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How Do You Know When It’s Time for a Job Change?

In Personal on October 30, 2012 at 12:25 pm

We’ve all been there before. If not, we know someone who has. We switch jobs and almost immediately regret the decision. By then it’s too late to eat crow and go back to the old job and if we decide to switch again, we’ll be labeled as a frequent job-changer.

For this reason, it’s important to do a full personal inventory before starting a job search. Here’s a checklist to help:

  • Layoffs are looming. If you have good reason to believe that your job may be downsized, it’s definitely time to start putting résumés out there.
  • The money is insufficient. Unfortunately, sometimes even in a job you love, you may find that the money or benefits do not meet your family’s needs. At that point, since the needs of your family come first, you may not have a choice, even if it means landing in a job that isn’t exactly your first choice.
  • The job is too consuming. The opposite of the money problem is an “overwork” problem. If your boss expects you to work 24/7 to the detriment of your family, it may be time to reevaluate. Even if a job change means a slight cut in pay, family should always come first.
  • Work is excruciating. If you find yourself filled with dread on your morning drive to work, it may be time to think about looking for a new job. While most people frequently have a “case of the Mondays,” severe dislike of one’s job is unhealthy. Life is too short to live that way forever.
  • Your company has ethical issues. In some cases, management is doing things that are either illegal or against an employee’s moral values. In this case, you probably already have your résumé out there. Be cautioned that you could be held legally responsible for the things you do, even if your boss demands you do them or risk being fired.

While a person is never guaranteed a better opportunity with a job change, in some cases things can only get better. Don’t let fear hold you back. Just make sure you’re switching for the right reasons.

O2 Media™ Offers Clients Successful Connections with Customers

In Media on October 22, 2012 at 2:13 am

O2 Media™ is an award winning branded entertainment provider with a particular focus on women. Through their signature shows, The Balancing Act™ and Designing Spaces®, O2 Media™ has helped launch countless product lines and increase visibility for many existing products and services. O2 Media™ offers direct response marketing via television, print, and product integration resulting in a long line of happy clients during their years in the branded entertainment industry. Below is a sampling of the testimonials they have received over the years:


The goal that we are attempting to accomplish with being on The Balancing Act® is to reach women. We have a product that is ideal for moms on the go, anyone who is concerned with keeping their metabolism revved up. The Balancing Act® seems to be a great platform for us to actually reach those people.

Robert Ferguson, Nutrition/Author/Endorser, Proclaim Nutrition

The set of The Balancing Act® is now and has always been designed to emphasis products for our viewership – women. We are pleased that this platform was a good fit for you.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Very nice atmosphere, comfortable people. I enjoyed my time here.

David Hawk, Marketing Consultant, Team Angel Barn Dad Nutrition

We strive very hard to create a relaxed environment. We believe our audience reads into the comfort levels of our guests. This is part of the reason why The Balancing Act® has been so successful the last 14 years. We appreciate your trust in O2 Media and The Balancing Act®.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


We believe that the audience traditionally has been just contractors but our real audience that we want to reach are homeowners, builders, real estate people—so more home industry people as opposed to plumbing contractors or fire sprinkler contractors directly.

Gary Ike, General Manager, Talco Fire Systems

We are glad to hear that Designing Spaces has put your product in front of a new demographic. Fire safety is something that all homeowners should be concerned about. Thank you for sharing with us.
Lysa Liemer, Designing Spaces

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


We’ve done a lot in another life, in other companies that myself and my peers work with. We’ve done other programs like this but not one that has been so, I could say, The Balancing Act® is very segmented on women’s health. So for us, it fit perfectly.

Michael Sullivan, VP Sales & Marketing, Avlon Pharmaceuticals

We appreciate your vote of confidence and are positive this is the beginning of a long and lucrative relationship.
Doug Campbell,The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


The kitchen set was amazing. The food dishes looked great. So it’s just been really exciting for us.

Meghan Walker, National Sales & Marketing Manager, EZ Bean Cooker

Meghan, thank you for the kind words but your product definitely made it easy. The EZ Bean Cooker is a new favorite around here.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


It was a great experience, a lot of fun. You guys were incredibly well-prepared. You walked through the shots very professionally. The takes were gotten in a minimal amount of time. It was a great experience. You guys had everything together; we didn’t have a lot to worry about except to be here and make sure our talent was prepared. It was a great experience.

Judy Bellack, Primedia

Everyone needs a space and the Apartment Guide is sure to help some of our viewers find theirs. Thank you for joining us.
Lysa Liemer, Designing Spaces

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


If you have a brand new product or really any product that you want to demonstrate or have a nice way to get in front of your target audience, it’s a good way to go.

David Gonzalos II, Founder & CEO, Impact Advanced Can

We try to make the experience as easy as possible for our clients. We understand that launching a new product can be difficult, especially when you are facing television for the first time. Thank you, David. We enjoyed you coming down to our studio.
Doug Campbell, O2 Media

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


It’s been different in that we’ve been involved in shows. We have a video division also that we put together documentaries and such. I’ve done some interviews with historians and the former head of the KGB and such but it’s very different than that.

Dr. Kevin T. Brady, President & CEO, Amer. Inst. For History Education

We are so glad that our Parent-Teacher corner was such a good fit to get your message across. We agree with you that history is a vital component to our youths’ education.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


They are very welcoming. You get your own space and you get to prep. Then you go into hair and makeup. It’s wonderful. All of the equipment is laid out nicely. You are at ease when you’re on the set.

Sonia Thomasino, Marketing Manager, Pilot Corp. of America

This means so much to us coming from you. Thank you for the encouraging words and we look forward to working with Pilot again in the future. You’ve got the “Write” stuff!
Doug Campbell, O2 Media

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Typically we’ve been marketing only via the web. Any videos we do are YouTube and that type of thing. We haven’t done any television marketing. This is more people are sitting there watching the TV whereas on YouTube or wherever, you are competing with everybody else trying to get views.

Rick Wenner, Manager—Health & Fitness Products, Scosche Industries

One of the positives about having an established program like The Balancing Act® is that you know who your audience is going into it. We are so glad that we were able to provide your product to our viewership.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073

Brenda Lee Reed Suggests Supplements for Inner-Body Makeover

In Health and Beauty on October 19, 2012 at 7:28 am
Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed

Feeling Tired, Run Down, or Generally Unhealthy?The following FAQ about natural supplements to complement a hectic lifestyle is provided by Genesis Healing Center founder Brenda Lee Reed.

What are the best supplements to take for inner cleansing?

Brenda Lee Reed: This is a question I am asked almost daily. My answer? Barley Max, Fiber Cleanse Powder, B12 compounded with B6 and Folic Acid, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

What is Barley Max?

Brenda Lee Reed: Barley Max is an organic supplement containing a whole food concentrate of some of the most nutritious vegetation on Earth: barely grass and alfalfa. This specially formulated concentrate is designed for easy absorption, says Brenda Lee Reed. This living food product contains numerous vitamins and minerals that promote well-being.

As an added benefit, Brenda Lee Reed notes that Barley Max is gluten, preservative, and artificial color free and contains no inert ingredients. It is a Vegan Certified product processed in a temperature controlled setting and that allows the heat sensitive nutrients to remain intact, says Brenda Lee Reed.

Is Fiber Cleanse Really That Great for Colon Restoration?

Brenda Lee Reed: Well, bowel function isn’t something that people normally talk about in everyday conversation. But, perhaps it should be. The bowels help the body eliminate toxins. Reducing the amount of foreign interference in the system could lead to a diminished chance of suffering from a life-changing illness.

Brenda Lee Reed notes that Fiber Cleanse provides over 2 dozen herbs, 28 to be exact, that help the body get the bowels moving. Psyllium helps the colon eliminate impacted materials and flax seeds assist with blood sugar regulation while providing a laxative property. As well, flax seeds contain high concentrations of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

What can B12 deficiency cause?

Brenda Lee Reed: Any vitamin or mineral deficiency can create a host of health problems. Notably, however, B12 – when missing from the system – makes the body tired.

Brenda Lee Reed also points out that mental fatigue is a common side effect as well.  Hallelujah Acres B12 supplement contains the most useable form of the nutrient, Mehtylcobalamin, which is available to the body without conversion upon absorption. Vegetarians are most at-risk for B12 deficiency since it is only found naturally in animal products. Brenda Lee Reed, as a Vegan and supporter of a vegetable based diet, says this product provides this vital nutrient without the need for fatty meats.

What other products are used in the Genesis program?         

Brenda Lee Reed: A Professional Strength Probiotic, which helps with digestion, and a digestive enzyme that we especially recommend to meat eaters.


Brenda Lee Reed is a certified Life Coach and a health and fitness expert. She has more than 30 years of experience in crafting healthy diet plans, based on a fruit and vegetable menu. As the founder of Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed has devoted the last decade to helping others achieve their goal of inner rejuvenation and physical wellbeing. | 6020 Lofton Rd. | Lascassas, TN  | 37085 | 615.410.7728


Jeffrey Kale Flagg | Why it’s Okay to Rock the Boat

In Finance on October 15, 2012 at 1:24 pm
Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

In 2009, Jeffrey Kale Flagg co-founded Eternity Medicine Institute. Eternity, an innovative and pro-active medical institute, equips clients to stay healthy with state of the art diagnostic & therapeutic programs.  Flagg was the co-founder and COO of Stable Development and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Array Asset Management, and the General Partner of the real estate development fund American Redevelopment Fund, LP.

Do yourself a favor, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, don’t get caught in the same trap as 90% of the population.  Instead of doing the same thing day in and day out expecting to accomplish a different result, suggests Jeffrey Kale Flagg, change your actions so that you can change your results.  Many of us, says Flagg, have heard insanity defined as “doing the same thing, day in and day out, expecting a different result.” Yet how many people do you know, asks Flagg, that complain every day about what they do for a living, then go right back the next day and do the exact same thing?  Do they want to be unhappy, broke and miserable?  If they don’t, asks Jeffrey Kale Flagg, why do they keep doing the things that make them unhappy, broke and miserable?

Queries Jeffrey Kale Flagg, “Why isn’t everyone happy?  Why isn’t everyone in the career of his or her dreams?  Why isn’t everyone financially successful?”  According to Flagg, everyone would like to be happy, fulfilled and loved—so why don’t they take the steps to insure that this becomes their reality?  The reason he hears most often, reports Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is that “they would if they could.”  Flagg does not buy that excuse.  He says that too many people don’t even try. Jeffrey Kale Flagg believes that it is not the lack of skill that prevents success and it is not the lack of opportunity either.  It is the lack of effort and the lack of Getting Started.

If that is true, asks Jeffrey Kale Flagg, then why don’t people try?  Is it because they are afraid of failing?  Is it because they are afraid of what people will say about them?  Or is it because they are afraid of success? According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, it is probably all of these things and one more. People are afraid of change. Flagg says that change makes most people nervous and uncomfortable because by definition it is different, new and unfamiliar.

The concept, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is similar to moving a boat out of the anchored spot where it has been floating idle its entire life.  The anchored spot is hot.  It has no shade.  It is in the middle of rough water and it makes for a very uncomfortable life.  It is not a good docking station—which is why the boat owner wanted to move it in the first place.  And, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, that is a good decision.  There are other resting places that are better, more comfortable, and safer and more rewarding.  But, points out Jeffrey Kale Flagg, when you start the boat’s engine and move, you are going to create waves.  Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move, says according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, you absolutely should.  What it means is that you shouldn’t be surprised when people yell out trying to get you to stop making waves.

It’s the same way in business, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg. Making waves isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it is simply reality.  Once you understand that other people don’t want you to move even though better options are available, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, that should be a huge motivator for you to never stop moving your boat—to never stop trying to improve your life.

Donald Leon Farrow Explains OSHA Manufacturing Safety Standards

In Professionals on October 11, 2012 at 9:09 am

Donald Leon FarrowDonald Leon Farrow has spent his career implementing money-saving strategies for corporations that also happen to be life-saving strategies. His top priority has been to educate employees regarding the importance of job safety. Donald Leon Farrow emphasizes that it is a manager’s responsibility to secure his workers by instilling OSHA principles into daily work standards.

According to Donald Leon Farrow, OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is a division of the United States Department of Labor. OSHA guidelines are put in place to ensure each workplace is safe for workers, says Donald Leon Farrow, thereby preventing injuries and exposure to harmful situations. Not only does OSHA create guidelines to which each workplace must abide, but it enforces these regulations as well.

According to Donald Leon Farrow, OSHA conducts routine surprise inspections during which non-compliance could result in operations being shut down. Additionally, OSHA responds to complaints by workers, always keeping the complainant confidential. Because of this, Donald Leon Farrow stresses that it is vital to a business’s continued operations to maintain regulatory compliance.

Donald Leon Farrow believes the safety of workers is paramount to a business’s success in other ways as well. He points out that employees are the lifeblood of any business. Their safety and job satisfaction can make the difference between a product failing and succeeding, Donald Leon Farrow asserts.

OSHA seeks to eliminate worker exposure to dangerous chemicals, increase use of protective equipment for workers, and improve the safety of work areas, explains Donald Leon Farrow. In manufacturing, Donald Leon Farrow reports that OSHA compliance means reducing the risk of falls and minimizing injuries through use of equipment. Worker education is an important part of OSHA compliance, Donald Leon Farrow says, since each worker needs to be aware of what he or she can do to reduce risk.

One way management can play a role in managing safety of workers is through creating policies that are enforced each day. According to Donald Leon Farrow, safety signage and regular meetings can help enforce these policies. Company managers should take responsibility for routinely checking to ensure equipment is being properly maintained and work areas are kept safe and clean.

Donald Leon Farrow notes that food manufacturing is one of many areas under OSHA’s jurisdiction. While OSHA guidelines are important, Donald Leon Farrow believes that employers should also create regulations customized to their particular workplace. Donald Leon Farrow has found that keeping workers safe not only shows demonstrates that they are appreciated; it also ensures they’ll be able to stay healthy and productive for many years.

Philip Melugin Discusses How Sound Leadership Built Phoenix Home Care

In Health and Beauty on October 8, 2012 at 10:49 am
Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin founded Phoenix Home Care in 2011. A little more than a year later, the organization has seen astronomical growth. This is in large part due to Philip Melugin’s strong leadership and the environment he creates within an organization. Here, the home health care administrator answers some questions he frequently receives about his leadership and how it factors into Phoenix Home Care’s success.

Q: When was Phoenix Home Care established?

Philip Melugin: We opened our doors in May 2011 and, in just over a year, have grown to a company that employs more than 700.

Q: How is this impacting the local economy?

Philip Melugin: Phoenix Home Care was recently acknowledged for its positive economic impact by the Springfield Business Journal.

Q: Describe the growth Phoenix Home Care has seen since 2011.

Philip Melugin: We’re currently annualizing $19 million, with 16,000 hours of service. This has helped provide additional jobs for healthcare workers and helped fulfill the need for services in the areas of Kansas and Missouri we support.

Q: And you continue to grow. To what do you attribute your success?

Philip Melugin: At Phoenix Home Care, we emphasize the importance of personalized, compassionate treatment for our clients. We believe this sets us apart from other healthcare agencies.

Q: Does the fact that you’re going into people’s homes pose challenges?

Philip Melugin: Yes, and this is why we choose our workers with great care.  Our employees are expected to have the same commitment to quality care as our management team. We also place strong emphasis on core values when choosing employees. We believe that this value system filters down to our clients through our personnel.

Q: How do you narrow that down in the interview?

Philip Melugin: We have an in-depth interview process that screens applicants beyond their job history. It’s important to us to find candidates who have a compassionate heart that will drive everything they do in providing care for our clients. We also stress Christ-like values of compassion, honesty, and patients for everyone who works for Phoenix Home Care.

Prior to joining Phoenix Home Care, Philip Melugin was co-owner of Integrity Home Care and assistant vice president of Oxford Health Care. Philip Melugin has served on several advisory boards to advocate for the advancement of treatment for the ABD population. Melugin lives in Missouri with his wife of 24 years and his children, two of whom are studying for careers in medicine.

Direct Media Power, Inc. | Why Radio Offers the Best Value in Advertising

In Sports on October 3, 2012 at 6:06 am
Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

The benefits of radio don’t just stop at the commercial, says Direct Media Power. Today, the pay per call advertising expert speaks with Presentation Solutions about all broadcast radio can do for your advertising budget.

Presentation Solutions: Good morning. Let’s talk about what radio advertising offers over other media outlets, such as TV and print.

Direct Media Power: Radio has numerous benefits and is simply the most affordable large-scale advertising method available.

Presentation Solutions: Drive time is the Prime Time of radio. How can focusing a message on commuters translate into revenue for your clients?

Direct Media Power: First, we like to think of our clients as partners, since we assume a large financial risk for most industries that work with us. But to answer the question, when commuters are headed to or from work, they have ample time to reflect on their personal lives such as piling debt or legal issues.

Presentation Solutions: So, a radio commercial may spike their interest based on what they are thinking about at the time?

Direct Media Power: Yes. Radio is an intrusive form of advertising. This means that, unlike a magazine where the target can simply ignore the ad, radio cuts into their train of thought intentionally. If your message is one that grabs them, they are very unlikely to change the station.

Presentation Solutions: Radio also offers the added benefit of being played for everyone within earshot, too…

Direct Media Power: Exactly, plus since radio is so affordable using our bulk buy methods, offering your commercial repetitively can help hammer your message into your customer’s minds.

Presentation Solutions: Repetition is what creates memories…

Direct Media Power: And, since radio is a media that forces listeners to use their imagination, the messages delivered can take on a personal meaning to each listener. This is very powerful because it becomes a familiar thought and the advertising business remains in the customer’s mind for longer than a visual commercial.

Presentation Solutions: Does combining radio with TV or print ads increase its success?

Direct Media Power: Not necessarily. People listen to radio to keep from reading after a long day in front of a computer, they listen when they are driving or cleaning and cannot read.

Presentation Solutions: So you are saying that standalone radio advertising is effective in itself?

Direct Media Power: Absolutely.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give our readers an example of the types of businesses that Direct Media Power can help launch a profitable radio campaign?

Direct Media Power: We have worked with all different industries that require a “lead” to make a sale.  Tax settlement is our largest vertical and we are the largest supplier of live radio calls to this industry.  Law offices also work well with our program since we work with attorneys to deliver their messages quite often. Any business that earns clientele directly, without a retail counter or other middleman, can use radio to their advantage.

Presentation Solutions: So essentially any lead-based direct-to-consumer product or service?

Direct Media Power: Yes, that about sums it up!

Presentation Solutions: We are out of time for today but hope that you will speak with us more in this subject later.

Direct Media Power: It would be our pleasure.

Direct Media Power, Inc. offers radio-only service and has proven this media successful time and time again. With cooperating network partners throughout the US, Direct Media Power offers a virtually limitless listenership that can be targeting by network or region. No other agency of its kind offers these services for the same affordable fixed-rate per call pricing.

For more information or to contact Direct Media Power directly, visit them on the web at or pick up the phone and get answers from a live account manager at 888.302.5557

Paul Savramis Shares One of the Visions Behind Rising Stars

In Sports on October 3, 2012 at 3:19 am
Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis

In 1996, Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars, an organization that helps youth by enrolling them into positive programs and keeping them enrolled and engaged in activities throughout high school. His vision of offering positive alternatives to the many challenges that kids will face throughout the formative years year-round has followed Rising Stars through its success today, achieving recognition from many of the nation’s leaders and celebrities.

The vision began when Paul Savramis realized sports, specifically basketball, provided a perfect backdrop for youth to learn some of the most important educational/life lessons and values they can. Through Rising Stars’ camps clinics, and teams Paul Savramis has taught kids skills in basketball and, more importantly, in life. Becoming a “team player”, the mentality stressed in Rising Stars, translated into other areas, like schoolwork, community service, the importance of family values and, later, career success.

Paul Savramis’ “Whiz Kids” began capturing nationwide attention as a way to reach out and inspire youth with a positive message soon after he founded the organization. The Whiz Kids appeared on The Johnny Carson Show and were invited to appear at basketball camp with Michael Jordan. Many alumni from Rising Stars went on to find great success in high school, college sports and in business. Some progressed on to professional basketball but all went on to graduate HS and attend college. The vision of using basketball to help get into the college of choice was one that Paul Savramis continues to emphasize.

The foundation for Paul Savramis’ work with Rising Stars began during his time in college, where he learned to tie education and sports together. Savramis obtained his Master’s degree from Queens College, where he majored in physical education with a minor in child psychology.

In addition to its regular programs, Rising Stars offers basketball camps for others. As Paul Savramis explains, these basketball camps in some cases last only one day but the value remains throughout the year. One organization that came to Rising Stars to help them attract children from more diverse backgrounds was the Boy Scouts OF America. The concept was the idea of Trey Fergusson a former Rising Stars Whiz Kid. The program was a great success and was  embraced nationally .Rising Stars also is the mainstay of the basketball camp offerings of Long Island Lutheran, the nation’s largest summer program.

Paul Savramis has set up these camps so that there is one coach to every five children, giving participants an intensive day of lessons that can vastly improve their abilities in basketball.

During his time as director of basketball for Rising Stars , Paul Savramis arranged for greats like Magic Johnson and Steve Nash to show up for Rising Stars’ camps. Being able to work with coaches who are also sports heroes leaves an indelible mark on young players, Paul Savramis has seen.

Many other basketball camps around the world have emulated the structure of the clinics set up by Paul Savramis. Rising Stars seeks to provide a safe place for children to learn to play and interact with each other, according to Paul Savramis. In many ways, these basketball camps provide youths a constructive outlet for their collective energies. The goal of Paul Savramis for Rising Stars has always been to bring children from diverse backgrounds together in an effort to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Still, Paul Savramis emphasizes the importance of fun in everything Rising Stars does. While the skills taught in Rising Stars are important, it’s also important that children be doing something they love, Paul Savramis believes. In the end, Rising Stars provides an important outlet on many levels for any child who has an interest in athletics. The interest begins with athletics but grows to include interests in so much more.