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Mario Romano Brings Pop Warner Football to Colts Neck

In Professionals on February 21, 2011 at 12:07 pm
Mario Romano Colts Neck

Mario Romano Colts Neck

In order to be successful in any field, it is important that an individual has a vision – an end goal – in mind from the start, according to Mario Romano of Colts Neck, New Jersey. Prior to his time in Colts Neck, Mario Romano knew he wanted to graduate college with the knowledge needed to teach others to manage their money. Garnering internships with some of the most successful financial specialists in his field, future Colts Neck resident Mario Romano was able to begin securing his vision. As he would continue to do on his journey to Colts Neck, Mario Romano set goals and never lost sight until he had achieved them. With the foundation of his education and internships, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano soon began serving key roles at various Wall Street institutions. Even decades before he would arrive in Colts Neck, Mario Romano was learning to persevere – a trait that would prove invaluable to his life in later years.

After completing highly competitive internships, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano served Wall Street as the executive of several financial companies. “All along, my goal was to learn the skills needed to confidently teach others how to handle their assets,” says Mario Romano of Colts Neck. Although he didn’t know he would end up in Colts Neck, Mario Romano was preparing himself to reach his goal wherever life would lead him. With his position as CEO of Romano Enterprises, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano learned important leadership skills. After moving to Colts Neck, Mario Romano cofounded Wealth Engineering with Annette Raynor. Through Colts Neck-based Wealth Engineering, Mario Romano brought his ultimate vision of global financial education to fruition.

Outside of his professional life, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano had a vision for improving his community as well. Mario Romano observed that Colts Neck had a need for its own youth football program. Knowing the benefits Pop Warner Football would bring to the youth of Colts Neck, Mario Romano set out to help raise funds to start a program. Mario Romano had the support of Colts Neck High School, and after a few years was able to raise the capital needed for equipment and other startup costs. “The first year for Pop Warner Football in Colts Neck,” Mario Romano explains, “was a great success.” From there, Mario Romano saw the Colts Neck Pop Warner league experience a tremendous amount of growth – growth that continues to this day.

When he moved to Colts Neck, New Jersey, Mario Romano brought a great deal of experience to his respective field. Prior to his time in Colts Neck, Mario Romano got his professional start on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers in 1982. Life on Wall Street was more fast-paced than that in Colts Neck, but Mario Romano continued to serve as executive of many different institutions before moving out of the city. Shifting his focus to a new online-based financial education system, Mario Romano moved to Colts Neck and cofounded Wealth Engineering. Through Wealth Engineering, the InvestView financial education platform will help Mario Romano reach beyond Colts Neck to millions beyond the United States. From Colts Neck, Mario Romano now has the ability to reach anyone in the world with Internet access. Colts Neck’s Mario Romano and Wealth Engineering maintain the ultimate goal of “utilizing the on-line financial education business to empower each individual investor to take control of their financial future.”

About Mario Romano Colts Neck

In 1982 while attending college, Mario Romano of Colts Neck, New Jersey began his career on Wall Street with Lehman Brothers. For over fifteen years, Colts Neck community member Mario Romano held several executive level positions with top name Wall Street institutions.

Early in 2000, Colts Neck local Mario Romano began building an equity hedge fund dedicated to the individual investor. Based in Colts Neck, New Jersey Mario held the CEO position of Romano Enterprises LLC until 2004. During this time, Romano suffered a heartbreaking loss when his youngest sibling was tragically killed in a car accident. Although devastating, Colts Neck resident Mario Romano witnessed a terrible tragedy turn to generosity for a great dream and cause – a youth football program.

Around the same time he founded Mario Enterprises LLC, Mario Romano noticed that his local community of Colts Neck lacked a youth football program. Being told by Colts Neck officials that money was not available for a Pop Warner football program, Mario Romano set out to raise the necessary funds. Mario Romano witnessed a miracle take place for Colts Neck. Over $100,000 was given in the memory of Mario Romano’s younger brother to help fund the Colts Neck Pop Warner football program.

In the first year of the Colts Neck Pop Warner football program that Mario Romano helped establish, fifty-five children signed up for involvement. Over the next four years Mario Romano’s Colts Neck dream exploded with growth adding 350 active students. The local paper proclaimed the success with a headline that read: “Colts Neck Community Maker Mario Romano: Committed to Building Youngsters’ Character Through Pop Warner Football.”

With a successful business and a growing Colts Neck football program, Mario Romano stumbled onto a problem plaguing many financial investors in 2004. Colts Neck-based Mario Romano observed that aspiring investors often lacked the ability or means to conduct effective market research. In January of 2005, Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering and Development to help investors from “Colts Neck to Hot Springs, California” effectively invest by having the right knowledge, no matter the size of market. Mario Romano and partner Annette Raynor worked to secure large contractual agreements with InvestView platform of Global Investor Services Inc. In addition, Mario Romano has secured the InvestView program for millions of investors outside of the United States.

Today, bringing over twenty-five years of experience, Colts Neck resident Mario Romano works to provide accurate information to new and aspiring investors through a complete online-based financial education and analysis tools program. From top-quality webinars to data analysis, Colts Neck local Mario Romano and Wealth Engineering and Development help investors invest effectively and grow their personal wealth. During his many years of experience in New York and Colts Neck, Mario Romano has worked to hone motivational skills that allowed him to grow and manage a group of 100 stockbrokers. He now works to motivate and educate individuals on a global scale.

A graduate of the St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and communications, Mario Romano and wife Gina reside in Colts Neck, New Jersey with their three children.

PFGBEST Precious Metals Affiliate Offers Physical Gold, Silver, Platinum And Palladium

In Finance on February 16, 2011 at 12:08 pm


Located in the heart of Chicago’s financial district, PFG Precious Metals, Inc., an affiliated firm of PFGBEST, is a full-service, wholesale precious metals company.  A majority of the product sold by PFGBEST’s PFG Precious Metals, Inc. is straight from supplier vaults, mints, or foundries. PFG Precious Metals, Inc. sells bullion bars and bullion coins. The PFGBEST affiliate products include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

PFG Precious Metals, Inc. is a member of the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE).  Membership in the CCE by the PFGBEST affiliate opens new doors to their clients.  Through this integral membership, the PFGBEST affiliate connects with over 450 gold and silver dealers on behalf of a client.  For example, if a PFGBEST client is searching for a rare coin, PFG Precious Metals, Inc. can work with dealers to meet the need.

PFG Precious Metals, Inc.  buys and sells precious metals, and has another key product/service for customers.  Their Gold and Silver Accumulation Program (GSAP) was designed to offer precious metals at affordable prices to individual investors or institutions. The PFGBEST affiliate offers monthly pricing for purchasing precious metals that can be as low as $50 deducted automatically from a credit card.  Each month, investors can purchase or invest in gold, silver or a combination of both.

The benefit of this kind of systematic accumulation is that PFG Precious Metals, Inc. brings dollar-cost-averaging to all investors of precious metals.

For those who want to leave their heirs some form of financial freedom, the GSAP is a good fit.  With a minimum investment of $50 per month and a maximum of $13,000, GSAP can help a family with saving for any number of needs in years ahead. In addition to GSAP, PFGBEST’s precious metals affiliate offers additional products in the form of qualifying IRAs and inventory hedging.

Executives of PFG Precious Metals, Inc., an affiliate of PFGBEST, have more than 55 combined years of experience in precious metals. Committed to customer service, PFG Precious Metals, Inc. can ship as well as insure a purchase.  A majority of purchases arrive within 3 – 5 business days. Please visit to learn more. One way to get a fantastic investor education on the subject of accumulating precious metals is to attend a free educational webinar through this website. Topics include “Bullion Coins” and “The How-to-Guide to Precious Metals.

PFGBEST focuses on sustainable investing for long-term probability of success for customers by offering a diverse suite of trading technologies, products and services.  The company provides low barrier to entry opportunitites as well as solutions for highly-sophisticated, advanced investors.  Services offered include commodity trading accounts, futures, forex, options, managed investments, trading systems, research, global services, simulated trading, branch/IB networking, physical metals, and investor education.  For more information, visit PFGBEST online at or call 855-734-2378.



PFGBEST focuses on sustainable investing for customers by offering a diverse suite of trading technologies, products and services – with an emphasis on low barrier-to-entry opportunities. PFGBEST is one of the largest non-bank, non-clearing U.S. futures commission merchants, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries.

PFGBEST has ranked for more than 11 consecutive years as one of the nation’s Top 50 Brokers.  PFGBEST has more than $500 million in customer assets in segregated futures and forex accounts.

PFGBEST has created and owns its own trading and back office technologies.  PFGBEST’s proprietary platform BESTDirect®  was among the first electronic futures and forex trading platforms to connect retail customers directly to exchanges in 1998.

PFGBEST, through its model of customer-driven technology, makes sure that PFGBEST and customers using its platforms, are connected directly to global exchange order entry systems and market data for speed, efficiency, and simplicity in trade execution.

PFGBEST offers managed investments through the PFGBEST Managed Futures division, along with its core suite of products including futures, forex and options, full-service brokerage, precious metals, trader education, research, and, of course, direct online trading.  PFGBEST trading professionals have created blended portfolios that are customized and managed to meet the great demand for diversification and enhanced return strategies incorporating futures, forex, stocks, and options.  A broad, global distribution network of more than 700 IBs, GIBs and brokers is helping PFGBEST’s business grow at a remarkable pace.

The brand PFGBEST and slogan, “The BEST thing about our technology is our people” stand for the ability to help find solutions for investors and traders through one-on-one customer advocacy and technological innovation in futures, foreign exchange, options, managed accounts, and other alternative asset classes.

The team at PFGBEST considers it a privilege to serve customers and their accounts, and PFGBEST represents client interests in extensive industry thought leadership – through the media, at global conferences, as published authors, spokespersons and as partners.

For more information on PFGBEST, call 855-PFGBEST (855-734-2378) or 319-553-2172, or visit them at