Choosing The Wrong Help Desk Is a Costly Mistake

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If you are looking for a managed IT service or IT Compliance service in Nashville, TN,  Bowling Green, or Louisville, KY, your first consideration might be cost. However, as ImageQuest explains, this is one field where you most certainly get what you pay for. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with companies that are just starting out, when it comes to your business, you cannot trust your network to someone that uses your systems and information for on-the-job training.

We recently sat down with techs from the Nashville-based managed IT service provider. Keep reading for what they had to say on what to look for when it is time to bring a little assistance to the technology department.

Q: Thank you for sitting with us today. We will start with some basic information. What are some common IT services?

ImageQuest: Your company’s helpdesk, or IT services provider, does a lot for your business. We can not speak for other companies, but ImageQuest offers a laundry list of management and support services for companies of all sizes. We provide everything from live tech support to software installation. In general, a business owner should expect responsive support along with security solutions and network management.

Q: Nashville has dozens of managed IT service providers; how do business owners know which one is right for their company?

ImageQuest: That is certainly a difficult question to answer; however, it comes down to experience and ethics. A good tech support company will understand the complexities of networking. They will prioritize regular maintenance and monitoring and go well beyond installing simple firewalls and antivirus programs. We like to think of a computer network as a fine-tuned machine – if you are going to work on it, then you have to know how each individual component functions, otherwise you risk causing more damage.

Q: You mentioned experience and knowledge, but we notice that you said nothing about cost. How far down on the list of importance is that?

ImageQuest: All businesses want to save money, but there are some areas that you cannot afford to cut costs. We would never suggest that a business spend more than their budget can handle, but would encourage doing extensive research before selecting a managed IT service. One Nashville, TN or Bowling Green, KY-based company may be much more expensive than another, but you have to look at the value they bring to the proverbial table. If IT is not their only focus, you will essentially be paying them to gain experience.

Q: So you are saying that all technicians are not the same?

ImageQuest: Absolutely not. Just as in any industry, you have to have passion, dedication, and, most importantly, experience to accurately diagnose problems and complete repairs expediently. We choose to be very selective during our hiring process, and more than 99% of applicants are rejected. To be fair, many of them show promise, but we believe that our clients deserve only the best.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about some of ImageQuest’s technicians?

ImageQuest: We are very fortunate to have one of the most professional staffs in the managed IT service industry. Our crew, which travels between Nashville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, and Louisville, KY, consists of Josh, Jamison, Davis, Damien, Erick, and a handful of other select IT pros and help desk support personnel. Our clients regularly remark that they were able to resolve problems not identified by previous vendors. We often receive praise thanks to their willingness and enthusiasm to respond after hours.

Q: We appreciate everything you’ve mentioned here today. Is there any additional information that you think may be of interest to our readers?

ImageQuest: We believe that everyone should know that the managed IT services industry is not regulated like other sectors, such as financial services and automotive. For this reason, it is vital that business owners do their research and ask lots of questions before signing a contract. When they have narrowed down the list, they should look for things like a money-back guarantee, readily available reference list, and around-the-clock availability. Those who are on a tight budget may want to pause for just a moment and consider the ramifications of going with a company that is ill-equipped to handle their networking needs.

Keeping Your Nashville Home Healthy After Mold Remediation

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Water Damage RestorationNashville is hot. Nashville is humid. Those are two truths that can’t be denied from spring until fall. If you have experienced water intrusion, it’s crucial to keep this in mind once your restoration and mold remediation service provider has left. Failure to take the heat and humidity into consideration can leave you with another round of unsightly – and unhealthy – mold.

Keep reading as we pick the minds of Rytech’s water damage restoration professionals for a few tips to help Nashville homeowners avoid paying for mold remediation a second time.

Q: Is it possible to eliminate mold in the air?

Rytech: Yes, it is. Keep temperatures cool and change your HVAC filter every month if you are worried about mold. Keep in mind that not all air filters are created equally, and you will need a product with a MERV rating of at least 11 to remove the majority of mold spores floating around your home.

Q: Are there other ways that an air-conditioning system can help reduce the spread or return of mold?

Rytech: Absolutely. When you turn on your HVAC, air circulates throughout the home. This helps keep things dry, which is crucial if you have experienced water damage and already paid for mold remediation. Check Nashville listings for an HVAC service provider to inspect your system to ensure that it is working correctly and that there are no leaks in the ductwork. This can cost between $50 and $100 but is a small price to pay to ensure that your system is efficiently reducing humidity.

Q: Okay, so now that we know about mold in the air, what are some other factors that contribute to the problem?

Rytech: Surface mold can also be a problem, especially when it remains in a dark and humid environment. One common cause of chronic moisture, aside from excessive indoor humidity, is small leaks in the plumbing. You may not notice it for many days or weeks, but poorly sealed pipes behind the walls can leech water into the drywall or, worse, the frame of your house. Something else to look for is roof damage.

Q: How can your roof cause a mold problem?

Rytech: Your roof has one job, which is to keep the elements out of your house. If it has even a minor infraction, rainwater or melting ice can enter the structure. Like leaking plumbing, this can damage your home and cause a mold invasion. Usually, a roof leak is first noticed by discoloration on the ceiling.

Q: What about the areas of the home that you don’t often visit, such as the basement or attic? Is it possible to prevent mold in these areas?

Rytech: Our Nashville mold remediation technicians often respond to issues in attics and basements. Their experience tells us that air circulation is the best preventative medicine. Unfortunately, these areas are usually not heated or cooled, so each homeowner must ensure natural airflow.

Q: How?

Rytech: It is not difficult to ventilate the attic as most homes already come with attic vents. But, if this is not enough, contact your local roofing company or handyman to ask about installing a turbine. It is also important to have the right kind of insulation materials in place. This serves to control the ambient temperature. After a roof leak, wet insulation should be removed immediately and affected areas allowed to dry before replacing the insulation.

For more information about water damage restoration and mold remediation services, visit Rytech Nashville’s website at

Franklin Business Lawyer on Forming a Corporation in Tennessee

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Boyd LawForming a legal corporation is one way to take your business to the next level. This type of structure is especially beneficial for small businesses in a growth pattern since, as Franklin, Tennessee business lawyer Brian T. Boyd points out, it limits the financial liability of the business owner. We recently sat down to chat with Mr. Boyd, who generously offered insight on the process of forming a corporation in Tennessee.

Q: When does it make sense to form a corporation?

Brian T. Boyd: I think it is a wise choice any time a business owner wants to separate their personal assets from those of their business. When your business goes from sole entrepreneur to corporation, you have some protection if your efforts fail. You are less likely to lose your home, car, and personal cash reserves. 

Q: How does a business owner begin the process?

Brian T. Boyd: I would first start with consulting a business lawyer. In Franklin and the surrounding areas, this person can assist with ensuring the business name is registered correctly with the state. Further, an experienced attorney will know how and when to file the charter.

Q: What is a charter?

Brian T. Boyd: This is simply the document needed to launch the corporation as a legal entity. It contains information such as the business name, stock structure, address, a statement of profit-seeking status. 

Q: Can a business keep the name it launched with?

Brian T. Boyd: Often, yes. However, the name must be available in the state of Tennessee. A Franklin business lawyer can help with determining if the preferred name is available. They do this by searching the Secretary of State’s website. If it is not a usable name, the business owner must use something else. Additionally, the full legal name must contain “company,” “corporation,” or “incorporated” in the title. Abbreviations of these are also acceptable.

Q: What is an incorporator?

Brian T. Boyd: This is the person, usually the business’s founder, that files the charter.

Q: What is the difference between a registered agent and a director?

Brian T. Boyd: A director is an individual appointed to a role of responsibility within a corporation. Many companies have multiple directors, which sit on a board and make decisions about the business’s operations. A registered agent is the designee for official correspondence. It is not uncommon in Franklin for a director to also be a registered agent. A business lawyer can explain more regarding the roles of each title. 

Q: How does an incorporator draft bylaws and a corporate purpose?

Brian T. Boyd: In Tennessee, a business owner is not required to create a specific corporate purpose. By default, their purpose is to engage in lawful for-profit business operations. Bylaws are also not heavily regulated, although they must be adopted by the corporation, and they have to be consistent with local laws and the initial charter.

Q: How much does it cost to incorporate a business in Tennessee?

Brian T. Boyd: Currently, the cost to file a charter is $100. Further, businesses are required to pay state and federal income taxes. In addition to these, companies are not exempt from paying property taxes in Franklin. A business lawyer and an accountant can help individual business owners determine their estimated taxes, operational costs, and other expenses.

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