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Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, Suggests Dancing for Seniors

In Lifestyle on May 26, 2013 at 6:38 pm

PamGraySeniorLIving_DancingPam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, believes that dancing is a prime activity for the physical and emotional health of seniors. For those who might be tentative about trying a new exercise, Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, gives a brief summary on how learning the two-step or the tango will reap benefits.

Presentation Solutions: What mental benefits do seniors derive from dancing?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Dancing improves memory and cognitive function while fighting off Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Presentation Solutions: Is dancing difficult to learn?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Once immersed into their routines, seniors often forget that dancing is exercise altogether—even though they are moving more parts of the body than when walking.

Presentation Solutions: How so?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Dancing rePresentation Solutionsuires both upper body and lower body movements and also expands an individual’s aerobic capacity.

Presentation Solutions: How does the mental effect of dancing compare to other exercise?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: In contrast with other activities such as walking or swimming, dancing coerces participants into training their brain muscles as well. Seniors who dance regularly score better on cognitive tests.

Presentation Solutions: Why is that?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: There are two main factors. First, the stimulation of maintaining an active social life instantly improves their mood. Second, dancers must memorize a series of steps and other physical movements necessary to learning a dance.

Presentation Solutions: Will seniors be overwhelmed when first starting?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: On the contrary, dancing classes give seniors a sense of belonging, and continued participation leads to long-lasting friendships with fellow dancers.

Presentation Solutions: What specific parts of the body are worked?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Most notably, dancing increases strength in the legs and supports overall bone health.

Presentation Solutions: What about contributing to weight loss?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Dancing often makes a significant impact on body fat. It has a dramatic effect on midsections and gives the body more flexibility.

Presentation Solutions: Can dancing help prevent diseases?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Seniors who suffer from type 2 diabetes have used dancing to lose weight and lower blood pressure. Consistent exercise routines reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer-related illnesses.

Presentation Solutions: Is dancing hard on the body?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Dancing is easy on the joints, which makes it an attractive exercise for seniors with arthritis or chronic pain.

Presentation Solutions: What are some additional benefits?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Other positive effects also include improvements in coordination and balance.

Presentation Solutions: Are dance classes easy to find in the community?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Yes. Dancing is a hot commodity in today’s marketplace, and more gyms and studios are offering classes designed for all ages.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, has served in this capacity since 2007 and has more than 20 years of experience in the retirement community field.

YORHealth Testimonials: Concepcion Aguillon and Suzy

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YORHealth is a company that specializes in premium-quality nutrition and weight-management products. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in California, USA. The YORHealth product range includes meal replacement shakes and nutritional supplements. After years of research, YORHealth has developed a clinically proven solution to improve the absorption of nutrients in order to maximize daily food intake, the YOR Nutrition Delivery SystemTM, which is made of gentle plant-based enzymes and is an ideal balance between nature and science.

In addition to nutrition, YORHealth promotes fitness and physical activity, believing health is about happiness, self-awareness, and balance. Loyal customers from all over the world are enthusiastic about YORHealth. Many of them have become Independent Representatives (IRs) and are eager to share their YORHealth experiences with the world.

Concepcion Aguillon and Suzy Wan are just two of the many team members who are passionate about YORHealth. Here, they share their stories.

Concepcion Aguillon, Monterrey, NL Mexico

I come from a unique family. My father didn’t finish elementary school and in spite of that he built his own company where he worked from 4 am to 8 pm. He came home very tired. He only had dinner and went to bed. My mother, a teacher with great vocation, worked a double shift. My brother has always been a great support.

My mother told us that in order to be successful in life you have to study hard and work hard. My father got me into a private school with many sacrifices, but they couldn’t afford to buy me the clothes, school supplies and the rest of what that kind of school required.

When I got to school I was the object of mocking and discrimination. I felt devaluated and excluded because everyone else had those things, but I didn’t. I used to come home angry with my mother and she would tell me, “Turn a deaf ear to foolish comments”. Following this phrase I pushed myself away from people because I linked them to the pain and suffering I was feeling. I was closed off and couldn’t open up to other people because I was afraid they would hurt me again.

I studied electronic systems engineering because it was not popular. I thought, “Fewer people around me, less risk of getting hurt.”

I came out of college with an arrogant, despotic, and cynical attitude. I founded my own company and made some very bad decisions. I couldn’t connect with people. I started to lose a lot of money and I felt frustrated. My self-esteem was dropping at the same time that the balance of my bank account was collapsing. There were days when I used to wake up feeling anxious and with my heart racing.

It was then when someone shared the YORHealth opportunity with me. At first I saw

a different way to make a lot of money, and I got excited! Shortly after I met Paco Hernandez at YORHealth, a total stranger to me, he became a great friend and a mentor of life. He has always challenged me to grow as a person.

Later after I met the YORHealth founder Dennis Wong for the first time, a very deep feeling of being able to work with him and learn from him had emerged. During my career at YORHealth I met Marcela Jotar, my girlfriend and a great emotional teacher. I feel happy to have a team at YORHealth that is more than a team, it’s a family that inspires me to give the best of me.

I have regained my physical, financial and emotional health. I can connect with people now. My purpose through YORHealth is to bring guidance and support to every person who wants a fulfilled and abundant lifestyle based in trust and happiness.

Suzy Wan, Pasadena, CA United States

For a poor immigrant kid from Hong Kong who started out in life living in LA, living in a one-bedroom apartment with a family of 10, 4 years into my business at YORHealth, my life now is a dream.

Since YORHealth, my typical day starts off with a walk with my awesome dog Lucky, and yoga (which I love because it brings inner peace and balance). I work my own hours from the comfort of my home office, yet I have YORHealth friends and business all over the world.

I purchased my dream home – a tranquil and meditative oasis completely surrounded by nature and a running creek. I just turned 50 and I feel younger and happier than ever.

God Bless my mom. Despite some real challenges, she worked hard so her children could have a better chance. Because I witnessed her hardships, I was determined to find a way not to be poor.

I focused on finding opportunity. At age 18, I moved out on my own, and worked in retail. Then I worked in commercial real estate for 10 years. During that time I met an ambitious young sister and brother team, Sophia and Dennis, who forever changed my life. They came from a similar background, but defied the odds to become highly successful in whatever they did. They taught me to think bigger and become an entrepreneur. We did real estate deals together, and became good friends.

One day they came to me with an opportunity to work together at YORHealth to build a business that could offer residual income so we could have financial freedom. That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey – and joining YORHealth was the best decision in my life. My health and lifestyle are great. But most importantly, thanks to the many years of coaching and mentoring from the YORHealth founder, Mr. Dennis Wong, I’ve rediscovered myself. I’ve rid myself of so much fear that was imbedded in my subconscious mind, blocking me from fully experiencing life and connecting with people. My personal relationships are richer, better and healthier than ever. I understand now that true freedom and happiness come from within. They come from having physical, financial and spiritual balance in life.

Thanks to my entire YORHealth team, as none of this would be possible without you. Many have been with me for years, through ups and downs. We have stuck with it because we share the same dreams and goals – sharing happiness with others. Thanks to the YORHealth Founder’s vision to create a company and a Mission that makes a positive impact on the world.

Haunted House: A Real Phenomenon Says Wesley Upchurch

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Wesley Upchurch

Wesley Upchurch

Residual energy, ghost, spirits, specters, poltergeist – Wesley Upchurch says hauntings are as varied as the people who report them. Here, paranormal phenomenon enthusiast Wesley Upchurch remarks on a few of the nation’s most compelling cases of ghostly activity.

The Myrtles Plantation

According to Wesley Upchurch, St. Francisville, Louisiana is home to one of America’s most haunted houses. Built in 1796, the Myrtles Plantation is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a young slave girl who was hung on the grounds. Chloe, reports Wesley Upchurch, can still be seen wandering the courtyards searching for the children she accidentally poisoned. According to Wesley Upchurch, Chloe was a mistress of the home’s master. Fearing that as her beauty faded so did her worth as a domestic slave, Wesley Upchurch notes that Chloe poisoned a birthday cake, resulting in the death of the owners’ only two children. Her intent was to cause stomach ache and nurse the family back to health thereby cementing her position as an irreplaceable asset to the family.

Wesley Upchurch notes that many visitors to the plantation have seen a shy African-American woman aimlessly strolling the property. Overnight guest report covers being pulled off and hearing the echoing laughter of children gone for nearly two centuries. According to Wesley Upchurch, the mirror in the main foyer is still marred by the handprints of two little girls.

The Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, reveals Wesley Upchurch, was an eccentric woman with boatloads of cash. Coupled by the unbearable loss of her husband and only child in the late 1800s, Ms. Winchester (who married into the Winchester gun fortune) did the only thing that made any sense to her: she built a house. According to Wesley Upchurch, the Winchester House is no ordinary house, however. This sprawling mansion is complete with doors to nowhere, the unusual Switchback Staircase, and the maze of passageways that only Sarah herself could navigate without a map.

Wesley Upchurch notes that the home was built after a medium told Sarah Winchester that the never ending construction of a shrine to Winchester gun victims was the only thing that would appease the ghost of the dead and damned. And, Wesley Upchurch notes that poor Sarah took those words to her grave by investing every penny she had up until her death on its resurrection.

Savannah, Georgia

No notation of America’s most haunted locations would be complete without least mention of the Hostess City of South. Wesley Upchurch says that Savannah, with its beautifully manicured public parks and historic cemeteries, is regarded as a haven for “haints”.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a movie based on a book about voodoo and murder, was filmed throughout the city and founded in part on supernatural stories emanating from the city’s history. Buildings such as the historic Whitaker-Huntington Inn and the Marshall House are favorite attractions for those seeking more than Southern hospitality.

Wesley Upchurch isn’t a typical businessman. He has dedicated his entire life to helping others have fun. As the founder of some of Columbia, Missouri’s most famous family-friendly attractions, Wesley Upchurch knows a thing or two about how to have a good time. He is a thrill-seeker at heart who genuinely believes that life isn’t worth living if you can’t keep having fun when it’s over.

Senior Entrepreneurship Numbers Continue to Increase

In Business, Finance on May 22, 2013 at 3:36 pm

As economic advisers continue to forecast an uncertain future, more seniors are considering entrepreneurship as an opportunity to pursue their passions while taking financial matters into their own hands.

Although entrepreneurship has consistently proven to be a daunting task for professionals both young and old, the benefits of staying with a large company are now fewer and farther between. The potential decrease in Social Security benefits causes deep insecurity with many seniors. Other factors such as dwindling 401(k) accounts, unfair labor practices and job layoffs also account for this anxiety. The personal freedoms associated with entrepreneurship seem attractive. However, senior entrepreneurs who seek to own a business must fully examine their situations before making a big leap.

Entrepreneurship is not quite as simple as just selling a product or service to the public. Responsibilities such as leasing a building, presiding over human resource duties, and preparing payroll are all part of entrepreneurship. Overall, an entrepreneur must meet a need in the community by using a set of resources and talents that no one else offers.

The best strategy for senior entrepreneurs is to start the process gradually. Although no two entrepreneurs are alike, a measured approach ensures that the odds of success are much greater.

Seeking guidance from fellow entrepreneurs and other business professionals will instill a sense of confidence. Potential business builders should identify individuals in their chosen field who have already experienced success and then interview them to glean useful tips and techniques. Family members and friends might provide a wealth of love and support, but only a business colleague with ample experience has the additional knowledge necessary to inspire confident decisions. This trusted collaborator might not always be available for face-to-face meetings, however. Job Shadow, a popular entrepreneurial website, provides a forum where individuals can conduct interviews with industry professionals. Even when beginning a solo venture, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to go it alone.

Motivation and energy are crucial tools in this time-consuming pursuit. However, selecting the proper field is also important to prepare for the journey. Entrepreneurial groups like the Small Business Development Centers and the Service Corps of Retired Executives, as well as other nonprofit groups, give easy access to business consultants and educational courses with little or no fees. Individuals can peruse the Internet for online tools and white papers that possess financial and technological information relevant to their particular field.

Margaret Suanne Bone Takes Advantage of Tennessee Travel

In Legal on May 21, 2013 at 1:21 am
Margaret Suanne Bone

Margaret Suanne Bone

A particular highlight in the career of Margaret Suanne Bone is her stint with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, where she served as the legislative liaison from 2007-2010. Joined by Commissioner Susan Whitaker, Margaret Suanne Bone had the ability to travel throughout the state of Tennessee and enjoy its scenic environment. From popular tourist attractions to hidden treasures, she appreciates all the state has to offer.

Margaret Suanne Bone was introduced to a number of urban and rural communities during this time, and interacted with governmental, civic and chamber leaders in each region of Tennessee. As an assistant for the annual Governors Conference on Tourism, Margaret Suanne Bone had the distinct pleasure of visiting Kingsport, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro and Gatlinburg.

In addition to these travels, Margaret Suanne Bone also felt grateful to spend time in other regions of the state including East Tennessee, West Tennessee, the Tri-Cities and the Upper Cumberland. She notes that car transportation is often the chosen option for Tennessee travelers, but they can also move across the state by plane, train or bus.

After completing her tenure with the Department of Tourist Development in 2010, Margaret Suanne Bone began working with the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (TACDL) in 2011. In her spare time, Margaret Suanne Bone takes the occasional weekend trip to the less populated areas of Tennessee.

According to Margaret Suanne Bone, the possibilities are endless in Tennessee. One of the most beloved locations in Tennessee is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which boasts millions of guests each year. Featuring more than 1,000 square miles, the park is home to rare, unique plant life and beautiful rainforests.

Margaret Suanne Bone also enjoys all the entertainment venues—especially the Grand Ole Opry—which showcase world-class pickers and singers from bluegrass, Americana, country and roots music. Among the various museums, battlefields and historic parks in the state, her favorites include the Tennessee State Museum and Point Park of the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, which is located on Lookout Mountain.

During her regular trips throughout Tennessee, Margaret Suanne Bone appreciates the opportunity to dine on some of the authentic Southern cuisine. Homestyle cooking, with dishes like barbecued ribs, fried chicken and country vegetables, is served in nearly every town or village. Both the White Bluff Apple Butter Festival and the Grainger County Tomato Festival draw large crowds annually for their food vendors as well as their arts and crafts exhibits.

Get Styled for Wedding Season at

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With summer comes choruses of wedding bells and a mailbox full of invites to accompany them.  Whether you’re headed to a black tie affair at a fancy hotel, a tropical destination wedding, a garden party nuptials – or all three – has everything you need to get ready for the big day. Pick the perfect pair of heels, a pretty handbag and show-stopping statement jewelry to round out your look, and while you may or may not catch the bouquet, you’ll most certainly be the most stylish…just don’t tell the bride!

For a black-tie wedding,’s Selena is the perfect shoe. This mile-high peep toe pump will flatter your legs and pair seamlessly with a floor length gown. The feminine double bow adds a special touch, and metal studs down the middle give this shoe a bold extra detail. Bourbon, a boxy clutch from, is just the right size to stow your lipstick and phone. It features a metallic striped pattern, snap closure and hidden chain strap and is great for punching up a classic black dress.  Finish off the look with Fine Champagne. These black large rhinestone dome studs exude elegance and charm and are only $9.95 at

If you’re headed to an outdoor or garden party wedding,’s Barb is the perfect fit. In glossy nude, these leg lengthening platform peep toes are a beautiful match for a sundress, cocktail frock or pantsuit, and you can find them for $39.95 at Add the Highball from over your shoulder. This shimmery shoulder bag available in frothy pastel colors – natural, green and rose – features gold chain accenting, a metallic sheen and can be transformed into an oversized clutch by removing the strap. Add just a touch of edge with Gilt to Last. This polished bangle with pyramid studs and rhinestone embellishment from the geniuses of will add depth to a romantic look.

As the guest at a sunset beach wedding,’s Mykonos will allow you to comfortably walk on the sand while looking effortlessly fabulous. This studded faux leather flat multi-strap sandal is available in white, black and nude. Fresca is a super luxe woven clutch, from that transforms to an oversized wristlet. Available in pewter and bronze, it’s a versatile neutral. Finally, for an understated touch of sparkle, put on’s Go Solo, a sparkling solitaire cubic zirconia set on a delicate cable chain. is the web’s top fashion- subscription service, offering members the hottest styles of shoes, bags, jewelry and denim at the affordable price of $39.95 or less.


Scott Safadi Explains How Technology Makes Property Management Better

In Real Estate on May 16, 2013 at 9:39 pm
Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi is a young professional in the property management business in Palo Alto, California. Living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley, Scott Safadi knows his clients and their tenants are tech savvy and demand the same from service providers. Scott Safadi and his company, CBPM, employ technology tools to provide high-quality services to apartment owners and tenants alike. As Scott Safadi explains, gone are the days of the property manager running around collecting rent checks or renters waiting days for the plumber to arrive.

In this interview, Scott Safadi describes how technology improves property management.

Presentation Solutions: First, please tell our readers about CBPM.

Scott Safadi: CBPM is the property management company I started several years ago that is solely focused on apartment owners and tenants in Silicon Valley.

Presentation Solutions: Why is the use of technology so important in property management?

Scott Safadi: In today’s world, owners and tenants expect most services to be available 24/7; property management services are no different.

Presentation Solutions: How has the use of technology changed how property management operates?

Scott Safadi: Technology allows efficiencies that get property managers and their engineers out of the office and out solving problems.

Presentation Solutions: Has technology improved building maintenance?

Scott Safadi: The time saved from entering data, making phone calls, and traveling allows me to plan for future improvements and upgrades to properties. And engineers are able to solve tenants’ problems more quickly.

Presentation Solutions: This service must satisfy renters, right?

Scott Safadi: Certainly. When I can get a drain unclogged within three hours, tenants are extremely grateful.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the other advantages technology provides?

Scott Safadi: Renters can now pay rent and submit work orders online, saving them time, hassle and money.

Presentation Solutions: How does this system work?

Scott Safadi: Essentially, tenants have their own login portals that they can access from any computer with Internet access at any time.

Presentation Solutions: Do owners have this same setup?

Scott Safadi: While their information is a bit different, yes, owners also have their own login portals with access to their personal information at any time.

Presentation Solutions: Has this benefited property owners?

Scott Safadi: Owners are particularly interested in using technology to keep up with the status of their properties. With up-to-date, 24/7 reporting capabilities, owners can be well-informed and make strategic decisions based on the data provided.

Presentation Solutions: Is this reporting more accurate than in the past?

Scott Safadi: Yes, the technology system CBPM uses is very detailed and accurate, providing owners much better information about their properties than ever before.

Presentation Solutions: Is technology the key to happy customers?

Scott Safadi: Technology definitely helps, but the personal interaction is still very important.

About Scott Safadi:

Scott Safadi graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003 and began his career in property management. Scott Safadi and his family live in Saratoga, California, where he owns and operates CBPM. In his free time, Scott Safadi enjoys outdoor hobbies, including mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.

Temp to Hire – Why Small Business Can Benefit From Temporary Labor

In Business on May 6, 2013 at 4:27 pm


Small businesses often believe that direct hire situations are ideal. However, that might not always be the case.

Temporary employees have many names… temps, contingent labor, consultants, and contractors. These employees have already proven proficiency in their respective fields and can usually assume a role with little to no training. Aside from this, there are many other reasons a small business should consider relying on the expertise of a reputable staffing firm.

Temporary Replacement

One reason that businesses elect to hire temporary employees is to assume positions of permanent employees who are out for extended periods. This may be vacation, maternity leave, personal issues, temporary disability, or illness. A skilled, pre-screened employee can help to ensure productivity is not lost during the original employee’s absent.

Fluctuating Needs

Temporary workers are often utilized in positions that require staffing flexibility. This may be the case for special projects, seasonally fluctuating businesses, unforeseen economic cycles, or a temporary increase in workload. The major advantage in this situation is that temp workers can be deployed quickly to assist in a number of unforeseen situations.


Many companies, especially those that rely heavily on information technology personnel, use specialized staffing agencies. This offers them the opportunity to choose from a number of potential full-time employees that have already proven that they possess the skills needed to fit the position. These temp-to-hire positions allow the firm the opportunity to evaluate the potential employee’s fit with the company.

Cost savings

A good staffing firm will have a pool of qualified candidates. This helps to eliminate the business’ long search for employees with the right skills. And, since the agency handles all aspects of payroll and taxes, the small business enjoys both time and financial savings. Additionally, the staffing agency will provide and administer benefits and offer training in areas the candidate may need assistance.

Access to experience

A quality staffing firm will have connections to individuals who may otherwise not be in the market for a new position. And, many will offer a finder’s fee to encourage recommendations by peers. An industry-specific staffing firm will also have a complete database of pre-screened resumes and can match employers to candidates quickly.

Overall, the decision to hire directly or utilize the services of a staffing firm is up to each small business owner. Some claim that the high initial expense negates any possible cost savings but in the long run, most businesses do see the advantage of outsourcing their hiring practices. In many cases, this eliminates the need for human resources department and can also mean the business can avoid negative confrontation in the event of termination.

Foreclosure Expert Travis Jones of Rush Properties Has Encouraging News for Homeowners

In Real Estate on May 4, 2013 at 12:05 am
Travis Jones Rush Properties

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Travis Jones, Rush Properties former president, points out that foreclosure is a confusing matter for many homeowners. After all, the Kansas-based real estate expert has been assisting homeowners with their foreclosure needs for more than 15 years. Today, Travis Jones of Rush Properties talks about property redemption, something he says everyone who carries a mortgage needs to understand.

According to Travis Jones of Rush Properties, RealtyTrac recently found that the number of new foreclosures is steadily decreasing. The foreclosure listing firm stated the country has seen an 11 percent reduction from the previous year. The decline in foreclosures is the result of several factors, says Travis Jones, Rush Properties’ former president.

Q: What factors contribute to the steady foreclosure decline?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: The economy seems to be improving. New jobs combined with low mortgage rates means that the worst of the recession is over and the real estate market is on its way to recovery.

Q: Were any states hit harder than others?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Yes, indeed. Florida and Nevada have the most foreclosures in the country. One of every 300 homes in Florida is in foreclosure. Nevada is second, Illinois is third.

Q: How are rising home values helping with foreclosures?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Rising home values help homeowners establish more equity in their house, which can lower foreclosure rates by helping them refinance their mortgage or help them sell their house at a higher price. Fewer foreclosed homes and higher prices are great news for all homeowners since the foreclosed homes won’t keep dragging down the value of nearby properties.

Q: Are we still in a buyer’s market?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: We are, but we’re slowly transitioning into a moderate seller’s market. Since the property supply is tight, many properties are starting to attract multiple offers, which ultimately creates a sellers’ market. A good indication is that bank-owned homes are now selling for higher prices, motivating banks to authorize more short sales that help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Q: What about the homeowner who is still facing foreclosure? Does he or she have any rights?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Yes, he or she needs to understand about their redemption rights.

Q: What are redemption rights?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: In Kansas, the sale of a foreclosed process can move fast. But since a homeowner has redemption rights, a Sheriff’s Deed cannot be issues unless the property is not redeemed. That can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months after the sheriff sale. After the sheriff sale, the homeowner can stay in the home during the redemption period.

Q: What can the homeowner do during the redemption period to avoid losing his or her property?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Well, the homeowner can keep the house by paying the full amount of the successful bid at the sale in cash which is referred to as redeeming. If amount is not paid into the courts by the end of the redemption period, the property will go to the winner also known as the holder of the certificate of purchase from the sheriff sale.

Q: Do they have a responsibility to maintain the property in any way?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Actually, yes. They should also maintain the property to prevent waste, keep utilities’ active, and keep the yard mowed. If the homeowner does not, the redemption rights could be extinguished.

Q: What happens if the homeowner refuses to vacate the home?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: The homeowner will become subject to eviction, which would lead to additional costs and fees.  The holder of the certificate of purchase will need to file a court action to have the sheriff assist in removing the previous owner.

Q: You mentioned that the redemption period varies from 3 to 12 months. What is the length of the period based on?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: It all comes down to how much the homeowner pays toward the original mortgage debt. If he or she pays more than one-third of the loan’s principal balance, he or she has 12 months to redeem the property. But if he or she pays less, there are only three months to redeem.

Travis Jones of Rush Properties is recognized in Kansas and Missouri as a leader in the real estate industry. Through his two companies, Travis Jones, Rush Properties founder and a partner in Cherry Park Properties, has served clients by providing assistance with various mortgage issues. Travis Jones of Rush Properties and Cherry Park Properties assists individuals seeking to purchase and improve distressed properties for resale.

Charles Brennan Explains Signature Loans and the Dollar Loan Center Way

In Finance on May 3, 2013 at 1:37 pm
Charles Brennan

Charles Brennan

Charles Brennan is the majority owner, Founder and CEO of Dollar Loan Center, a Las Vegas, Nevada based company offering signature loans to customers in Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, and California.  Charles Brennan explains signature loans in the following Q&A.

Q:  What is a signature loan?

Charles Brennan:  It is a short-term loan used, mostly, in financial emergencies.

Q:  What are some of the ways folks in Las Vegas, Nevada and elsewhere have used signature loans from Dollar Loan Center?

Charles Brennan:  The loans are used mostly to bridge the gap between having a bill due and the timing of a paycheck.  People have used loans for medical bills, rent, and home maintenance emergencies, for example.

Q:  How do people apply for Dollar Loan Center signature loans?

Charles Brennan: They can come in for face to face service at one of our 80 locations. As well, anyone can apply online at any time at

Q:  How does one qualify for a signature loan?

Charles Brennan:  To qualify, recipients go through an application process and must have steady employment.

Q:  What about bad credit?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center has a loan product for everyone, even those without stellar credit.

Q:  Does it cost anything to get a signature loan from Dollar Loan Center?

Charles Brennan:  There are no upfront or processing fees; the recipient only pays interest charges for how long they have the loan out.

Q:  How much interest does the loan recipient pay?

Charles Brennan:  The amount of interest varies by the individual and the size of the loan, but it is accrued daily and is never compounded.

Q:  What if a borrower repays the loan early; do they still pay interest charges?

Charles Brennan:  Absolutely not.  Interest payments end the day the loan is repaid.  Dollar Loan Center wants to help people avoid the debt treadmill.

Q:  Does a borrower go through the same application process for additional loans?

Charles Brennan:  If the borrower’s information in the Las Vegas, Nevada based Dollar Loan Center system is current within the last 12 months, they do not have to go through the application process again to get approval for additional loans.

Q:  How does the signature loan at Dollar Loan Center differ from typical payday loans?

Charles Brennan:  The Dollar Loan Center signature or short-term loans rely only on a borrower’s promise to pay; Dollar Loan Center does not require any other collateral and does not hold post-dated checks.

Q:  How does Dollar Loan Center mitigate that risk?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center is diligent in reviewing potential borrowers and collects interest that is higher than a secured, bank loan.

Q:  Is this type of signature loan popular with customers?

Charles Brennan:  Certainly!  We have had over 2,000,000 people apply for loans at Dollar Loan Center and most of them by referral from other customers.  Last year in 2012 we processed an average of 721 loans per DAY!  Our customers love Dollar Loan Center as much as I do.

Charles Brennan is a Las Vegas, Nevada based entrepreneur, finance expert and philanthropist.  Along with his wife, Charles Brennan co-founded Clark County Collection Service, one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., according to Entrepreneur Magazine. The couple resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.