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Eloi Kummetz Explains the Benefits of Biofuels

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Kummetz Corporation has long dedicated itself to preserving the environment, with projects throughout the globe that help further its mission. As Eloi Kummetz explains, Kummetz Corporation is expanding its efforts by working to support the production of Ethanol for the use in creating biofuels. Eloi Kummetz describes the benefits of biofuels to our environment.

In recent years, Ethanol has become a popular additive in fuels, notes Eloi Kummetz, as the alcohol has been found to be viable in automobile engines when mixed with gasoline. Because it is a renewable energy source, Eloi Kummetz explains, Ethanol is considered better for the environment and is also cheaper to produce. According to Eloi Kummetz, Ethanol may be added up to ten percent of a car’s gasoline.

As Eloi Kummetz explains, Kummetz Corporation believes in the use of biofuels to power engines. Because of that, Kummetz Corporation invests in companies that work to produce Ethanol, especially in Brazil. Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz says, believes that in supporting Ethanol production the company can not only maintain its commitment to the environment, but Kummetz Corporation can also help increase revenue in Brazil, building the country’s infrastructure in a variety of ways.

According to Eloi Kummetz, biofuel helps countries provide their own fuel, eliminating the need to rely on other countries for oil. Eloi Kummetz has seen the benefits of promoting agriculture in a country and believes that by fostering Ethanol and biofuel production, Kummetz Corporation can help build Brazil’s economy.

For drivers to take advantage of biofuels, cars will need to be equipped with “flex-fuel” technology to allow it to run on renewable resources, Eloi Kummetz describes. Eloi Kummetz has seen increased interest in biofuels in the past few years and believes some areas of the world will have a hard time keeping up with the demand for agriculture. As Eloi Kummetz explains, Brazil may be able to take advantage of this demand, producing biofuels for areas that do not have enough viable land to produce the necessary crops. Corn and soybeans have both been cited as possible biofuel choices, Eloi Kummetz says, and more possibilities are still being researched.

Licensed in Nevada, Kummetz Corporation has projects across the world, according to Eloi Kummetz, including Columbia and South America. Eloi Kummetz seeks economic opportunities in areas where he can implement his efforts to help build economies while still protecting the environment for future generations.

Joseph Merlo – Keeping Our World Green – Joseph Merlo

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Keeping Our World Green | Joseph Merlo Discusses the Major Sources of Pollution

Environmentalist and American businessman Joseph Merlo weighs in on the state of today’s environmental conservation movement, particularly the major sources of pollution.


Joseph Merlo ranks industrial production as the primary producer of pollutants on the planet. The industrial process, explains Joseph Merlo, creates hundreds of harmful chemical by-products. Joseph Merlo says that these substances exist as gases, liquids, and solids. A typical oil refinery or metal works facility, points out Joseph Merlo, spews enough gaseous waste into the sky that it affects local weather and eventually settles into the surrounding soil. Joseph Merlo cites a study of a metallurgy facility that established a 25-mile radius of polluted soil around the factory. For 25 miles around the factory, clarifies Joseph Merlo, the soil was tainted simply from the facility’s smokestacks. This high-density industrial pollution, adds Joseph Merlo, has been going on at the hands of humanity for at least two centuries.

Housekeeping supplies

It should come as no surprise, continues Joseph Merlo, that the environmental havoc wreaked by large-scale industrial production also trickles into the home. Joseph Merlo explains that housekeeping is another significant pollution producer. Consumers buy tons of harsh and powerful cleaning supplies every year, says Joseph Merlo, and most of these chemicals end up in our water system. Joseph Merlo also draws attention to the astonishing amount of packaging supplies wasted on cleaning chemicals and basic household wares. All of this packaging is thrown away, notes Joseph Merlo, and only some of it is recycled. Bottles, cans, plastic wrap, blister packaging and cardboard – Joseph Merlo explains these are just a short list of the ecosystem cluttering by products the typical household adds to the waste flow. Joseph Merlo also lists bleach, detergent, floor cleaner and furniture polish as common chemicals that either add greenhouse gases to the air or deliver ecologically unsound chemicals to the ground and water.

Joseph Merlo explains that humans are not the only culprits denigrating the environment. The natural world itself produces atmosphere-clogging pollutants, says Joseph Merlo, like volcanic eruptions. Joseph Merlo points out that volcanic eruptions spew dust, ash and water vapor into the atmosphere. Joseph Merlo also notes the cloud of detritus produced by a large volcanic eruption can remain suspended in the atmosphere for over a year. The CO2 concentrations of volcanic clouds, adds Joseph Merlo, rival any one instance of human generated pollution.

But Joseph Merlo says that it is unfair to rank volcanoes as gross polluters just to take the responsibility off of humanity. Humans and their industrial processes produce more pollution than natural disasters, says Joseph Merlo, and they produce it faster. Another distinguishing characteristic, adds Joseph Merlo, is that we, as a species working together, can reduce volume of pollutants emitted into the ecosystem. While a volcano can’t go green, concludes Joseph Merlo, people definitely can.

Energy Automation Systems | Reduces Energy Costs | Energy Automation Systems

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How Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) Reduces Your Energy Costs Immediately – By Energy Automation Systems

Is your business paying too much for energy? If your business occupies a building of any kind, the answer is probably yes.

Energy Costs Affecting Business Owners

Energy costs have risen globally, threatening the growth of businesses everywhere. Some of the hardest-hit organizations are those that own or lease property and pay for electricity. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for 36 percent of total energy use and 65 percent of electricity consumption. So, when electrical energy costs rise, businesses demand a solution. Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI), an international leader in energy-saving technology, can reduce energy costs by reducing the electrical energy waste and consumption already present in your facility today.

A Real Solution

Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) designs, manufactures and installs systems that reduce electrical energy consumption and improve power quality in commercial and industrial facilities by enhancing the efficiency of electrical systems with no trade off in performance. Energy Automation Systems work passively, requiring no routine maintenance, and they function in virtually any facility that consumes electricity. The company’s proven systems can reduce a facility’s electrical energy consumption by 30% or more – and your savings are backed by a written guarantee, underwritten by a major insurance company.

Energy Automation Systems has installed customized energy conservation systems for decades for many thousands of clients in more than 60 countries around the world. Energy Automation Systems Founder and CEO Joseph Merlo has more than 30 years of experience in the energy conservation business and has helped countless companies reduce their energy costs. Paul Bleiweis, President of Energy Automation Systems, leads development of the company’s unique portfolio of energy-saving products. As a result of their leadership, Energy Automation Systems clients have included General Electric, British Petroleum, Apollo Management, Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and ConAgra Foods, as well as many other companies, large and small.

If your business is looking for a long-term solution to rising energy costs, visit the company’s corporate Web site at: If you would like to learn more about the company’s executive leadership, click here for a bio on Joseph Merlo and Paul Bleiweis.

A Unique Opportunity

As a result of rising energy costs, demand for Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) systems is growing around the world. For years the company provided its systems directly to customers, but increasing demand lead the company to develop a unique business opportunity in which individuals can become Affiliates of the company and market its products to customers around the world.

For a brief overview of the Energy Automation Systems business opportunity, visit

For an in-depth look at the Energy Automation Systems opportunity, including video interviews with current Energy Automation Systems Affiliates and customers and a detailed overview of Energy Automation Systems product portfolio, visit