Nashville Business Owners Urged to Tighten Reins on Cybersecurity Sooner Rather Than Later

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CRUCIAL: Are you currently a local Nashville business working with a publicly-traded company? If so, it’s time to hunker down on your cybersecurity

There have been multiple Nashville businesses that had an experience of being hacked due to a lack of cyber-security. If we continue to see this issue, there’s no doubt there is a need for severe changes in each business. It is not a casual conversation; it deserves attention and action. 

What is the SEC changing?

We have seen the SEC continue to make changes within the cyber-security industry. These changes are for the safety of each business and its vendors. While most files are digitally stored and kept, there is a desperate need for a complete safety measure. In this article, you can see how the SEC is describing what they are changing for the benefit of your business. 

How can your business use this information? 

First and foremost, there has to be an acknowledgment that this should be a top priority. Start asking hard questions with your IT team. Ensure that all of your investors, clients, and employees can trust your business by keeping updated with any cyber-security information. Start by doing your research, look through what you are doing now and what you need to start doing. 

How can I make sure our clients trust our cybersecurity?

Here at ImageQuest, we have seen many of our clients in Nashville become more aware of cyber-security issues. As a business, especially with client data entry in their technology, it offers a considerable trust asset to know cyber-hacking is being prevented at all costs. There are many ways you can prove to your investors, clients, and business partners that cyber-security is one of your top concerns:

  • Regular and thorough completion of Risk Assessments
  • An incident response plan – and proof that you’ve tested it
  • Detection and Response monitoring in place
  • Secure access measures followed with no exceptions
  • Assessment of your vendors’ security practices
  • Documentation that you’ve taken these steps

These are the steps your business can take internally for the protection of your data and essential information. Another area you need to consider would be how you continue to update each of the clients. There is always a lot to say about a proactive business in these measures, and that is what we want you to understand. Go out of your way to continually update each client by ensuring they know that you continue to serve them by updating all security measures. It may not be a topic they think about, but seeing a business that has the drive to protect their data and information will bring a new trust they never knew they needed. 

You can never be too careful. 

Cyber-hacking is far too common for businesses today. It happens every day and can be prevented a lot of the time if cybersecurity is highly considered. As a company that holds important information, data, and security, it is never a mistake to be diligent and extremely cautious with what protection you choose. 

If you are getting letters from your largest customers demanding to know your cybersecurity measures, we can help you respond. Our experts are familiar with the standard security steps accepted as best practices – including NIST, ISO, COBIT, etc.

We can also help you update your risk assessments and vendor management plans to meet your customer’s expectations. Reach out to us for expert help today – before you lose that top client.

Contact us HERE today!

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