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Everest Gymnastics Answers Questions About Performance Improvement

In Sports on June 28, 2019 at 1:24 pm

Everest GymnasticsImprovement is the ultimate goal of any gymnast. But, making progress on the bars, beam, vault or mat is not just a matter of want, it takes work. Keep reading as the coaches from Everest Gymnastics open up about the secret to improving gymnastics skills.

Q: What should an athlete do before practicing a gymnastics routine?

Everest Gymnastics: Warm up. A proper warm-up routine should begin with mild cardiovascular exercises. Next, stretching will help to ensure the muscles do not become overworked and that the joints are properly primed and ready to bend and flex.

Q: Is there a right way to do a handstand?

Everest Gymnastics: Yes, actually. Many beginning gymnasts find that they have more stability with an arched back. However, this form can take a toll on the spine. A proper handstand means your feet are directly over your head in as straight a line as possible. The stomach should be pulled in, and the toes pointed to the sky.

Q: How should a gymnast prepare for more advanced moves on the mat?

Everest Gymnastics: Even young gymnasts can do a cartwheel or handstand. However, movements such as a back walkover require a bit more concentration. We would suggest mastering all of the fundamentals before advancing. Learning how to do the splits – and practicing regularly — will also help as it improves flexibility.

Q: Do you suggest athletic tape?

Everest Gymnastics: Absolutely. Athletic tape is extremely flexible and can support the joints during gymnastics events, including the mat, bars, and balance beam. 

Q: How much time should an athlete practice when they are not at the gym?

Everest Gymnastics: We do not encourage practicing skills at home because there is so much room for error. Having a coach nearby ensures that the student gets immediate feedback and can correct their form as needed to help prevent injuries. We do, however, encourage regular exercise and stretching at least a few times each week, and especially when students miss a class. 

Q: What is the best way for a beginning gymnast to practice moves on the beam?

Everest Gymnastics: The beam can be a scary place for young students, and we recommend practicing on the mat to improve confidence. To do this, apply a 4-inch wide strip of tape to the mat and pay attention to where your feet land.

Q: Is there a secret to becoming the best?

Everest Gymnastics: Being “the best” takes countless hours of practice and uninterrupted dedication to gymnastics. It also requires a bit of natural talent and the right instructors to help hone an athlete’s skills. All students, however, can improve by simply recording their progress and making note of areas that need improvement.

Direct Media Power, Inc. | Why Radio Offers the Best Value in Advertising

In Sports on October 3, 2012 at 6:06 am
Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

The benefits of radio don’t just stop at the commercial, says Direct Media Power. Today, the pay per call advertising expert speaks with Presentation Solutions about all broadcast radio can do for your advertising budget.

Presentation Solutions: Good morning. Let’s talk about what radio advertising offers over other media outlets, such as TV and print.

Direct Media Power: Radio has numerous benefits and is simply the most affordable large-scale advertising method available.

Presentation Solutions: Drive time is the Prime Time of radio. How can focusing a message on commuters translate into revenue for your clients?

Direct Media Power: First, we like to think of our clients as partners, since we assume a large financial risk for most industries that work with us. But to answer the question, when commuters are headed to or from work, they have ample time to reflect on their personal lives such as piling debt or legal issues.

Presentation Solutions: So, a radio commercial may spike their interest based on what they are thinking about at the time?

Direct Media Power: Yes. Radio is an intrusive form of advertising. This means that, unlike a magazine where the target can simply ignore the ad, radio cuts into their train of thought intentionally. If your message is one that grabs them, they are very unlikely to change the station.

Presentation Solutions: Radio also offers the added benefit of being played for everyone within earshot, too…

Direct Media Power: Exactly, plus since radio is so affordable using our bulk buy methods, offering your commercial repetitively can help hammer your message into your customer’s minds.

Presentation Solutions: Repetition is what creates memories…

Direct Media Power: And, since radio is a media that forces listeners to use their imagination, the messages delivered can take on a personal meaning to each listener. This is very powerful because it becomes a familiar thought and the advertising business remains in the customer’s mind for longer than a visual commercial.

Presentation Solutions: Does combining radio with TV or print ads increase its success?

Direct Media Power: Not necessarily. People listen to radio to keep from reading after a long day in front of a computer, they listen when they are driving or cleaning and cannot read.

Presentation Solutions: So you are saying that standalone radio advertising is effective in itself?

Direct Media Power: Absolutely.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give our readers an example of the types of businesses that Direct Media Power can help launch a profitable radio campaign?

Direct Media Power: We have worked with all different industries that require a “lead” to make a sale.  Tax settlement is our largest vertical and we are the largest supplier of live radio calls to this industry.  Law offices also work well with our program since we work with attorneys to deliver their messages quite often. Any business that earns clientele directly, without a retail counter or other middleman, can use radio to their advantage.

Presentation Solutions: So essentially any lead-based direct-to-consumer product or service?

Direct Media Power: Yes, that about sums it up!

Presentation Solutions: We are out of time for today but hope that you will speak with us more in this subject later.

Direct Media Power: It would be our pleasure.

Direct Media Power, Inc. offers radio-only service and has proven this media successful time and time again. With cooperating network partners throughout the US, Direct Media Power offers a virtually limitless listenership that can be targeting by network or region. No other agency of its kind offers these services for the same affordable fixed-rate per call pricing.

For more information or to contact Direct Media Power directly, visit them on the web at or pick up the phone and get answers from a live account manager at 888.302.5557

Paul Savramis Shares One of the Visions Behind Rising Stars

In Sports on October 3, 2012 at 3:19 am
Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis

In 1996, Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars, an organization that helps youth by enrolling them into positive programs and keeping them enrolled and engaged in activities throughout high school. His vision of offering positive alternatives to the many challenges that kids will face throughout the formative years year-round has followed Rising Stars through its success today, achieving recognition from many of the nation’s leaders and celebrities.

The vision began when Paul Savramis realized sports, specifically basketball, provided a perfect backdrop for youth to learn some of the most important educational/life lessons and values they can. Through Rising Stars’ camps clinics, and teams Paul Savramis has taught kids skills in basketball and, more importantly, in life. Becoming a “team player”, the mentality stressed in Rising Stars, translated into other areas, like schoolwork, community service, the importance of family values and, later, career success.

Paul Savramis’ “Whiz Kids” began capturing nationwide attention as a way to reach out and inspire youth with a positive message soon after he founded the organization. The Whiz Kids appeared on The Johnny Carson Show and were invited to appear at basketball camp with Michael Jordan. Many alumni from Rising Stars went on to find great success in high school, college sports and in business. Some progressed on to professional basketball but all went on to graduate HS and attend college. The vision of using basketball to help get into the college of choice was one that Paul Savramis continues to emphasize.

The foundation for Paul Savramis’ work with Rising Stars began during his time in college, where he learned to tie education and sports together. Savramis obtained his Master’s degree from Queens College, where he majored in physical education with a minor in child psychology.

In addition to its regular programs, Rising Stars offers basketball camps for others. As Paul Savramis explains, these basketball camps in some cases last only one day but the value remains throughout the year. One organization that came to Rising Stars to help them attract children from more diverse backgrounds was the Boy Scouts OF America. The concept was the idea of Trey Fergusson a former Rising Stars Whiz Kid. The program was a great success and was  embraced nationally .Rising Stars also is the mainstay of the basketball camp offerings of Long Island Lutheran, the nation’s largest summer program.

Paul Savramis has set up these camps so that there is one coach to every five children, giving participants an intensive day of lessons that can vastly improve their abilities in basketball.

During his time as director of basketball for Rising Stars , Paul Savramis arranged for greats like Magic Johnson and Steve Nash to show up for Rising Stars’ camps. Being able to work with coaches who are also sports heroes leaves an indelible mark on young players, Paul Savramis has seen.

Many other basketball camps around the world have emulated the structure of the clinics set up by Paul Savramis. Rising Stars seeks to provide a safe place for children to learn to play and interact with each other, according to Paul Savramis. In many ways, these basketball camps provide youths a constructive outlet for their collective energies. The goal of Paul Savramis for Rising Stars has always been to bring children from diverse backgrounds together in an effort to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Still, Paul Savramis emphasizes the importance of fun in everything Rising Stars does. While the skills taught in Rising Stars are important, it’s also important that children be doing something they love, Paul Savramis believes. In the end, Rising Stars provides an important outlet on many levels for any child who has an interest in athletics. The interest begins with athletics but grows to include interests in so much more.

Theodore Stroukoff Discusses the Challenges of Coaching

In Health and Beauty, Sports on April 11, 2012 at 11:40 am
Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff has encountered many challenging situations in his work as a travel nurse. But his 27 years as a figure skating coach have prepared Theodore Stroukoff for a variety of situations, as well as boosting his people skills.

When asked what skills he gained from his years of coaching, Theodore Stroukoff points to several. The first is creativity. In helping students prepare for competition, Theodore Stroukoff says that he was forced to tap into his more artistic side. This creativity now helps Theodore Stroukoff in his work as a travel nurse, when he has to think outside the box as it relates to taking care of his patients.

Theodore Stroukoff also notes that he learned persistence during his time as a figure skating coach. Watching numerous young skaters show up day after day, continuing to practice even when competition was fierce, Theodore Stroukoff says that he discovered an important lesson about the benefits of hard work. The students also inspired Theodore Stroukoff with their focus and commitment, he says. It is a philosophy Theodore Stroukoff carries with him into his nursing work today.

One of the most valuable benefits Theodore Stroukoff gained from coaching, he says, was learning innovative ways to explain technique to students. Theodore Stroukoff finds himself regularly using the skills he learned as a teacher in his nursing duties. Whether it’s helping a patient learn to use crutches or teaching a first-time mother to care for her newborn baby, Theodore Stroukoff has fine-tuned a talent for patiently explaining techniques to others.

Patience was another trait Theodore Stroukoff says that he honed as a figure skating coach. According to Theodore Stroukoff, the patience he learned as a teacher has translated well to his work as a travel nurse.

While Theodore Stroukoff thinks back fondly on his coaching days, his work as a travel nurse has led him to challenges he never imagined. Theodore Stroukoff says he has been able to work in a variety of facilities and situations and doing so has allowed him to stretch his abilities as a nurse, taking him to the next level professionally.

Why Golf is So Addictive

In Sports on November 11, 2011 at 6:30 am
Life as a Golf Pro

Life as a Golf Pro

I first played golf at the age of fifteen. A local businessman owned a nine-hole course near my hometown and, for just a few bucks, I could play all day. My parents would drop me off in the morning and I’d play golf all day. The game is probably 75 percent mental, so if someone is undergoing stress, his game can easily be thrown off. But there have been a few times when, during my entire round, I felt like I was in some sort of ‘zone.’

Today, I continue to be amazed at how addictive the game of golf can be. Nine holes have doubled, with the back nine that is more narrow and difficult, and it’s the back nine that force me to really focus and concentrate.

In my opinion, the game of golf is challenging because so many elements need to come together for a golfer to play well. The key is perseverance. There are days when I feel like every putt is a failure, but then I hit those last couple of holes and turns it all around.

That is all it takes. That one perfect shot and you are re-hooked for tomorrow! Such a fun but frustrating sport.

Catherine Case Szarwark Supports the New York Junior League

In Sports on August 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Case Szarwark

Catherine Case Szarwark is always glad when someone asks her about the New York Junior League (NYJL), because it gives her the opportunity to discuss one of her favorite causes. According to Catherine Case Szarwark, the NYJL is a collective of women dedicated to community action and the development of the innate potential of women everywhere. According to Szarwark, the NYJL works at the community level to cultivate leaders and organize knowledgeable volunteers. The NYJL’s objective, explains Catherine Case Szarwark, is to promote education and charity while reaching out to women of all religions, creeds, races and national origins.

Catherine Case Szarwark calls the New York Junior League an inspirational and powerful organization with a diverse population of members who are committed to volunteerism. For Catherine Case Szarwark and thousands of other dedicated women, volunteering for the NYJL is an opportunity to affect real positive change through direct community involvement. Szarwark lists some of the “signature initiatives” for which the New York Junior League has garnered significant renown. The Financial Literacy program, says Catherine Case Szarwark, is a volunteer-powered initiative teaching people how to proactively manage their finances and gather the valuable knowledge necessary to establish true long-term financial stability. Catherine Case Szarwark also heartily endorses the Playground Improvement Project, a tireless effort to beautify and renew dilapidated playgrounds, giving young children more places to play, as well as develop their social, motor and mental skills.

Catherine Case Szarwark points out the significant contributions of the NYJL’s Community Health Access Model Program (CHAMP). In fact, notes Catherine Case Szarwark, the national Junior League ranges much farther than New York. Currently the Junior League’s membership base is constituted of more than 155,000 active women volunteers in Canada, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. Catherine Case Szarwark is a proud member of this worldwide volunteer organization, dedicated to the betterment of the human condition through the community action of conscientious women.

About Catherine Case Szarwark

For Catherine Case Szarwark, accomplishments came early in life. While friends were hoping to adapt to middle school, Catherine Case Szarwark found her passion. Szarwark started fencing in the sixth grade when a mini-fencing class was offered for physical education. She discovered that she loved it and possessed a rare talent.  Catherine Case Szarwark’s parents were supportive and her path to success began.

Catherine Case Szarwark spent six years at the Nashville Fencing Academy where she developed into one of the finest fencers in the country.  While attending Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee, Catherine Case Szarwark rose to the highest-ranking American epee fencer in the under-17 age category.  Her fencing for the American team took Catherine Case Szarwark to Italy and Germany, and Szarwark spent time at the United States Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she trained alongside Olympic hopefuls from all over the United States.

Upon graduation from high school, Catherine Case Szarwark elected to attend Penn State University where she fenced under the legendary Coach Emmanuil Kaidanov.  There, Szarwark compiled a record of 149 wins against only 35 losses, for an 81.0% winning percentage.  This remains the sixth-best in the storied history of fencing at Penn State University.  Catherine Case Szarwark earned all America honors three times, and was the captain of the Women’s Epee team in 2006-2007 when Penn State University won the NCAA National Championship. In speaking of this team, Coach Kaidanov singled out Catherine Case Szarwark for her leadership and dedication.

Catherine Case Szarwark also earned All Academic Big Ten honors, and finished with a 3.4 grade point average at Penn State University.  Szarwark now lives in New York City and has taught fencing at the New York Athletic Club. She works at NYU School of Medicine and is involved in Junior League of New York.

Being the Best

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Charlotte, NC, September 25, 2009 — Imagine an undefeated team. If that team is the New England Patriots, you’ve most certainly heard of them. But if that team is your own state’s champion softball team, you may not. Both teams excel at their game. One gets little to no recognition. The difference?, they will tell you that the difference is marketing.

An undefeated NFL team is constantly getting nationwide TV and radio coverage, not to mention mountains of published flyers, banners, T-shirts, tickets, and miscellaneous paraphernalia. The sports marketing publishers at know that high quality marketing should be available to any sports organization, not just the big boys.

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