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Margaret Suanne Bone Takes Advantage of Tennessee Travel

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Margaret Suanne Bone

Margaret Suanne Bone

A particular highlight in the career of Margaret Suanne Bone is her stint with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, where she served as the legislative liaison from 2007-2010. Joined by Commissioner Susan Whitaker, Margaret Suanne Bone had the ability to travel throughout the state of Tennessee and enjoy its scenic environment. From popular tourist attractions to hidden treasures, she appreciates all the state has to offer.

Margaret Suanne Bone was introduced to a number of urban and rural communities during this time, and interacted with governmental, civic and chamber leaders in each region of Tennessee. As an assistant for the annual Governors Conference on Tourism, Margaret Suanne Bone had the distinct pleasure of visiting Kingsport, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro and Gatlinburg.

In addition to these travels, Margaret Suanne Bone also felt grateful to spend time in other regions of the state including East Tennessee, West Tennessee, the Tri-Cities and the Upper Cumberland. She notes that car transportation is often the chosen option for Tennessee travelers, but they can also move across the state by plane, train or bus.

After completing her tenure with the Department of Tourist Development in 2010, Margaret Suanne Bone began working with the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (TACDL) in 2011. In her spare time, Margaret Suanne Bone takes the occasional weekend trip to the less populated areas of Tennessee.

According to Margaret Suanne Bone, the possibilities are endless in Tennessee. One of the most beloved locations in Tennessee is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which boasts millions of guests each year. Featuring more than 1,000 square miles, the park is home to rare, unique plant life and beautiful rainforests.

Margaret Suanne Bone also enjoys all the entertainment venues—especially the Grand Ole Opry—which showcase world-class pickers and singers from bluegrass, Americana, country and roots music. Among the various museums, battlefields and historic parks in the state, her favorites include the Tennessee State Museum and Point Park of the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, which is located on Lookout Mountain.

During her regular trips throughout Tennessee, Margaret Suanne Bone appreciates the opportunity to dine on some of the authentic Southern cuisine. Homestyle cooking, with dishes like barbecued ribs, fried chicken and country vegetables, is served in nearly every town or village. Both the White Bluff Apple Butter Festival and the Grainger County Tomato Festival draw large crowds annually for their food vendors as well as their arts and crafts exhibits.

Byron Pederson Interview: Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition

In Finance, Legal on April 23, 2012 at 4:58 pm
Byron Pederson

Byron Pederson

According to Byron Pederson, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition was formed to help keep the industry honest and fair. This, says Byron Pederson, will draw more customers to call upon the services of tax problem resolution firms. Byron Pederson’s Instant Tax Solutions has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a rating that Byron Pederson and his staff have worked hard to develop and maintain over the years. Today, Byron Pederson talks to Presentation Solutions about the upcoming meeting of the National Association of Tax Debt Resolution Companies.

Presentation Solutions: This is an exciting time for tax problem resolution services. How many are involved in the coalition?

Byron Pederson: The coalition has 46 members at the moment, most of whom are CPAs and legal counsel, all coming together to maintain integrity in the industry.

Presentation Solutions: What types of members are represented?

Byron Pederson: TPRSC members reside and work all over the country, representing taxpayers and tax resolution services nationwide.

Presentation Solutions: What speakers can attendees expect to hear from at the conference?

Byron Pederson: The conference will feature the director of the IRS’s office of professional responsibility, Karen Hawkins.

Presentation Solutions: What will be the topic of her presentation?

Byron Pederson: She’ll give us the IRS’s perspective on the problem of tax problem resolution services that are operating in a shady manner.

Presentation Solutions: She’ll also speak positively on the IRS’s perspective on tax professionals who operate positively on behalf of taxpayers in front of the IRS.

Byron Pederson: Yes, it has always been the philosophy of everyone who works for Instant Tax Solutions to maintain professionalism at all times. Karen Hawkins will address the importance of professionalism in the field.

Presentation Solutions: Who else will be presenting at the conference?

Byron Pederson: Larry Lawler, who will be speaking on policies and procedures the IRS has that help regulate the industry.

Presentation Solutions: There will also be a lobbyist present, correct?

Byron Pederson: Yes, Mark Guimond will discuss several pieces of legislation that affect our industry, including a bill that impacts telemarketing, which is currently on hold.

Presentation Solutions: When is the meeting and how does someone get more information?

Byron Pederson: The meeting will be May 20-21 in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit

Byron Pederson is co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, providing tax relief to taxpayers in need. As a leader in the industry, Byron Pederson is dedicated to eradicating fraud in the industry to maintain the integrity of the tax resolution industry nationwide. Byron Pederson is proud to be a part of the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition. For more information about Instant Tax Solutions, visit them online at

The Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team Discusses Tax Relief Options

In Attorney, Law Firm, Legal on March 26, 2012 at 5:08 am
Instant Tax Solutions Reviews

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews

Can back taxes owed get resolved? The Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team says yes and insists that now taxpayers have more options than ever. In today’s exclusive interview, the Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team tells Presentation Solutions exactly what programs are available.

Presentation Solutions: Good morning. Let’s get started. Can you tell us what options the IRS offers for back tax relief?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: There are four main programs: Innocent Spouse, Penalty Abatement, Installment Agreements, and Offer in Compromise.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us a little about Innocent Spouse.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Basically, if a spouse is not aware that their partner has filed erroneous claims and incurs life-altering charges as a result, then the IRS may be willing to offer some forgiveness.

Presentation Solutions: What other types of relief are there for married couples?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: There are also programs targeted at those with understated tax issues and Equitable Relief.

Presentation Solutions: Moving along, you mentioned Penalty Abatement. Tell us more.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: This is a fairly difficult form of relief. This actually does not take the original liability away.

Presentation Solutions: It doesn’t? How does it help?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: If accepted, this program will remove a portion–or all–of the penalties incurred during the time the tax debt was not paid.

Presentation Solutions: Why is it difficult to get approved?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: There must be extenuating circumstances involved, such as major illness or another abrupt disruption in the taxpayer’s life. Installment Agreements are more common than abatements.

Presentation Solutions: Really?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Yes. Far more taxpayers will qualify for an installment agreement. This is similar to a credit card bill, with a set minimum payment each month until the balance is $0.

Presentation Solutions: Are there any programs that reduce the principal balance?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Yes. That would be the OIC, or Offer in Compromise, program.

Presentation Solutions: What is that?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: This program allows the IRS to actually reduce the amount owed to a sum that they can reasonably expect to collect.

Presentation Solutions: What situations warrant an OIC?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: If the IRS believes they will never collect the full amount or if a severe hardship would occur as a result of paying the balance.

Presentation Solutions: A severe hardship?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Yes. For instance, if the individual has the means – the assets – to fulfill his debt but then his or her family’s well-being would suffer.

Presentation Solutions: So this is only for the public – not businesses?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: If a business would be forced to close and that business is a taxpayer’s income source, there is a chance it would qualify for an OIC/Hardship.

Presentation Solutions: And what about actually filing back tax returns?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Before any of the previously mentioned relief programs can even be considered, the IRS expects all tax records to be completed.

Presentation Solutions: How does a taxpayer know which years are needed?

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: That is where we come in. Instant tax Solutions reviews our client’s previous year’s taxes for them.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds like a lot of work.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: It is. That is why many taxpayers just leave their debt unchecked.

Presentation Solutions: It’s good to have an experienced tax professional on your side.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team: Absolutely. We certainly recommend it!

Presentation Solutions: Well, that is all the time we have today. Thank you again. We always look forward to speaking with you – especially as tax season gets closer and closer.

Instant Tax Solutions reviews this and other IRS information for educational purposes only. The information provided by the Instant Tax Solutions Reviews Team is not intended to replace the advice of a seasoned tax professional.

Arthur van der Vant Points Out Benefits of a Receiver’s Sale

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Arthur van der Vant

Arthur van der Vant

Illinois receiver and assignee Mr. Arthur van der Vant spoke recently with Presentation Solutions staff regarding his ideas for helping both the real estate market and the judicial system handle foreclosure proceedings.

Presentation Solutions: Thank you, Arthur van der Vant for taking the opportunity to speak with us. Can you talk to us about the benefits of a Receiver’s sale?

Arthur van der Vant:I’ll be happy to. A Receiver, under the Court’s supervision, could conduct an auction sale of mortgaged real estate similarly to a Trustee in Bankruptcy who liquidates the estate to pay creditors.

Presentation Solutions:Is this normally a requirement?

Arthur van der Vant:The Receiver’s Sale couldbe carried out by Agreed Order, or it couldbe mandated by the Court, at a Judge’s discretion.

Presentation Solutions:What sort of benefits does it offer?

Arthur van der Vant:A Receiver’s Sale couldprovide a quicker resolution to foreclosure complaints currently on file.  Receiver’s Sales have the potential to shorten the cycle of foreclosure proceedings by months and they can decrease the caseload on the Courts, as well as on the amount of properties being offered for sale at the Judicial Sale.

Presentation Solutions:And judicial sales generally do not generate much result since most properties are taken back by mortgage lenders, correct?

Arthur van der Vant:Yes, that’s right. Additionally, a Receiver’s Sale allows mortgaged real estate to be sold via auction during the pending foreclosure proceedings, subject to Court’s approval.

Presentation Solutions:Would this be instead of a foreclosure?

Arthur van der Vant:It would not interfere with the foreclosure proceedings and it would be conducted parallel to it.   In the event a Receiver’s Sale is not approved by the Court, the mortgaged real estate would still sell at a Judicial Sale.

Presentation Solutions:How would the sale take place?

Arthur van der Vant:A Receiver’s Sale conducted via Auction Method would allow for an arms-length, impartial transaction, where the only discrimination is the amount of money an able, willing, and ready buyer wouldpay for the mortgaged real estate.

Presentation Solutions:Why do you think that a Receiver’s Sale would bring in more money than Judicial Sales?

Arthur van der Vant:  Because a Receiver’s Sale could be more flexible.  For example as the foreclosure case is still pending, the Closing could occur within 30 or 45 days after the Receiver’s Sale date.

Presentation Solutions:That makes sense; it would allow the bidder/buyer time to obtain regular mortgage financing.

Arthur van der Vant:Yes.In contrast, Judicial Sales require 10% deposit at the time of bidding and the balance within 24 hours, which is a huge limitation for the majority of buyers and it limits the pool of prospective buyers to a few investors who pay cash and are looking for a high returns on their investment.

Presentation Solutions:So it sounds like, by matter of circumstance, the judicial sale is generally only a good idea for an investor since they usually have more cash in hand.

Arthur van der Vant:A “user buyer” who couldbuy with a downpayment and obtain mortgage financing for the balance of the purchase pricewill always pay more than an investor would.

Presentation Solutions:Are there other reasons that you believe that this type of sale is beneficial?

Arthur van der Vant:Receiver’s Sales would bring higher sales prices than Judicial Sales that are conducted at the end of the foreclosure process, because they could be better advertised.  For example, as the foreclosure case is still pending the Receiver could list the upcoming auction of mortgaged real estate in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and offer a commission to all Illinois Real Estate Brokers who may have a bidder/buyer.

Presentation Solutions:Real estate agents charge fees, would that not offset the benefit of the sale?

Arthur van der Vant:As a part of the Receiver’s Sale, the Receiver could charge a “Buyer’s Premium” to offset the broker’s commission.  In such an arrangement there would be no additional cost and the commission would be funded by the buyers themselves.

Presentation Solutions:Who does the Receiver’s Sale benefit?

Arthur van der Vant:A Receiver’s Sale would benefit Plaintiffs and Defendants by allowing the mortgaged real estate to be sold much sooner and for more money.  Shorter time span of a foreclosure proceeding would save court costs and fees for all parties.

Presentation Solutions:What about the court system that handles the legalities of a foreclosure?

Arthur van der Vant:Receiver’s Sales would benefit the Court by reducing the amount of pending cases and they would provide an efficient outlet to those property owners who want to sell their real estate.

Presentation Solutions:It sounds like what you’re saying is that Receiver’s Sales would open up the pool of foreclosed properties to the general public and they would benefit those “User Buyers” who are not investors.

Arthur van der Vant: Yes, exactly. I hope that I have clearly demonstrated here that the idea of Receiver’s Sale would save money and be a direct benefit to borrowers, lenders, and the Court adding efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Arthur van der Vant is a receiver and assignee based in Cook County, Illinois. He is an expert in real estate and corporate turnaround management with over 10,000 projects to his credit. As a member of several professional organizations, including the Turnaround Management Association and the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Arthur van der Vant is up to date on every aspect of his profession. He is one of only a handful of Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM), and has trained at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. Currently, Arthur van der Vant practices at his firm, Illinois Receiver.


For more information or to contact Arthur van der Vant, please call 800-496-9107
2714 N. Ashland Ave. FL1 | Chicago, IL 60614- 1106 | United States

Stephanie Izen Discusses Top 3 FREE Money Management Applications for BlackBerry

In Finance, Law Firm, Legal on March 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm
Stephanie Izen

Stephanie Izen

According to Stephanie Izen, one of the most useful groups of BlackBerry apps is made up of money management apps. Consumers can download apps that help manage bills, make budgets, or read financial news, reports Stephanie Izen. There are also apps that allow individuals to perform banking transactions or manage their investment portfolios, notes Stephanie Izen.

Stephanie Izen recommends the following free money management apps for the BlackBerry:


1. Personal Assistant BBM. According to Stephanie Izen, with the Personal Assistant BBM app, a person can bring all of their financial information to their BlackBerry. The app allows users to consolidate all of their bank accounts and investment accounts in one place, explains Stephanie Izen. Once it is setup to access the user’s information online, reports Stephanie Izen, the app handles all data entry and account syncing tasks automatically. Stephanie Izen notes that the app also sends out due date reminders for bills. The Personal Assistant makes it much easier to remember to pay bills on time, concludes Stephanie Izen.

2. CNBC Pro. Stephanie Izen recommends this app to investors looking for real-time market information and up-to-the-minute financial news. BlackBerry users can get real-time streaming stock quotes, reports Stephanie Izen, and the latest market data on stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.  Investors can sign up for customized price alerts and news alerts, states Stephanie Izen, as well as watch CNBC TV.

3. ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader. Stephanie Izen recommends this BlackBerry app for storing and managing expenses. Users can take pictures of receipts on the fly, says Stephanie Izen, and the app will organize them in customized categories. Then the program creates informative, useful reports, states Stephanie Izen. The reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or synced with QuickBooks Online Edition, concludes Stephanie Izen.

About Stephanie Izen
Stephanie Izen is a financial and legal “hybrid” – an executive leader who utilizes financial analysis, business acumen, and legal expertise to help businesses thrive. Stephanie Izen may be reached at

Liberty Settlements Suggests 3 Ways To Avoid Bankruptcy

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Every week, the experts at Liberty Settlements talk with individuals who are in the throes of severe financial difficulty. Liberty Settlements reports that increasing numbers of citizens are opting to file bankruptcy in an effort to reduce stressful financial pressures but that many choose this solution too early, and sometimes without considering suitable bankruptcy alternatives.

According to Liberty Settlements, several options exist if you do not wish to declare bankruptcy. Typically, the most popular option is obtaining a debt-consolidation loan and using it to pay off all existing credit lines. In other words, debt consolidation means acquiring a new, unsecured loan and using those funds to pay off other outstanding debts.

Liberty Settlements says that an unsecured debt consolidation loan will help you consolidate all your unsecured debt and avoid bankruptcy. Choosing this route may save you hundreds of dollars per month when you use loan proceeds to pay off existing debt – especially if that debt is in the form of high rate credit cards. While many individuals utilize home equity loan funds to pay off or pay down high interest debt, Liberty Settlements points out that it is not necessary to own a home in order to qualify for a debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation loans may be repaid over a longer term at lower interest rates, informs Liberty Settlements, and so your monthly repayments are lower. If the loan is collateralized by a home or other real estate, then the interest rate and payments may be even lower, adds Liberty Settlements.

But Liberty Settlements cautions that it’s important to compare the benefits vs. risks of a debt consolidation loan before signing on the dotted line. You may want to seek professional assistance from a debt settlement service like Liberty Settlements. The decision on which option will meet your needs best will depend on whether you qualify for low mortgage rates on debt consolidation loans as well as just how much debt you need to consolidate.

True, says Liberty Settlements, borrowing for debt consolidation immediately eliminates multiple debt bills every month. You won’t receive calls and letters from creditors every week. Your credit rating will not be further damaged, in fact you will probably see it begin to improve. You’ll save money with lower interest payments and once credit cards and other debt is paid off, you have the hope of a new beginning and can create a budget to live frugally and wisely.

Debt consolidation can be a valuable tool, assisting in managing and reducing your debt, especially if you’ve been unsuccessful in doing that on your own. There is no way that you can completely fix bad credit without the ability to reduce debt and pay your bills on time. However, once your debt has reached a certain level, this can seem almost impossible to accomplish.

A credit counselor at Liberty Settlements can provide you with other options, including debt management plans and debt settlement programs. Call Liberty Settlements today for more information at 877-269-0288.

Liberty Settlements | Provides Assistance When Needed | Liberty Settlements

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Liberty Settlements Provides Assistance When You Need It – By Liberty Settlements

Do you feel pinched by your credit card company even after years of consistent payments?  You’re not imagining it, and you’re not alone.  The good news is that there is help out there.  My assistance came in the form of Liberty Settlements of Houston, TX.
When this financial crisis struck the country, people nationwide were caught in a position of unemployment after years of consistent work.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t get laid off, but I got laid back.  My hours and my pay were cut about 25%.  At first my wife and I worried about making ends meet. I was still paying our basic monthly bills like rent and utilities.  I could still buy groceries.  Then the unthinkable happened.
My credit card company, to address my lost wages – get this – actually hiked my interest rate up!  Next thing I knew my minimum payment was nearly twice what I was used to.  It was only a matter of time before I ended up broke; there was no way to keep up.  I was at the end of my rope.  My phone was ringing off the hook from insistent creditors.  After a few low weeks, I decided I wasn’t going to live like this.
I did some research on the Internet and discovered Liberty Settlements.  Liberty Settlements is a debt negotiation firm that is helping me pull out of the pit of debt my credit card company has placed me in.  Liberty Settlements also relieved me of a lot of stress.  You see, they do the calling and haggling with the credit card companies.  I stop getting hounded.  And while I follow a savings plan, Liberty is negotiating a settlement with my creditors.

Do you feel pinched by your credit card company even after years of consistent payments?  You’re not imagining it, and you’re not alone.  The good news is that there is help out there.  My assistance came in the form of Liberty Settlements of Houston, TX.

When this financial crisis struck the country, people nationwide were caught in a position of unemployment after years of consistent work.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t get laid off, but I got laid back.  My hours and my pay were cut about 25%.  At first my wife and I worried about making ends meet. I was still paying our basic monthly bills like rent and utilities.  I could still buy groceries.  Then the unthinkable happened.

My credit card company, to address my lost wages – get this – actually hiked my interest rate up!  Next thing I knew my minimum payment was nearly twice what I was used to.  It was only a matter of time before I ended up broke; there was no way to keep up.  I was at the end of my rope.  My phone was ringing off the hook from insistent creditors.  After a few low weeks, I decided I wasn’t going to live like this.

I did some research on the Internet and discovered Liberty Settlements. Liberty Settlements is a debt negotiation firm that is helping me pull out of the pit of debt my credit card company has placed me in.  Liberty Settlements also relieved me of a lot of stress.  You see, they do the calling and haggling with the credit card companies.  I stop getting hounded.  And while I follow a savings plan, Liberty is negotiating a settlement with my creditors.

Soon the credit card company will accept my offer through Liberty Settlements, at a much lower payoff than what I initially owed.  I will pay that settled amount from my savings plan.  My credit rating will survive, and I will be debt free.  I don’t think my wife and I could have accomplished this whole process without Liberty Settlements.

Liberty Settlements | Provides Critical Solutions | Liberty Settlements

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Liberty Settlements Continues to Provide Critical Solutions – By Liberty Settlements

Credit card companies depend on consumers who struggle to pay off  debt.  They actively look for consumers who submit minimum payments each month.  Those of us who survive this way are familiar with the feelings of stress, discomfort, and even shame that this type of usury creates.  Liberty Settlements knows this and they can help stop it.

The market crashed.  Jobs evaporated.  Consumers have less money now than ever.  At this critical moment, credit card companies have chosen to cut throats – our throats.  The throats of the same customers they’ve been generating income from, for years.  They’ve mercilessly raised interest rates and the required minimum payments are now much higher. Unless we know about companies like Liberty Settlements, we will never get the pressure off our lives.

Who can we turn to, the government?  The government bailout may be aiding the banks that run the credit card companies, but it’s not helping the little guy.  The government is not doing a thing that eliminates the pressure of the average consumer.  What about credit counselors?  Credit counselors are going to tell us what we already know, maybe give us some free therapy while we moan about our debt problems, but offer no critical solutions.

It’s time to look into debt settlement.  Debt settlement firms, like Liberty Settlements, provide the same services to individual consumers that have been available to companies for decades – clearing debts.

Liberty Settlements knocks heads with the credit card powerhouses, negotiating a settlement with them on our behalf.  The folks at Liberty Settlements run interference for us, confronting predatory credit card companies.  In turn, this gives consumers elbow room to save some money to satisfy creditors.  By the time Liberty Settlements is done negotiating, their clients will usually pay half or less of what they initially owed the credit card companies.  Voila!  Liberty Settlements provides a real solution.

Matt Mullhofer | Financial Privacy Steps | Matt C Mullhofer

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Twelve Steps to Financial Privacy – By Matt Mullhofer

  1. Never release your social security number.  Only release your social security number when it is absolutely necessary says Matt Mullhofer.
  2. Use a corporation or another entity for major transactions.
  3. Avoid writing checks because they leave an extensive paper trail.
  4. According to Matt Mullhofer when investing offshore, ensure that you are in compliance with all laws and reporting requirements.
  5. Only disclose what is necessary to financial institutions.
  6. Maximize the bearer transactions that are not reported under your name.
  7. Use financial professionals that will keep your financial information confidential.  Attorneys are bound to keep all of your information confidential.
  8. Always have your accountant work through your lawyer to insure confidentiality told Matt Mullhofer.
  9. Use a post office box or drop box for mail correspondence.
  10. Avoid using safety deposit boxes, use private vaults instead.
  11. Prepare a living trust to bequeath your property.  This will avoid the high cost associated with probate as well as any loss of privacy.
  12. Arrange your investments so that you can provide the least possible amount of financial information.

About Matt Mullhofer

Matt Mullhofer has been practicing law since 1999, and has owned and operated the Law Office of Matt Mullhofer, PC since 2000. The goal of Matt Mullhofer is to provide professional legal services to the clients of ProtectMyAssets.

Matthew Mullhofer | Estate Planning | Matthew Mullhofer

In Legal on July 23, 2009 at 3:13 pm

A two minute drill on estate planningBy Matthew Mullhofer

While volumes can be written about the needs of estate planning, sometimes it is easiest to have a short simple check list. To that end, here is a two minute check list that may help facilitate a more comprehensive discussion. Every estate needs the following:

A Will:

This legal document tells who will manage your estate. A will is a document containing your instructions and wishes as to how your property and assets are to be distributed after your death says Matthew Mullhofer. Any person, of any age, should seriously consider a will at the earliest possible time. It is the expression of your wishes concerning how your property will be distributed. It is a written statement, signed in compliance with you state guidelines. It is a legal document containing the names of the people you want to benefit, as well as details of your possessions at the date of your death. Matthew Mullhofer knows that your property and possessions include everything you own; your home, land, vehicles, bank accounts, benefits of insurance policies, furniture, boat, investments such as shares of stock, personal jewellery, artwork, and so on. A will is the only way you can ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

A Letter of instruction:

This document addresses financial and personal issues that must be attended to after your death. It is generally less formal then your will and can be much more to the point.  One of the most important features of a letter of instruction reflects Matthew Mullhofer, is it provides specific information regarding personal preferences in medical or funeral care and details concerning dispersion or care of your personal assets that your legal documents may not outline. Letters of instruction can be used for many different things, but one of their main uses is simply to lead the person who must settle your estate through the process step by step in plain language that he or she can easily understand says Matthew Mullhofer.

Advance directive:

While this document may be referred to by different names, its intent is straight forward. These documents refer to health care directives, living wills, health care (medical) powers of attorney, and other personalized directives. It is a legal document that you as the signor defines your desire to be kept alive by extraordinary medical efforts. Matthew Mullhofer has utilized this type of document for many of his clients. This is particularly important if you suffer from a terminal illness or are severely disabled and can no longer make decisions for yourself. This document eliminates the distress that your loved ones might other wise be faced with.

Power Of Attorney:

This is the document that gives another person legal authority to act on your behalf. When you create this document, you are acting as the principal and the person you giving the power to is called your attorney in fact. Matthew Mullhofer acts as an attorney in fact for many of his clients. If you create a durable power of attorney, that document will continue in effect even if you become incapacitated. While this document can serve as a directive for many things, it is core needs for every estate. There are many details involved in each one of these documents. As you review your current situation these brief definitions may help. Being prepared for such a discussion is half of the process.

Matthew Mullhofer is a practicing attorney In Orange County, California. Matthew Mullhofer specializes in the protection of client property by providing estate planning; living trust preparation and asset protection. The Matthew Mullhofer firm may be reached at 877-246-2770.8877-246-77.246.2770.