Jay P. Clark Talks About His Family’s Legacy

In Professionals on December 22, 2012 at 10:47 am
Jay P. Clark

Jay P. Clark

Jay P. Clark achieved two degrees from Northwest Nazarene University before taking over Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch, LLC in the Boise-area town of Mountain City, Idaho. This makes Jay P. Clark the second generation of Clarks to helm the ranch. Recently, Jay P. Clark spoke with Presentation Solutions about his love for his family and the importance of carrying on his father’s legacy.

Presentation Solutions: You took over the ranch in early 2008. Why then?

Jay P. Clark: My father retired in late 2007, so it was time for me to take over the head role in our family.

Presentation Solutions: Could you tell us a little about Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch?

Jay P. Clark: Sure! We’re located in beautiful Mountain Springs. We serve as a private agricultural center, growing a wide variety of crops, including wheat and corn, and we plan to add some new types of crops in the coming months, including camelina.

Presentation Solutions: You grew up in the area, didn’t you?

Jay P. Clark: I did. My family ranch is still part of the larger ranch today. We continue to add new land to our existing ranch, spanning from the Boise area all the way to Hagerman.

Presentation Solutions: You also maintain your own transportation?

Jay P. Clark: Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch owns a fleet of trucks that enable us to quickly and easily move crops from our farm to other areas of this section of the country.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us about some of the challenges you’ve found while running the ranch.

Jay P. Clark: Water is a huge issue in this area of the U.S., which tends to be more than a little dry. We’ve had to work hard to get water rights throughout our ranch.

Presentation Solutions: Once you get water rights, you also have to install a water system…

Jay P. Clark: Yes, so we’re hoping to get rights in time to get the system in place in time for the summer harvesting system.

Presentation Solutions: If you cannot get water rights in time, does this mean you won’t be able to harvest crop this year?

Jay P. Clark: Actually, we have thousands of acres of hay, which will result in about a ton of hay per acre, assuming this spring is a good one for hay.

Presentation Solutions: Have you found the expense of caring for equipment is high?

Jay P. Clark: Since we take care of the upkeep and repair of all of our equipment, that does help us to save money. We even rebuild tractors and semis.

Presentation Solutions: We appreciate your taking time out of your busy work schedule to speak with us today.

Jay P. Clark: My pleasure.


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