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More Benefits of SD-WAN

In Telecommunications on February 4, 2021 at 6:32 am

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Today’s IT challenges have evolved. As organizations use SaaS (Software as a Service)  and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) across several clouds, IT teams are soon discovering that the quality of the user application experience is compromised. This is because WAN’s (Wide Area Networks) are not equipped to handle the exponential traffic growth brought about by cloud adoption.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) addresses these challenges.  This virtual WAN architecture allows enterprises to use any combination of transport services – including Fiber, MPLS, LTE, and broadband internet services – to connect users to applications. This helps lower operational costs and improve resource usage for multisite deployments. Network administrators can use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure that critical applications run smoothly without sacrificing security or data privacy. Let’s discuss some of these benefits in detail.

Cost savings

SD-WAN helps streamline operational expenses; it allows IT teams to replace reliable but expensive multi-protocol label switching (MPLs) services with affordable options like broadband and secure VPN connections. Traditionally, organizations retain MPLS for latency-sensitive, real-time transmissions while Fiber, broadband internet or LTE is used for email-traffic and less critical transmissions.

Investments in new technology is a significant capital expenditure. Shifting to a monthly, subscription-based SD-WAN service translates to more savings. These types of savings are just the beginning because SD-WAN also has a lot to offer in terms of improving productivity, accelerating time to market, and efficient configuring and troubleshooting.

Jumpstart your digital transformation

Enterprises that see SD-WAN as a strategy for launching and equipping digital transformation efforts are more likely to realize the full benefits of utilizing it.

Launching new cloud applications is easier with SD-WAN; users can expect high availability and predictability especially for critical enterprise applications. It helps free up enterprise IT to focus on bigger technology goals and driving business objectives.

Businesses can map simpler and more cost-effective branch WANs with SD-WAN, allowing them to use cloud solutions without being heavily reliant on IT teams for troubleshooting or connectivity issues. 

Thinking about SD-WAN only as a replacement for MPLS connections is a short-sighted strategy. Organizations must plan in such a way that the networking strategy is at the forefront to equip digital transformation as a future-proof technology.

Choose your SD-WAN provider with care

As the demand for SD-WAN solutions increases, companies are marketing their offerings as SD-WAN products even if these do not have true SD-WAN capabilities. Before implementing a solution organizations must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment and vet potential providers with care. Choose an SD-WAN solution that has integrated security features. Go for a solution based on the level of maintenance and management that you’re capable of handling in-house versus a third-party provider.

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