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Tips from Nationwide Relocation Services – Judging a Moving Company By Its Estimator

In General on October 30, 2013 at 1:37 am

Nationwide Relocation ServicesAccording to Nationwide Relocation Services, homeowners can determine the suitability of a moving company by the attentiveness of their estimator. If an estimator can answer all questions with patience and ease, then your mind should be put to rest, says Nationwide Relocation Services. Here, a spokesperson from Nationwide Relocation Services describes in detail what questions are necessary during initial conversations with an estimator.

Presentation Solutions: We’re happy to have you here for a chat.

Nationwide Relocation Services: Thanks for the opportunity!

Presentation Solutions: What should someone ask of a mover before acquiring these services?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A good barometer is how long the company has been in business, and if any company name changes have taken place.

Presentation Solutions: Where can I find written documentation to verify these details?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A mover should always be able to provide both a DOT and MC number to certify their work.

Presentation Solutions: What do these numbers mean?

Nationwide Relocation Services: These numbers verify that the mover is insured, licensed and prepared to carry out your wishes.

Presentation Solutions: What are some questions that the moving company estimator should ask?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The most important question is whether the client is moving an apartment or house.

Presentation Solutions: Seems like a no-brainer.

Nationwide Relocation Services: It does, but some estimators choose to rush through the conversation without paying attention to the client’s needs.

Presentation Solutions: What else should be discussed?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Next, it should be determined whether the moving company is delivering a self-storage unit or picking your belongings up.

Presentation Solutions: Is a detailed account of your belongings necessary at this time?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Be as thorough as possible. The most important items to note include furniture and the total number of boxes being shipped.

Presentation Solutions: What items are typically packed by the mover?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Generally these items will include clothes, books, lamps, televisions, kitchen items and electronic equipment.

Presentation Solutions: Are all your moving plans the same?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Not at all. Our team develops customized moving programs for each individual client.

Presentation Solutions: That’s very helpful.

Nationwide Relocation Services:  If your estimator doesn’t offer the same personalized strategy, steer clear.

Presentation Solutions: Is there follow up assistance available for clients after the initial conversation with an estimator?

Nationwide Relocation Services: At Nationwide. a moving consultant is available at all times to answer questions that might arise during this process.

Presentation Solutions: Overall, what thought do you want to leave with our readers?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Online tools such as cost calculators can be informative, but nothing beats communicating with a real live person who will provide insight into your particular situation.

Presentation Solutions: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you today.

Nationwide Relocation Services: Thank you for your time.

Throughout its history, Nationwide Relocation Services has coordinated a variety of services including long distance moving, interstate moving and corporate moving. Nationwide Relocation Services partners with experienced and highly trained professionals in the industry to deliver excellent results.

Phillip Elden on the Beauty of His Hometown, Cottage Grove, Oregon

In General on October 29, 2013 at 5:04 am

Phillip-Elden-Cottage-Grove2Phillip Elden, a resident of Cottage Grove, Oregon, espouses the beauty and charm of this unique community. Since moving there more than two decades ago with his wife Cindi, Phillip Elden has embraced the culture and tradition of Cottage Grove while embarking upon a series of environmental projects. Below, Phillip Elden explains his fascination with Cottage Grove and the area’s terrific scenery.

Presentation Solutions: We appreciate you stopping by Presentation Solutions to chat today.

Phillip Elden: Thank you so much for the invitation!

Presentation Solutions: Why is living in Cottage Grove such a treasure?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove as a whole is focused on building community. What residents really value about this town is the sense that we are all in this together.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the more notable features of Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: Well, for one I’d say it is the restoration project of the Chambers Railroad Bridge. It’s a great indicator of the tone of this town about how much the residents in Cottage Grove care.

Presentation Solutions: What other locations can a visitor to the area conveniently visit from Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: It’s possible to be at the beach – specifically Coos Bay – in just a couple hours. Newport, Oregon and the Umpqua National Forest are also within driving distance.

Presentation Solutions: How far away is Portland?

Phillip Elden: By car, the trip to Portland only takes about two hours.

Presentation Solutions: That’s no time at all, really.

Phillip Elden: Exactly. Everything you need or want is a short distance away. IN fact, my wife Cindi and I have been residents of this area for more than 20 years and it’s hard to imagine leaving.

Presentation Solutions: What is Cottage Grove best known for?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove is hailed all across the country as the “Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon.” Lane County is home to six covered bridges, all of which can be found right around Cottage Grove.

Presentation Solutions: Can you name a couple of these bridges?

Phillip Elden: The most prominent is Chambers Railroad Bridge, which stands out as the sole covered railroad bridge in the state. Other bridges include Stewart Bridge, Mosby Creek Bridge, Centennial Bridge, Dorena Bridge and Currin Bridge.

Presentation Solutions: Where can people find more information about these bridges?

Phillip Elden: For information about all of these beautiful bridges, the Lane County Covered Bridge website is a terrific source. This website will include a visual history of each bridge and a variety of informational materials.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the best source for information on Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: For more information on this wonderful community, people can access the local Chamber of Commerce website.

Presentation Solutions: Has Cottage Grove received any awards or accolades?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove was chosen for a most prestigious honor in the years of 1968 and 2004: All-America City.

Presentation Solutions: Quite impressive…

Phillip Elden: This distinction is even more considerable given that only one other Oregon city has received this award on two separate occasions.

Presentation Solutions: Well, we wish you many more years of happiness in Cottage Grove.

Phillip Elden: If you are ever in the area, I look forward to showing you around some time.

A champion of environmental causes, Phillip Elden continues in his mission to protect the wildlife of Oregon through a number of local organizations. Phillip Elden is the president of Native Oregon.

Dave Contarino on Las Cruces Business Bueno Title and Escrow

In General on October 22, 2013 at 8:23 am

BTDLas Cruces, New Mexico, home of Bueno Title and Escrow, is one of the underrated treasures of the United States, observes Dave Contarino. Dave Contarino and his wife, Linda Marquette-Contarino, are co-owners of Bueno Title and Escrow. In its six-year history under Linda’s guidance, Bueno has grown to become a leading title company in town.   Dave Contarino and Linda Marquette-Contarino have enjoyed serving the community while embracing the unique culture the city offers.

Dave Contarino says that Las Cruces is now one of the most popular travel destinations in the Southwest. Right at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and 25, Las Cruces attracts visitors with its beautiful vistas and local charms.  One of its highlights is historic Old Mesilla and its beautiful plaza replete with restaurants, shops and art galleries. For Dave Contarino, the first-class Mexican food is a particular highlight. The warm and welcoming environment of Las Cruces provides Dave Contarino and other regular visitors with a treasure trove of possible activities.

The weather in Las Cruces is a major drawing card, affirms Dave Contarino, with the town experiencing up to 350 days of sunshine each year. Temperatures during the summer often reach the high 90s, while nighttime lows fall into the 60s. Dave Contarino notes that the fall air is cooler, as daytime highs generally hit the mid-70s or low 80s.

Located in the Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces is a true oasis in the western United States around the holidays, says Dave Contarino. While northern states contend with mounds of snow during the winter months, Las Cruces enjoys temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. Dave Contarino also says that the city receives a minimal amount of rainfall each year—8.5 inches—and no more than a couple of inches of snow each winter.

According to Dave Contarino, Las Cruces has earned numerous awards and accolades. Money magazine named Las Cruces, home of New Mexico State University, among its “best college towns to retire.” Meanwhile, Dave Contarino reports that AARP considers Las Cruces a “dream town” for retirees. Dave Contarino notes that Las Cruces was ranked by Forbes as one of the best small metro areas for careers and general business.

Bueno Title and Escrow is independently operated and owned, notes Dave Contarino. The firm offers the consumer closing and escrow services along with title insurance protection to developers, lenders, attorneys and real estate professionals. Dave Contarino explains that title insurance provides the consumer with financial protection in case title problems are determined due to human error or hidden hazards.

The title department of Bueno Title and Escrow consists of highly skilled examiners and title searchers who perform a thorough and reliable title search, relates Dave Contarino. Their job is to assist the customer by verifying all title information for transference of ownership. Dave Contarino shares that his wife, Linda Marquette, has formed a series of friendships throughout her stint leading the firm.

Dave Contarino, Linda Marquette and the Bueno Title and Escrow staff encourage all travelers to make a trip to Las Cruces and discover for themselves the vast arts, entertainment, sporting and culinary events presented on a daily basis.

Real Estate Developer Scott Sohr on Nashville’s Up-and-Coming Hot Spots: Germantown

In General on October 18, 2013 at 9:15 am

Scott Sohr NashvilleScott Sohr, Nashville land developer, has been a fixture in the Nashville real estate scene for two decades and says Nashville has made unparalleled growth over the last 10 years. Case in point: Germantown, a place Scott Sohr of Nashville claims wasn’t even on the radar a few years ago but is now a major point of interest for visitors and developers alike. Thank you for visiting with us today. Let’s talk Nashville. What is your favorite area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: I love the entire city, but especially Germantown. Where is Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown is located just outside of Nashville’s main downtown area. It is bordered by Rosa Parks Boulevard to the east, 3rd Avenue North to the west, Jefferson Street to the north, and Hume Street to the south. Who originally lived in this area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown, along with the rest of Nashville, was initially inhabited by Cherokee and Chickasaw Tribes. The entire area was a popular hunting ground because of the river. James McGavock later purchased the area. Who is James McGavock?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: McGavock was an officer during the Revolutionary War. He was granted ownership of approximately 2,200 acres in 1786. A portion of this land would become the 9th Ward and eventually renamed Germantown. Why was the neighborhood renamed?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The neighborhood became known as Germantown because of a large influx of German immigrants who were living in the area. What is the Assumption Catholic Church?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: One of Nashville’s oldest churches—the second oldest Catholic church in the area. It stands in its original Germantown location, where it was built in 1906. Who are some notable Nashvillians from the area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: While Nashville is known for mostly breeding country music superstars, the Germantown area is home to a number of prominent German families. Perhaps the most notable name from the area is brewer George Dickel. What is Germantown’s horseracing history?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Prior to Tennessee’s ban on horseracing, the area now known as Morgan Park was a popular racetrack. Burns Island racetrack was also in close proximity to Frederick Laitenberger’s German beer garden, which was closed along with the track. What architectural features are common in Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown is home to an eclectic blend of architecture, ranging from lavish mansions to modest immigrant accommodations. Today, the area also boasts a number of upscale apartment and condominium complexes. What is the average home value in Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Homes range between $150,000 on the low end to $500,000 and above. When was Germantown designated as an Inner City Arboretum?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: In 1993. There are more than 130 different types of trees and shrubs in the Germantown area. When is Oktoberfest?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The second weekend in October. This year, 2013 marks the sixth annual Germantown Oktoberfest, which draws tens of thousands of visitors to the Germantown area every year. What types of foods are available during the festival?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Oktoberfest vendors serve up both German and American fare. Of course, no German festival would be complete without beer. Both local and German draughts are available.

Kris Krohn: Creating a Real Estate Power Team

In Real Estate on October 18, 2013 at 4:27 am

Kris KrohnKris Krohn is a well-known real estate investor, investment coach and author. As a founder and President of Strongbrook Direct, Kris Krohn has developed real estate investment formulas that have helped people achieve financial stability by generating residual income. The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth is his copyrighted formula for achieving real estate investment success.

Kris Krohn shares that the best strategy is helping clients identify and purchase very specific low-priced homes at a discount, hold them short-term, and convert the equity into additional homes at the earliest possible moment. Kris Krohn states that a key principle of achieving critical mass on the Strait Path to Real Estate Success is the principle of collaboration.

Kris Krohn is committed to assisting clients in turning their initial rental homes into a much larger portfolio in a few short years through profits, growth and gains. Kris Krohn offers an approach to real estate that is mostly passive for Strongbrook clients in which a team of more than 200 experts find, purchase, maintain, sell and do nearly all the work for their clients. Real estate is not a field where a go-it-alone approach is preferred, reports Kris Krohn.

Kris Krohn says, “Here’s my secret: I have learned that if you really want something done right, do not do it all yourself. If you assemble the right ‘power team’ and collaborate, you will find that you give up only a small part of the profits to do much less of the work. You can’t be a lone wolf.”

Kris Krohn calls this kind of collaboration leveraging, which means using other people’s assets to your own advantage, all offered willingly, of course. Kris Krohn reports that there are five forms of leveraging: other people’s money, other people’s time or labor, other people’s experience or knowledge, other people’s ideas, and other people’s systems.

Kris Krohn says that successful real estate investing requires a team of experts—what he calls a power team—that is committed to your success and that you can count on to spread the workload around. Kris Krohn recommends that clients fill the following roles on their real estate investing power team: realtor, mortgage broker, title officer, certified public accountant, attorney, banker and insurance broker.

Success demands a large team of real estate professionals, according to Kris Krohn. Let them help you grow your portfolio; don’t try to learn it all or do it all yourself. Kris Krohn and Strongbrook gives you access to their very own in-house power team.

Kris Krohn reports that the Strongbrook Group consists of the following teams: Strongbrook REIC, the educational and informational arm of the company that gets clients started, Strongbrook Realty, which finds the properties worth buying, and Strongbrook Lending, which helps clients obtain optimal financing from a variety of lenders that specialize in real estate investment lending. It also owns Strongbrook Property MGMT, the property management arm of the company, Strongbrook Financial Services, which provides overall financial strategizing on behalf of clients, and Strongbrook Direct, the sales arm that markets to consumers.

Kris Krohn is proud to have co-founded this group of companies that fill such a unique niche in the market and serve so many people. Kris Krohn and his associates personify the collaborative spirit that they promote and have made it their goal to teach others to do the same.

As a renowned public speaker, Kris Krohn has shared his successful Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth model with thousands of Americans.

Exercise Is Necessary for Working Professionals

In General on October 11, 2013 at 6:09 pm

10.10.13 exerciseExercise is one of the best ways to alleviate stress, but one of the biggest challenges for working professionals is carving out the time. Everyone knows it is important to stay in shape, but work and family obligations always seem to get in the way. What the busy executive often fails to see is that everything and everyone suffers when he or she neglects his or her health.

In a perfect world everyone could commit a one- to two-hour time slot in the middle of their day to dedicate to healthy activities, but with all the responsibilities and time constraints of a busy life exercise is rarely seen as a priority. The good news is that new studies indicate it isn’t necessary to dedicate an hour or two at a set time of day to realize the benefits of exercise. And it isn’t necessary to head to the gym to get a workout.

Everyone has a few minutes of downtime each day. Five or 10 minutes here and there throughout the day are fairly easy to find. Contrary to what most people think, it is not necessary to exercise in one continuous block of time. As little as 20 minutes spread throughout the day can produce results. If you have a few minutes before the next meeting or lunch, do 15 or 20 push-ups or sit-ups. These are examples of exercise that can be performed at home, in the office, or in a hotel room when traveling. No equipment necessary.

Find ways to be creative about activities. Park away from the building and walk, use the stairs instead of the elevator, do a few toe touches and jumping jacks. Sitting doesn’t have to mean relaxing. There are several exercises that can be performed in a chair to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body and core muscles. A quick Internet search will provide details of chair exercises.
A body in motion is a good start toward being healthier and looking better, so don’t sit if you can stand and don’t stand if you can walk. Beginning today, set some reasonable goals and get moving.

Green Water Technologies on How to Protect Property With Pro Elite Systems

In General on October 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Green-Water-Technologies-Woman-Water-SystemGreen Water Technologies, located in San Antonio, Texas, assists a wide range of homes and businesses with their water treatment needs. In this interview, Green Water Technologies describes how hard water can have a negative impact on properties and suggests the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE as a viable solution to this widespread problem.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the primary focus of Green Water Technologies?

Green Water Technologies: Safety comes first for every project. The licensed staff focuses on water quality for all purposes. The Pro Elite Systems, which is high-efficiency and Energy Star-certified, accomplishes this goal.

Presentation Solutions: How can water be unsafe?

Green Water Technologies: Water may contain hidden particles that will break down pipes, clog appliances, and generally cost people money and energy.  However, water is generally safe to consume.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a way to make water more desirable?

Green Water Technologies: Yes. In fact, recent studies have shown that homes and businesses alike can be protected by using softened water. The Pro Elite System rewards the customer with quality water throughout a home or business.

Presentation Solutions: Who conducted these studies?

Green Water Technologies: The Water Quality Research Foundation created these innovative studies, which have presented significant evidence about softened water and its positive effects on the entire property.

Presentation Solutions: What’s one of their key findings?

Green Water Technologies: Water heaters are one major example. According to these extensive studies, gas water heaters that are operated on softened water have held their factory efficiency rating throughout their 15-year lifetime.

Presentation Solutions: How does hard water change the results?

Green Water Technologies: In the presence of hard water, about one-half of the original efficiency was lost in most test cases.

Presentation Solutions: Was there an appreciable difference with electric water heaters?

Green Water Technologies: In electric water heaters, the overall life of the heating element has been shortened due largely to scale buildup found inside the unit.

Presentation Solutions: What does this mean for the consumer?

Green Water Technologies: This can mean having to replace the unit much sooner than necessary.

Presentation Solutions: How else does softened water help a property?

Green Water Technologies: Users can save both energy and money by using much less dishwasher or laundry detergent just through the introduction of softened water. Needless to say, this reduction in product usage saves money for the consumer.

Presentation Solutions: That’s a valuable perk.

Green Water Technologies: Very much so, but that’s not all. Individuals or businesses may have purchased extended warranties for expensive household products. By using a water softener, people create their own extended warranties that will actually increase and enhance the life of this valuable equipment.

Presentation Solutions: What are some other benefits of softened water?

Green Water Technologies: The benefits of softened water include cleaner clothes, fewer spots on dishes, less shower film, and better soap lather.

Green Water Technologies believes that softened water is an investment well worth exploring. For more information on Green Water Technologies, visit

YOR Health Products Provide Easy-To-Use Complete Nutrition

In General on October 7, 2013 at 1:02 pm

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health has been strategically designing top-of-the-line health and wellness products since 2008. YOR Health products are formulated with an innovative enzyme delivery system to maximize nutrient absorption. With YOR Health products, thousands of customers across the globe have boosted their success to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. The following interview offers advice on how to get the most out of YOR Health products every day.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us about YOR Nutrition Delivery System. What does it consist of and what does it do?

YOR Health Products Team: The YOR Nutrition Delivery System provides quality nutrition and consists of two phases. Phase one is designed to kick start the program and consists of YOR Basic Set, which wakes up the digestion and infuses the body with energy and nutrition.

Presentation Solutions: What about phase two? 

YOR Health Products Team: Phase two begins in the second month and lets you choose one customized plan to help you reach your particular health goal.

Presentation Solutions: How soon after taking YOR Health products do you notice a difference in your body?

YOR Health Products Team: It really depends on the person. Many people notice a difference in the first week or two, some even after the first day. Two weeks seems to be the average time for most people.

Presentation Solutions: Can YOR Health products fit into the daily routine?

YOR Health Products Team: Yes. YOR Health products are very easy to fit into a daily routine. The day starts with taking one Probiotic Ultra capsule, and two Repair capsules with 8 ounces of water. The same thing happens before bed time.

Presentation Solutions: In addition to capsules, what else can you have for breakfast?

YOR Health Products Team: You can have a delicious YOR Shake in vanilla or chocolate. For extra fiber we recommend adding additional YOR Health products such as YOR SuperGreens and YOR Fiber Plus. This is a wonderful way to jump-start the metabolism and get the nutrients needed to power the day.

Presentation Solutions: How do you prepare the shakes?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s really easy. Put the Shake of your choice in a blender with 8 to 10 ounces of water and some ice to create a delicious shake or shake it in the YOR Shaker Cup for approximately 40 seconds. The result is a 140-calorie shake with less than a gram of sugar.

Presentation Solutions: What should be taken with lunch and dinner?

YOR Health Products Team: Enjoy a healthy meal for lunch and dinner. But before you do, take one YOR Digest Ultra and two YOR Essential Vitamins with 8 ounces of water.

Presentation Solutions: Many people crave something around 3 p.m. Do YOR Health products provide any snacks?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Berry Blast is a great snack for on the go. It is a revolutionary blend of 19 all natural fruits and berries and contains less than a gram of sugar. YOR Health products will help keep your energy levels steady.

Presentation Solutions: How do you prepare YOR Berry Blast?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s super easy and it doesn’t even require a blender. Just pour a packet of YOR Berry Blast into a water bottle and shake. Your nutrient-packed snack is ready in just seconds.

Presentation Solutions: What if you forget to take any YOR Health products?

YOR Health Products Team: This could happen, especially in the beginning. We tell customers not to be too hard on themselves and not give up. Consistency over a long period of time is what matters most.