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Why Is Audi So Special? We Asked And Got The Answer

In Automotive on February 11, 2020 at 10:49 am

GPO TuningDriving down the road a few weeks ago, one of our staffers noticed that the logos on the cars next to him weren’t all just Ford, Nissan, and GMC. He took special notice of the number of Audis that passed as he waited to turn at a red light. This raised a question about why, suddenly, were there so many German imports gracing the streets of his hometown. Living in Nashville, our correspondent reached out the Audi repair shop GPO Tuning to find out.

This is what the Audi service professionals in Nashville had to say.

Q: Why are Audis all of a sudden so prevalent in Nashville? As an Audi repair shop, you must have noticed an influx of imports. 

GPO Tuning: We have been providing service and repairs for Audis here in Nashville since 2003. Over the last 17 years, we have noticed more and more of these cars coming through the shop bays for oil changes, scheduled maintenance, and service. The reason is likely quality and an influx of people from other parts of the country, where Audi vehicles have been historically more popular.

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Audi Maintenance and Repair: Nashville Shop Answers Your Questions

In Automotive on July 3, 2019 at 8:59 am

GPO TuningGerman Performance Options (GPO Tuning) is your premiere garage for Audi repair, maintenance, tuning and service in Nashville. Today, the shop, which specializes in high-end European imports, answers some common questions about how to maintain your Audi, and when it’s time to have it in for a checkup.

Q: Why is it important to use a shop that specializes in Audi repair?

GPO Tuning: Every vehicle has a specific set of internal components. As such, no two makes or models are exactly alike. Each manufacturer has a specific idea of what works best, and import vehicles are often very different than domestic cars and trucks. For this reason, it makes sense to partner with a mechanic that is intimately knowledgeable about your specific car. Think of it is going to a specialist for your own health – you would not visit a dermatologist to treat foot and ankle problems. Likewise, it is usually best to find a mechanic that has in-depth experience in Audi service. In Nashville, we like to think that we provide the most comprehensive set of services for Audi vehicles.

Q: What are some common problems in Audi vehicles?

GPO Tuning: One of the most relevant issues that we see is among new owners who do not understand that a turbo engine must be maintained differently than a standard one. When changing the oil, which is an important Audi service, Nashville vehicle owners should request a full synthetic, and have the oil changed according to vehicle specifications.

Q: When should the coolant system be checked?

GPO Tuning: Technicians at our Audi repair shop in Nashville recommend having your coolant levels checked and coolant tested each time you are in for an oil change. If you believe that you have a coolant leak, our service center is available to check the reservoir. Often, coolant leaks initiate toward the rear of the motor, making them difficult to detect.

Q: It has been said that Audis often have electrical issues. Is this true?

GPO Tuning: It is not uncommon for certain models to have issues supplying sufficient power to the electrical system. Sometimes, this can result in intermittent window operation. Others, the trunk may not close properly or the sunroof will not respond. When this happens, it is time to seek immediate Audi repair. Nashville drivers cannot afford for their vehicles to become inoperable, so the sooner you can schedule service, the better.

Q: How often should the braking system be inspected?

GPO Tuning: This largely depends on your vehicle and driving habits. However, it is typically advised to have the brake fluid swapped out every three years, or at the 30,000-mile mark. If you drive in stop and go traffic, you may need to change your fluid, brakes, and rotors more often to avoid expensive and premature Audi repair. As Nashville traffic continues to get more and more congested, your braking system becomes even more crucial to your safety.

Q: How can I find out more about my vehicle?

GPO Tuning: The first place we would suggest is looking at your owner’s manual. If you do not have one, contact your dealer for a replacement. They will need your vehicle identification number (VIN) to provide you with the proper documents.

Nashville’s GPO Tuning was founded in 2003 and offers white-glove service for your German import. We specialize in Audi repair and service and take pride in offering competitive rates without sacrificing quality. Visit or call 615-392-5498 for more information.

David Slone Says Buick Verano Bucks the Trend

In Automotive on March 28, 2013 at 11:43 am

David Slone

David Slone

David Slone, General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager at Weld County Garage, has seen the sales of the Buick Verano take off since its introduction. David Slone has driven a Verano or two. As a longtime aficionado of the Buick brand, David Slone is surprised at the Verano’s performance and manners. For starters, the Verano’s cabin is amazingly quiet, a quality prized by David Slone and other buyers. The four-cylinder turbo engine in the Verano puts out 250 horsepower, hurrying it from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds.

David Slone notes that performance puts it in the same league as the Acura ILX and sedans like the VW GTI and Audi A3. The Buick owes its hushed interior to features like acoustical laminated glass, triple seals at the doors, a five-layer interior roof liner, floor mats that are designed for sound absorption, extra insulation and specially-manufactured 18-inch alloy wheels to hold down road noise.

With a demonstrator Verano, David Slone logged 20 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. In addition, David Slone is struck by some of the other features of the Verano, such as the rearview video camera, touch-screen Infotainment system and USB port. David Slone notes that the Verano’s spacious rear seat and sizable trunk make it a great family sedan.

Here’s what was surprising to David Slone and other analysts, though. For years, David Slone has seen Buicks skew more toward older buyers. The Verano, however, bucks the trend. David Slone and his sales staff have put many younger buyers into Verano sedans. In addition, David Slone notes, Buick is planning powertrain changes and new features for the Verano, slated to bring more of the younger buyers into the fold.

Why are younger drivers now gravitating toward Buick? David Slone says that the brand’s quality is the biggest reason. David Slone has taken Nissans and Toyotas as trade-ins on new Buicks. Also, according to David Slone, Buicks have undergone styling changes and shuffles in model lineups in recent years. A car like the compact Verano, states David Slone, offers comfort, performance and great fuel economy—all things that younger buyers love. David Slone and his team at Weld County Garage are eager to see what’s coming down the road next for Buick.

Prior to coming on board with Weld County Garage, David Slone held down the position of Vice President and President at Macrosystem US, a major manufacturer of video editing systems. At Macrosystem US, David Slone also worked as National Sales Manager, coordinating over 200 dealers and three regional managers. David Slone and his wife Stacey got their start in business and management with their video production company, Amber’s Video Production, specializing in wedding and special events videos. They sold the company after several years and moved on to other ventures. In his post at Weld County Garage, David Slone has helped the company become the one of the top Buick and GMC dealers in the western region, and one of the top ten used car dealerships in the state of Colorado.

Tips from Carmack Moving and Storage – Moving Children and the Elderly

In Automotive on January 11, 2013 at 9:46 am
Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage

Presentations Solutions recently sat down with Carmack Moving and Storage to talk about the delicate process of moving with young children, teens, or older family members. Each group poses special challenges, says the team at Carmack Moving and Storage but have one not-so surprising thing in common. Read on for tips and advice from Carmack Moving and Storage.

Presentations Solutions: Thank you for offering to speak with us today; we appreciate your time.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Not a problem, we love to talk about the things we love the best at Carmack Moving and Storage.

Presentations Solutions: Let’s talk about moving in general. Is it a difficult process?

Carmack Moving and Storage: It can be without the right help. It gets particularly tough when there are special circumstances, such as moving with kids, pets, and seniors.

Presentations Solutions: How so?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Each of these groups adds their own obstacle to the moving process.

Presentations Solutions: We understand pets, but what about children?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Children, especially smaller children, need help coping with the process. They might not understand what is actually happening.

Presentations Solutions: And really small children could possibly get injured with all of that furniture moving around.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Exactly… When really small kids are involved, we suggest having an extra adult around to give a helping hand.

Presentations Solutions: Is there a particular age group of children that handle moves best?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Physically and mentally, teens are the most capable but they are often the ones who take it hardest emotionally.

Presentations Solutions: Why is that?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Many teens, when faced with being uprooted, rebel…at least a little. They might feel like they are being torn from everything they know–and in a way they are.

Presentations Solutions: How do you help them get through the situation?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Be as honest as possible about why you are moving, when, and where. And, make sure they know that we are still in the communication era…they can talk on the phone, text, and even video chat with their friends.

Presentations Solutions: What about helping an aging parent move… I would assume there would be unique difficulties there as well?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Yes, there are many concerns when relocating with an elderly family member such as distance to and from health care, pharmacies, transportation, etc.

Presentations Solutions: Being in close proximity to relatives is important, too.

Carmack Moving and Storage: That’s very true.

Presentations Solutions: What are some reasons people in this age group move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Retirement, the need to downsize, wanting to be closer to grandchildren, and even health concerns.

Presentations Solutions: Health concerns?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Many retirees move to states like Arizona for the dryer air which is better for their respiratory systems than, say, living in Louisiana or Alabama where the humidity in the summer makes it difficult to breath.

Presentations Solutions: Is it hard to talk to a senior about moving?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That depends on the individual. Many are perfectly ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Others are more hesitant to change.

Presentations Solutions: I can guess why there would be a resistance…

Carmack Moving and Storage: Yes, like kids and teenagers, many older folks just don’t want to have to re-learn a new way of life.

Presentations Solutions: In other words, they don’t want to do things differently?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That about sums it up. The difference is that younger people are scared of change whereas seniors are just plain set in their ways and reluctant to alter their schedules.

Presentations Solutions: We appreciate your time today and look forward to speaking with you again. Do you have any final thoughts we can close with?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Regardless of who you are moving the most important thing is to prepare…and to call a great moving company!

Carmack Moving and Storage has been moving families and commercial offices in the Northern Virginia area for nearly 28 years. A small, family owned and operated company, Carmack Moving and Storage offers many benefits that big brand movers don’t, including a staff of “lifers” in the industry. Carmack Moving and Storage is available for local and interstate moves and can help with out of country relocations as well.

Founded in the mid-1980s, Carmack Moving and Storage has grown – primarily through word of mouth – to be the area’s premiere moving and storage services provider. For additional information about Carmack Moving and Storage including free moving and storage tips, visit

Riding the Wind with Dan Sciscente

In Automotive, Information, Outdoor Adventures on July 17, 2012 at 2:19 pm
Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente

Most people are surprised to learn that Dan Sciscente, a widely respected Information Technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the leading SAP interface software firm Communi-T, is also an avid motorcyclist.  Today, we learn that there are many undiscovered roads on the eastern seaboard that can easily feed any motorcyclist’s appetite..

Presentation Solutions: Dan, thank you for speaking with us today. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you.

Dan Sciscente: No problem.

Presentation Solutions: So, can you tell us a little bit about what an American biker should know before crossing the border.

Dan Sciscente: There are a few things to remember. First, the Canadian roads are often quite rural, being big and vast, as they are beautiful. Make sure to have a cell phone, a first aid kit, road flares, and water with you­–just in case you get lost or hurt.

Presentation Solutions: That’s good pragmatic advice, but let’s talk about the fun part: riding.

Dan Sciscente: The beauty about riding on the eastern part of Canada – Quebec, New Brunswick and the maritimes is that it provides some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The roads are long and winding, traffic lights are few and far in between, and wildlife just kind of wanders around.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds fantastic. What’s the catch?

Dan Sciscente: Well, it’s not so much a catch but there are parts of the road that may not have been kept up as much as a motorcyclist would like. Getting on some motorcycle forums and discussing with others that share the same interest will provide you with a well of information. Also, it’s advisable to lookup provincial sites in order to get the latest on detours and construction.

Presentation Solutions: What about sharing the road with vacationers?

Dan Sciscente: It’s not as populated as you’d think. If it is, they are all sitting still at one of the out of the way resorts scattered throughout the area. But just as you feel you’ve been travelling solo for a while, a motorcycling peer appears out of nowhere and gives you a traditional wave of a hand saluting you.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a best time of year to hit the roads?

Dan Sciscente: Early summer or early fall, the weather is nice and there are even fewer vehicles on the road. You can zoom around for hours and count on one hand the number of cars that pass you.

Presentation Solutions: There are a few ferries, from what we’ve heard. How much are they to cross?

Dan Sciscente: The ferries are free but it’s a good idea to keep some Canadian currency on hand for toll highways. Travelling into Prince Edward Island on the great bridge is quite an experience as you are surrounded by the ocean on both sides.

Presentation Solutions: What’s this about wildlife? What kinds of animals can you see in their natural habitat here?

Dan Sciscente: What can’t you see? The main animals to watch are moose on the road as they can be crossing and don’t really have a knack for checking for traffic. If you hit a moose at regular speed, it can cost your life as it’s like hitting a wall at 100km / hour.. You can also see mountain goats, elk, and deer.

Presentation Solutions: Coming from the US, we are used to measuring distance in miles. Canada uses Kilometers. What’s the difference?

Dan Sciscente: A kilometer is .62 of a mile. So, basically, if you see a sign that says 50 kilometers to the next fuel station, it’s 31 miles.

Presentation Solutions: We are out of time but do you have any last tips you’d like to add?

Dan Sciscente: Mostly just to remember to get your documents in order. You won’t need a visa but your bike’s registration and your driver’s license have to match. Also, the temperature can change drastically in a 24-hour period so, pack accordingly. And again, road construction advisories, forums and travel info make your trip well prepared!

About Dan Sciscente: Dan has always enjoyed the thrill of Motorcycles and riding on demanding tracks and roads. Traditionally called “iron-bots”, Dan enjoys getting together with a group of fellow motorcycle riders and travelling close to 1,000KM in a single day – leaving for close to 12 hours. These iron-bots are made for true riders and typically happen by organizing a well-chosen itinerary focusing on road challenges, scenery and duration.

Dan tends to favor both BMW Motorrad bikes as well as Ducati.

County Line Nissan Quality and Options: The Murano

In Automotive on April 26, 2011 at 10:47 am

County Line Nissan

County Line Nissan offers the uniquely styled all-wheel drive Murano. The Murano is widely known for its sophistication. The County Line Murano offers a smooth ride with precise steering, confident handling and a great driving experience. According to the staff at County Line Nissan, the Murano is quite popular with customers. Innovative in design, the County Line Nissan Murano gets 23 highway miles per gallon and is a unique four door SUV with a 3.5 Liter V6, continuously variable, transmission engine. County Line Nissan offers a variety of colors and customers can choose from the S, SV and SL models. The Murano from County Line Nissan is also available with many other customizable options.

At County Line Nissan, the uniquely styled Murano has front bucket seats, glass moon roofs and fold down rear seats for more room. This is a great family vehicle but County Line Nissan points out that it is also sporty enough for individuals that are looking for something to fit their lifestyle. The Murano from County Line Nissan is a five-passenger vehicle that offers the option of a factory six-disc cd changer on the S model all the way to a Bose audio system with XM satellite radio on the SL model. County Line Nissan is never short on options and the Murano is no exception!

County Line Nissan notes that this cleverly designed vehicle is slightly smaller than other SUV’s but packs a punch and offers an extremely smooth driving experience. The staff at County Line Nissan will discuss the best options for you, including six way or eight way height adjustable driver seats with manual lumbar support. County Line Nissan’s Muranos are all fully carpeted whether you choose the S, SV or SL model.

County Line Nissan customers note that every model of the 2011 Nissan Murano features antilock brakes with brake assist, stability control, traction control, active front head restraints, front side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags. County Line Nissan is just as concerned about safety as you are. There are many other great quality features on the Murano at County Line Nissan.

The base S model at County Line Nissan comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels, rear tinted glass, cruise control, keyless ignition/entry, dual-zone automatic climate control and a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.

The Murano SV from County Line Nissan adds a panoramic sunroof, roof rails, automatic headlights, fog lights, a 7-inch color display screen, a rearview camera, power front seats (eight-way driver and four-way passenger), satellite radio, iPod integration and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls and Bluetooth. At County Line Nissan, the SL trim gets you a power lift gate, automatic wipers, heated outside mirrors, leather upholstery, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, driver seat memory and a nine-speaker Bose audio system with digital music storage.

Never short on options, County Line Nissan will work to fit you with the perfect model for your lifestyle. Learn more about County Line Nissan at, or test drive a Murano at County Line Nissan in Middlebury, Connecticut.

About County Line Nissan: For 50 years County Line Nissan has offered its guaranteed credit acceptance program and the largest onsite parts department in New England, to customers in Connecticut and surrounding areas. County Line Nissan’s fifteen-acre property holds a variety of new and used vehicles to suit any car buyer’s budget and expectations. Whether you are looking for a $3,000 economy car or a $60,000 luxury vehicle, County Line Nissan stands ready to serve. In fact, many buyers find that the toughest part of the shopping experience at County Line Nissan is deciding which car to drive home.

The sales and service staff at County Line Nissan makes it their top priority to daily strive for customer satisfaction. County Line Nissan guarantees that buyers are always met with friendly, honest, helpful associates who will give them the full attention and consideration that they deserve. In addition to being Connecticut’s top Nissan Dealer, County Line Nissan’s inventory includes new and certified pre-owned Mitsubishis and Suzukis. The renovated County Line Nissan sales and service buildings will offer a luxury customer lounge and drive-through service lane. County Line Nissan stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality, service, and total customer satisfaction. For more information about County Line Nissan, visit them online at

County Line Nissan
2191 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury, CT 06762

Tire Works Offers Top Quality Programs and Guarantees

In Automotive on December 14, 2010 at 5:33 pm

On top of great prices and free services, the experts at Tire Works are known for prompt, high-quality automotive repairs and maintenance. Stocked with a full selection of tires and offering premium quality repair services, Tire Works specializes in personalized convenient service. Because the Tire Works ASE certified technicians are not on commission, Tire Works assures customers that they will not suggest unnecessary work. According to management, the Tire Works company owners believe that if they pay employees what they are worth, they are more likely to give their heart to the work. This is a fundamental commerce ethic that drives the Tire Works business model.

Tire Works accommodates the busy schedules of customers with a convenient computerized reservation system. The friendly staff at Tire Works can schedule a reservation, issue a confirmation number, reserve the parts and honor a customer’s appointment. This way it is possible to show up at Tire Works and get a car right into the shop with no waiting. Tire Works also believes in business transparency and will not refuse a customer the opportunity to inspect his or her car. If a Tire Works customer is curious about the progress of the work being done on their vehicle, a friendly Tire Works technician will take them on a walk-through to the automobile and explain the job.

Tire Works is also proud to offer a 30-Day Limited Ride Guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with their Tire Works tire purchase, they can be returned to Tire Works within 30 days of purchase for full credit toward any other set of tires. The Tire Works 30-Day Limited Ride Guarantee applies to selected manufacturers and it is always recommended to ask a Tire Works associate for complete details before purchasing tires.

The Tire Works Inspection Program is the best way to get quantifiable facts before making a decision about brake work. With the Inspection Program, Tire Works measures and compares the pads, shoes, rotors, drums and brake fluid levels of an automobile. Tire Works then compares these findings to the manufacturer’s specifications for the vehicle. The Tire Works Inspection Program takes the guesswork out of brake work.

However, Tire Works services cover much more than just tires and brakes. Tire Works performs wheel alignments with computer precision and clear documentation. ASE certified craftsmen give customers informational printouts of the car’s alignment before the job is done. This gives Tire Works customers an opportunity to compare their alignment to the manufacturers recommended settings before deciding on a wheel alignment. After the job is completed, Tire Works furnishes customers with a fresh alignment printout so they can personally verify the changes.

Priority #1 at Tire Works is customer satisfaction. To this end, Tire Works frequently assesses the quality of the customer service at all of their locations. Tire Works does this through customer interviews and other forms of research. Tire Works management will also occasionally check a “secret shopper” car into their own shops to assess the quality of service.

For more information about Tire Works, or to contact the professional team at Tire Works, please call (702) 365-TIRE (8473).

About Tire Works

In May, 2004 Jeff and Roshie Weightman opened the first Tire Works store in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The Weightman’s vision and ambition for Tire Works was clear. Their mission was to support the local community through hands-on involvement and generous donations from Tire Works to programs like Toys For Tots, Christmas Angel, Coats For Kids, Nevada Rape Crisis Center and many more.

Jeff and Roshie Weightman promised that Tire Works would offer the best prices and best service to Las Vegas residents. Tire Works got the message out through television, radio and print advertising, and the public responded. Over the next four years Tire Works grew aggressively as 12 additional stores were opened in the Las Vegas Valley. Today Tire Works is one of the leading independent tire and service dealers in Nevada with more than 150 employees and 14 Tire Works locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  The Weightmans are opening 9 more Tire Works stores in Las Vegas, with plans to expand Tire Works into Arizona.

Jeff Weightman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tire Works Total Car Care.  Thirty-five years of experience in the tire and automotive service industry included many years with Bridgestone Firestone of North America before he co-founded Tire Works.  Mr. Weightman is responsible for the overall strategic management of Tire Works Total Car Care.  He is a graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. in Business.

Roshie Weightman serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Tire Works Total Car Care.  Mrs. Weightman is a graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in Finance.  She earned a Jurist Doctorate degree in Law from the Santa Clara School of Law and practiced law for 11 years prior to starting a software design company, selling it and then later, co-founding Tire Works. Mrs. Weightman is responsible for the overall growth and development of Tire Works Total Car Care.

Tire Works’ veteran retail sales expert with more than 25 years of experience in the tire industry, Keith Sullivan, is responsible for Tire Works’ branding and sales efforts.  Mr. Sullivan came to Tire Works from Big O Tires, growing its sales portfolio roughly 50% during his tenure there. Sullivan also served as senior Vice President of Retail with Tire Kingdom TBC Corporation in Florida, where he supervised the sales and marketing of 400 stores and with Bridgestone/Firestone USA where he held a Zone Vice President position over 329 stores in the Northeastern United States.

Controller Jenni Fayle joined Tire Works after seven years in public accounting.  She is a graduate of Nevada State College with a degree in Business Management and Accounting.  Ms. Fayle has streamlined the accounting department at Tire Works into one of the most thorough and efficient in the industry.

Tire Works offers a full range of tires and high quality repair services. Free services offered at Tire Works include tire rotations and flat repairs and a “Best Price on Tires Guarantee” for up to 30 days after purchase. Tire Works tires also come with a 30-Day Ride Guarantee. Additionally, Tire Works provides computerized monitoring of inventory to ensure that tires and parts are always in stock at every Tire Works location. Tire Works service technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Tire Works offers the best warranties on brakes, shocks and automotive services. It is the goal of the entire team at Tire Works to have 100% customer satisfaction in regard to quality, friendliness, professional care and time to completion.

Bikes Direct Looks Forward to National Bike Month in May 2011

In Automotive on November 27, 2010 at 10:11 am

Every May, according to Bikes Direct staff, cyclists across the country celebrate National Bike Month, an event that culminates with a Friday Bike-to-Work day, and Bikes Direct is proud to support those who commute by bike. Each year, the Bikes Direct professionals look forward to the event. Even though many Bikes Direct employees frequently ride their bikes to work, it is always exciting for them to see other people actually enjoying their ride to work as much as they do. Bikes Direct knows that the easiest way to transition from car to bike is with the support of countless others making that same transition, and Bike-to-Work day makes that very dream a reality. Bikes Direct believes that bikes are not simply for recreation, but also provide a low-cost way to get to work, run errands and become better acquainted with your city.

With fluctuating gas prices and frustrating traffic jams, bike commuting is on the rise in major metropolitan areas, and Bikes Direct is excited to offer many options for those looking to get out of their car and onto a bike. From comfortable hybrids to more aggressive road bikes, Bikes Direct has a model for every level of ability, every style of riding, and perhaps most importantly, every budget. In fact, Bikes Direct is excited to debut the new Windsor city bikes this spring. Perfect for the daily commuter, the Windsor bikes will have an optional rear rack, great styling, and a low price point.

Although the thought of traversing heavily trafficked, seemingly bike-unfriendly areas can be daunting enough to prevent many from considering a commute by bike, Bikes Direct believes that a thoughtful, aware and responsive cyclist can successfully transition from car to bike and enjoy the process. Bikes Direct urges cyclists to acquaint themselves with local cycling laws and ride according to those laws. It is the hope of Bikes Direct employees that the popularity of Bike-to-Work day will carry over onto other days, and that the special occasion becomes a way of life.

Bikes Direct firmly believes that commuting by bike can be a transformative experience. Commuting by bike provides a relaxing way to jump-start what may otherwise be a stressful day and it’s also an opportunity to release that stress on the commute home. The cost savings alone is reason enough to consider commuting by bike, and the Bikes Direct staff is convinced that once you try it, you will be hooked. Those Bikes Direct staffers who routinely commute by bike to work report an improved mood, increased energy and extra money that they can spend on activities they enjoy rather than on gas.

In order for commuting by bicycle to become more mainstream, Bikes Direct recognizes that employers must provide facilities that make commuting by bike a feasible option. With the benefits of commuting by bike so obvious, Bikes Direct hopes that more employers will embrace the movement and see a happier, more productive workforce as a result. Bikes Direct, for example, encourages its employees to ride their bikes to work and offers facilities that make the process easier, such as an on-site shower, bike storage, and tools to make any bike adjustments that might be needed. Bikes Direct encourages other companies to support bike commuting in a similar fashion.

Bikes Direct management believes that cycling can change lives and that even the most mundane of tasks can be made enjoyable when completed by bike. Bikes Direct staffers ride bikes not because they have some incentive to do so, but because they genuinely enjoy riding. Bikes Direct would love to hear suggestions from cyclists about additional things that Bikes Direct could do to encourage bikes as transportation.

About Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct continues to provide the same excellent cycling experience that riders around the world have come to expect from Motobecane. As a beginning, Bikes Direct can offer this brief history; Motobecane has been making bikes since 1923 and was named after the French word Moto for motorcycle and Becane for bike. Things went well for the company until 1981 when they were bankrupt and bought by Yamaha and became MBK. Now Motobecane USA is not related to the French company as they import bikes from Taiwan and China, these are the bikes you are interested in. Bikes Direct offers these Bikes Direct to the public at competitive price points and excellent quality.

According to Bikes Direct, Motobécane was a major manufacturer in the French bicycle industry. The frames on Motobécane’s mid-to-upper bikes were typically double-butted lugged steel made from Vitus or Reynolds 531 molybdenum/manganese steel tubing with Nervex lugs. Motobécane finished their frames in beautiful and high-quality paint, a practice not often followed in the French industry. Considered the second most prestigious French bicycle (after Peugeot, whose more durable design they emulated, but ahead of Gitane), Bikes Direct remembers Motobécane’s mid-range bikes as a good value; the company kept prices reasonable by matching high-quality frames with lower-priced, but higher-quality components from Japan, at a time when competitors were putting higher-priced, lower quality French components on mid-range bikes. Bikes Direct says that Motobécane bicycles included the Nomade, Mirage, Super Mirage, Super Touring, Grand Touring, Sprint, Jubilee, Grand Record, Le Champion, and Team Champion.

Bikes Direct now offers Motobecane models that use carbon on two of their ranges of bikes, the Race Carbon/AL and the Full Carbon ranges. From the Race Carbon they produce the Century Comp, Elite, Pro and Team and from the Full Carbon they have the Immortal Pro, Force and Spirit.

Race Carbon/AL from Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct says the Race Carbon /AL frames are a mixture of Alloy main frame tubes and carbon rear seat stays. The frames use different Alloy for the tubes on each of the frames and different equipment to assemble the bikes.
The Century Comp has Columbus Airplane tubes and Shimano 105 Triple group set.

The Century Elite has Shimano Ultegra Triple kit and the frame is made from 7005 double butted and carbon stays. Shimano Ultegra 30 speed and Kinesium SL and Carbon are used for the Century Pro.

Bikes Direct offers the top class Shimano Dura-Ace, and carbon FSA Cranks are used for the Century Team with Kineses 7005 AL main tubes and carbon stays. All have carbon forks.

The Full Carbon

Shimano Utegra mixed with 105 and FSA is fitted to the Immortal Pro high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frameset along with carbon forks American Classic wheels.

Bikes Direct knows the Immortal Force is very similar to the Pro except it is all Shimano Ultegra; all the other equipment and the frame is the same.

The Immortal Spirit Dura-Ace, FSA, American Classic wheels and Ritchey are all fitted to a monocoque carbon frame keeping the weight down to 16 pounds.

Bikes Direct makes sure that all the equipment is top class and you can’t fault any choice there. Looking at the Geometries of the frames there is beauty and they handle well.

In addition to the standard diamond frame bicycles, Motobécane produced mixte frame versions; the mixte frame Grand Touring had twin lateral stays in place of a top tube, extending from the head tube to the seat tube, while the Super Touring and Grand Jubilé had a single top tube sloping down towards the seat tube, but diverging into twin lateral stays just before the seat tube. Later mixte Grand Touring models also used this design. Motobécane also produced a tandem bicycle.

Bikes Direct says vintage French bicycles, including Motobécane, are often sought today for their value as a fixed gear conversion.

For more information about Motobecane contact Bikes Direct at

Bikes in the Mail from Bikes Direct

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Bikes Direct is an online bike retailer that offers top quality and extremely affordable road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrids and comfort bikes. The bikes are shipped to your house from Bikes Direct by ground shipping and arrived nearly completely assembled. Instructions for reassembly and final adjustments can been seen at the Bikes Direct website, and can be done easily by either the Bikes Direct customer or a local bike shop.

If a rider is not sure of the bike size to order from Bikes Direct, using the customer’s inseam measurement can help make that determination. If you fall between bike sizes, Bikes Direct sales staff says personal preference will make the final choice: if you take the smaller biker, you’ll have lower handlebars, which means more agile handling. If you order the larger size bike from Bikes Direct, you’ll get higher handlebars but less straddle room.

People who have never ordered bikes from an online provider like Bikes Direct often rely on the opinions of those who have, before taking the plunge themselves. It might help to read, for example, that one satisfied Bikes Direct customer in Chicago (who purchased a Motobecane Vent Noir) said that his “bike came quickly and was very well packaged. There was no damage whatsoever even though the box took a beating”. He went on to say that he would endorse Bikes Direct and the Bikes Direct experience completely.

Another happy biker contacted Bikes Direct to confirm receipt of his Motobecane bike (he bought the “Le Champion” model). He said that “it was well packed and well protected and arrived in perfect condition.” Yet another customer thanked Bikes Direct “for putting up with a paranoid e-mail shopper” and added that his Bikes Direct “bike came out of the box in great order and was easy to put together.”

Still another customer confirmed that Bikes Direct “shipping was fast” and went on to mention “above all the Bikes Direct courteous and personal touch in responding to email-messages (on time). Bikes Direct is as close as an Internet bike shop can be to a real bike shop.”

For more information, or to speak with someone at Bikes Direct, please go online to or send Bikes Direct a fax at 877-245-3329.

Satisfied Customers from Bikes Direct:

Dear Bikes Direct,
Remember, I got a Motobecane 500DS mountain bike [from Bikes Direct] two weeks ago? I just wanted to notify Bikes Direct, that I am completely satisfied with the bike! It’s a great riding experience! Probably the best I ever had on a bike. In addition, the retired owner of a bike store here in Baltimore asked me about the price of the bike, he suggested $1500!

Thanks again.

Bikes Direct,

Just wanted to tell you that I got my 500 DS [from Bikes Direct] just over a week ago and I am enjoying trail riding on it. By the way, assembly was very easy.

Lynn (Lake Charles, LA)

Collex Collision Experts Utilizes Auto Watch’s State of the Art Technology

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Thanks to a 30-year record of good hard work, Collex Collision Experts have become Metro-Detroit’s leader in auto body repair. Collex Collision Experts have reached the top because of their commitment to customer service and knowledgeable use of the latest automotive repair technology. Excellent service and innovative technology are the mainstays of Collex Collision Experts’ impeccable body shop reputation.

Collex Collision Experts takes the technical side of business very seriously. To remain ahead of the industry curve, Collex Collision Experts maintains a full time IT department. The IT department at Collex Collision Experts constantly works to improve existing systems and develop new programs. With a strong information technology infrastructure, Collex Collision Experts makes sure they have the best possible communication channels between mechanics, service reps, and the ever-important customers.

For example, the technology infrastructure at Collex Collision Experts provides a free service called Auto Watch. Auto Watch is a web-based monitoring system that allows customers to get daily, even hourly updates of their car’s progress during repairs. Technicians at Collex Collision Experts take periodic digital photographs of each client’s car during the job and post the photos on the company’s website. This way, Collex Collision Experts customers can keep tabs on their car 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from the convenience of a computer at home or at work.

Collex Collision Experts knows that auto body repair, especially in the Metro-Detroit area, is a highly competitive industry. To remain at the forefront of that competition, Collex Collision Experts makes sure that each facility is powered by the latest auto body repair technology. These technologies include vacuum-sealed downdraft paint and bake booths, laser alignment machines, and computerized paint mixing. On the customer service end, Collex Collision Experts use the latest technologies to provide Auto Watch live repair monitoring and a host of other services that make repairing a car after an accident as comfortable as possible.