Haunted House: A Real Phenomenon Says Wesley Upchurch

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Wesley Upchurch

Wesley Upchurch

Residual energy, ghost, spirits, specters, poltergeist – Wesley Upchurch says hauntings are as varied as the people who report them. Here, paranormal phenomenon enthusiast Wesley Upchurch remarks on a few of the nation’s most compelling cases of ghostly activity.

The Myrtles Plantation

According to Wesley Upchurch, St. Francisville, Louisiana is home to one of America’s most haunted houses. Built in 1796, the Myrtles Plantation is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a young slave girl who was hung on the grounds. Chloe, reports Wesley Upchurch, can still be seen wandering the courtyards searching for the children she accidentally poisoned. According to Wesley Upchurch, Chloe was a mistress of the home’s master. Fearing that as her beauty faded so did her worth as a domestic slave, Wesley Upchurch notes that Chloe poisoned a birthday cake, resulting in the death of the owners’ only two children. Her intent was to cause stomach ache and nurse the family back to health thereby cementing her position as an irreplaceable asset to the family.

Wesley Upchurch notes that many visitors to the plantation have seen a shy African-American woman aimlessly strolling the property. Overnight guest report covers being pulled off and hearing the echoing laughter of children gone for nearly two centuries. According to Wesley Upchurch, the mirror in the main foyer is still marred by the handprints of two little girls.

The Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, reveals Wesley Upchurch, was an eccentric woman with boatloads of cash. Coupled by the unbearable loss of her husband and only child in the late 1800s, Ms. Winchester (who married into the Winchester gun fortune) did the only thing that made any sense to her: she built a house. According to Wesley Upchurch, the Winchester House is no ordinary house, however. This sprawling mansion is complete with doors to nowhere, the unusual Switchback Staircase, and the maze of passageways that only Sarah herself could navigate without a map.

Wesley Upchurch notes that the home was built after a medium told Sarah Winchester that the never ending construction of a shrine to Winchester gun victims was the only thing that would appease the ghost of the dead and damned. And, Wesley Upchurch notes that poor Sarah took those words to her grave by investing every penny she had up until her death on its resurrection.

Savannah, Georgia

No notation of America’s most haunted locations would be complete without least mention of the Hostess City of South. Wesley Upchurch says that Savannah, with its beautifully manicured public parks and historic cemeteries, is regarded as a haven for “haints”.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a movie based on a book about voodoo and murder, was filmed throughout the city and founded in part on supernatural stories emanating from the city’s history. Buildings such as the historic Whitaker-Huntington Inn and the Marshall House are favorite attractions for those seeking more than Southern hospitality.

Wesley Upchurch isn’t a typical businessman. He has dedicated his entire life to helping others have fun. As the founder of some of Columbia, Missouri’s most famous family-friendly attractions, Wesley Upchurch knows a thing or two about how to have a good time. He is a thrill-seeker at heart who genuinely believes that life isn’t worth living if you can’t keep having fun when it’s over.

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