Why Is Audi So Special? We Asked And Got The Answer

In Automotive on February 11, 2020 at 10:49 am

GPO TuningDriving down the road a few weeks ago, one of our staffers noticed that the logos on the cars next to him weren’t all just Ford, Nissan, and GMC. He took special notice of the number of Audis that passed as he waited to turn at a red light. This raised a question about why, suddenly, were there so many German imports gracing the streets of his hometown. Living in Nashville, our correspondent reached out the Audi repair shop GPO Tuning to find out.

This is what the Audi service professionals in Nashville had to say.

Q: Why are Audis all of a sudden so prevalent in Nashville? As an Audi repair shop, you must have noticed an influx of imports. 

GPO Tuning: We have been providing service and repairs for Audis here in Nashville since 2003. Over the last 17 years, we have noticed more and more of these cars coming through the shop bays for oil changes, scheduled maintenance, and service. The reason is likely quality and an influx of people from other parts of the country, where Audi vehicles have been historically more popular.

Q: Why would they be more popular in other areas?

GPO Tuning: Many people that live in cooler climates have found that Audi’s Quattro 4-wheel-drive system works very well on snow and ice. These are popular vehicles in places like Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, where winter tends to stick around. But reliability on the road is not the only reason that Audi makes a great family vehicle in cold weather…

Q: Really? What else?

GPO Tuning: Audi is known for its unrivaled interiors. They are comfortable, of course, but they are also very practical. Our Audi repair techs explain that they have virtually no air leaks, meaning they are super quiet and retain heat very well.

Q: Audi is really just a racecar toned down for the street, right?

GPO Tuning: Audi certainly has its fair share of performance-tuned vehicles that would look right at home on the racetrack. And our Audi repair shop can help Nashville drivers modify their vehicle for any driving scenario. However, make no mistake that these are luxury cars and are engineered for quality. Audi knows that most drivers aren’t taking down checkered flags but are instead running back and forth between work, school, and the grocery store. They are fast, yes, but most are catered to the modern family.

Q: How do Audis compare to other brands, like Mercedes and BMW?

GPO Tuning: I think it is really just a matter of opinion. The Mercedes C-Class comes standard with rear-wheel drive, which many people prefer. Some drivers also feel that Mercedes has an edge visually. BMWs are also great cars, but there are people who believe that BMW and Mercedes fall short when it comes to comfort.

Q: Is it tough to provide service for Audi vehicles?

GPO Tuning: Import cars require a bit of finesse. Our trained Audi repair techs keep Nashville’s drivers on the road because they have specialized knowledge of the brand. Performing Audi service means that you have to know how these vehicles work, how they are put together, and how each component affects the others.

Q: What is your overall impression of Audi as a brand?

GPO Tuning: Audi is an exceptional brand of vehicle that combines everything that a driver might want. They are comfortable, high-quality, and can get you from point A to point B in safety and style. All of this comes at a premium, however, but preventative maintenance can keep you from paying for unnecessary Audi repair. Our shop keeps Nashville’s Audi drivers on the road by making routine services readily available.

Q: Thank you for your time today. You’ve certainly answered our question, and we appreciate the information.

GPO Tuning is an Audi repair shop in Nashville. Located conveniently on Lebanon Pike just outside of downtown, GPO Tuning offers services for Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Audi. To learn more, please visit their website at

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