the Mercy Ministries home and just no eye contact or a girl just really seemed down.  Compared to on their graduation days or the days before when they are truly a new creation and just singing at the top of their lungs during morning worship…  And just truly transformed.

Better Nashville: Tara carries that reminder with her every day.

Mercy Ministries Grad Tara: All the girls that graduate from Mercy Ministries get this ring on graduation day.  And you can see it has three little stones in it and it’s called the Trinity because it represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And then in the middle it actually has an “M” for Mercy Ministries.  And so it’s obviously very symbolic and very special to me.

Better Nashville: It’s a reminder of how far she’s come.  Tara is now a sophomore at Belmont University majoring in journalism.

You can help out Mercy Ministries by running or supporting their run for Mercy team in the Country Music Marathon.  The race is on April 24th (2010).  Whoever raises the most money for the Run for Mercy team will win a concert by Christian artist Jamie Jamgochian at the Nashville Mercy Ministries home.  Pretty cool stuff!

Learn more about Mercy Ministries at

Doug Battista Recaps 2011 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

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Doug Battista

Doug Battista

Doug Battista, President of North America Field Operations at Jenny Craig, was honored to be a featured speaker at the 2011 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in New York. The conference, titled Setting the Stage, Getting Results: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Roundtable, was hosted by Human Capital Institute, an association that specializes in talent management.

Doug Battista joined John Havanaar from Cummins in a roundtable that centered on outsourcing recruiting using an (RPO) organization. Doug Battista worked with RPO FutureStep in building an entire team to support Nestlé’s ice cream division. While the process achieved the goal, Doug Battista discovered there were challenges to bringing an outside organization in for recruiting.

“No matter how good your RPO partner is, they don’t know your culture like you do,” Doug Battista said in the panel. He added that in order to successfully work with an RPO, an organization would need to get up to speed on the ins and outs of their own particular organization.

FutureStep is a worldwide recruiting firm that specializes in recruiting entire teams to fit an organization’s needs. FutureStep can also hire on a person-by-person basis. While working with FutureStep, Doug Battista learned the challenges of educating an outside recruiting firm on the social environment of a company—often involving things that were hard to put into words.

The conference centered around the impact of the end of the economic crisis on hiring, Doug Battista explains. According to Doug Battista, many sessions discussed the difficulties of recruiting talent in a business world that has changed since recruiters were last scrambling to find workers.

Doug Battista was impressed with the sessions at Setting the Stage, Getting Results, which included an overview of how recruiting firms could utilize social media to get good workers. Digital media has changed the field of staffing, Doug Battista emphasizes, with old methods of recruiting replaced by methods that deliberately attract workers that are connected and up-to-date with modern technology.

Other sessions centered on strategy and competency. As Doug Battista describes, human resource departments are challenged with not only attracting new talent but also ensuring that talent fits an organization’s needs. The competency session focused on the recruiting team itself and why HR teams must be fully staffed with those who have the skill set necessary to meet an organization’s needs, concludes Doug Battista.

How to Watch an Eclipse Safely with a Homemade Pinhole Camera

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On average there are two solar eclipses a year, but watching them can be dangerous. So what’s the best way to view them? Presentation Solutions has some suggestions to help safely enjoy these celestial events.

First, what is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth. If the moon completely obscures the sun, it’s a full eclipse of the sun. If the sun is only partially covered then it’s considered a partial eclipse of the sun.

However majestic the view is, it’s very important not to stare directly into the sun because it will cause retinal damage. Presentation Solutions suggests that readers enjoy this event through a pinhole camera.

Pinhole cameras can be purchased for between one hundred and four hundred dollars in stores or online, but it’s also possible to make a pinhole viewer very inexpensively.  The only things that are required are a long box or tube, tape, aluminum foil, a pin and white paper.

Using a long box is important, because the longer the box is, the larger the pinhole image will be. If you have a box that is five-feet long (which would be about two triangular UPS shipping boxes taped together) the image will be .56 inches.

The first thing to do to make a pinhole viewer is to combine two UPS boxes together with tape. Then cut a hole in the center of the box and cover it with aluminum foil.  Use a pin to poke a small hole in the center of the foil. Cut a viewing hole in the side of the box. Put the paper inside the box near the viewing hole. Then point the pinhole viewer (pinhole up) toward the sun so that it reflects the eclipse on the paper.

Voila! You have created a pinhole viewer to watch the eclipse safely, while still enjoying the amazing sight of the moon blocking the sun.