Learn From An Experienced Garage Door Repair Company Located in Franklin, TN

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Franklin Door and Dock

When should you have a garage door replaced?

Garage door repair is one of those tasks that property owners usually put off for later until it’s too late. Garage door repair expert Franklin Door & Dock answers your questions about garage door repair and maintenance. 

Q: Do I need a garage door? 

A: You more than likely have been holding off this project for a while because the money that can go into getting a completely new garage door is nothing to laugh at. There’s likely a chance that your garage door doesn’t need a complete replacement. Instead, there is probably something that is broken which can be fixed. At Franklin Door and Dock, we would love to come to see what is wrong with your garage and give you a full explanation. This process could save you a ton of money and frustration if you hire someone who does this for a living! 

Q: How do I know the garage door that I need? 

A: What a difficult and frustrating process! From specific designs to materials, you have a plethora of options for which garage door to choose from. Franklin Door and Dock have a system in place where we listen to your budget, design ideas, needs, and together we will find the perfect garage door. 

Q. Can I do it myself? 

A: Most people love DIY projects- but when push comes to shove, there are times when money is spent that ends up being wasted because something didn’t go right in the project. We recommend saving the heartache, money, and annoyance by letting professionals get the job done! This will be at a price that fits within your budget and a timeline that you can rely on. 
Located in Franklin, TN – Franklin Door and Dock offers garage door repair for any of your needs. These issues are to be handled with care, expertise, and to save money. If you are located near Franklin, TN give Franklin Door and Dock a call to see how we can cater to your needs, budget, and desires! Call us at 615-857-3667 or visit our website:

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