Scott Safadi Explains How Technology Makes Property Management Better

In Real Estate on May 16, 2013 at 9:39 pm
Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi is a young professional in the property management business in Palo Alto, California. Living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley, Scott Safadi knows his clients and their tenants are tech savvy and demand the same from service providers. Scott Safadi and his company, CBPM, employ technology tools to provide high-quality services to apartment owners and tenants alike. As Scott Safadi explains, gone are the days of the property manager running around collecting rent checks or renters waiting days for the plumber to arrive.

In this interview, Scott Safadi describes how technology improves property management.

Presentation Solutions: First, please tell our readers about CBPM.

Scott Safadi: CBPM is the property management company I started several years ago that is solely focused on apartment owners and tenants in Silicon Valley.

Presentation Solutions: Why is the use of technology so important in property management?

Scott Safadi: In today’s world, owners and tenants expect most services to be available 24/7; property management services are no different.

Presentation Solutions: How has the use of technology changed how property management operates?

Scott Safadi: Technology allows efficiencies that get property managers and their engineers out of the office and out solving problems.

Presentation Solutions: Has technology improved building maintenance?

Scott Safadi: The time saved from entering data, making phone calls, and traveling allows me to plan for future improvements and upgrades to properties. And engineers are able to solve tenants’ problems more quickly.

Presentation Solutions: This service must satisfy renters, right?

Scott Safadi: Certainly. When I can get a drain unclogged within three hours, tenants are extremely grateful.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the other advantages technology provides?

Scott Safadi: Renters can now pay rent and submit work orders online, saving them time, hassle and money.

Presentation Solutions: How does this system work?

Scott Safadi: Essentially, tenants have their own login portals that they can access from any computer with Internet access at any time.

Presentation Solutions: Do owners have this same setup?

Scott Safadi: While their information is a bit different, yes, owners also have their own login portals with access to their personal information at any time.

Presentation Solutions: Has this benefited property owners?

Scott Safadi: Owners are particularly interested in using technology to keep up with the status of their properties. With up-to-date, 24/7 reporting capabilities, owners can be well-informed and make strategic decisions based on the data provided.

Presentation Solutions: Is this reporting more accurate than in the past?

Scott Safadi: Yes, the technology system CBPM uses is very detailed and accurate, providing owners much better information about their properties than ever before.

Presentation Solutions: Is technology the key to happy customers?

Scott Safadi: Technology definitely helps, but the personal interaction is still very important.

About Scott Safadi:

Scott Safadi graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003 and began his career in property management. Scott Safadi and his family live in Saratoga, California, where he owns and operates CBPM. In his free time, Scott Safadi enjoys outdoor hobbies, including mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.

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