A Must Try Deer Fencing Solutions!

In Construction on June 4, 2021 at 5:48 am
Straight Shooter Game Fencing

There is a perfect solution that actually works to avoid an uninvited deer visiting your plants and crops. Here are a few recommendations from Straight Shooter Game Fencing that are absolutely worth trying:

Lower Fencing Options

Deer are extremely agile and capable of clearing a 10-foot tall barrier. A good vantage point of what’s behind the fenced area will make the deer hesitate to jump inside for fear of predators. 

The following are lower fence solution options that will prevent deer from entering your property:

  • Picket fences. A tightly-spaced, four to five feet picket fence will not only protect your property’s privacy but also prevent deer from seeing the other side of the fence. This will prompt them to forage for food somewhere else.
  • Use planters as distractions. Arranging several planters within the picket fence has the same effect aforementioned; deer cannot see beyond the planters and will hesitate to jump into unknown territory. 
  • Double picket fences: Another strategic approach is to install two, three- to four-foot picket fences right next to one another and just a few feet apart. The deer will hesitate in making that jump, and you’ll still be able to utilize the space in between fences. 

Traditional Deer Fencing Options 

Straight Shooter Game Fencing is a renowned professional high fence contractor. We offer proven and tested solutions to keep deer at bay. 

  • Chain link fence. This is one of the most popular types of fencing solutions and can go as high as twelve feet. These fences come in a wide range of gauges and meet various functional and design requirements.
  • Split rail with chain link. The combination of a split rail wood fence and chain link fencing will effectively prevent deer and other critters away from entering your property. Call Straight Shooter Game Fencing for customized options. 
  • Electric fencing. With an electric fence, the current is supplied by a high-voltage charger. It emits regular and timed high-energy pulses, followed by one second with no current flow. 
  • Wood fencing. A quality wood fence is a beautiful addition to any property, plus it’s also a deer deterrent. 

Straight Shooter Game Fencing has been in the high fence business for more than two decades and takes pride in being one of the most trusted fence installation companies in the country. We live with this mantra that “No project is too big or too small; we give each fence the same amount of attention to detail to make sure it exceeds client standards and serves the intended purpose.” Call us today and we’ll recommend the best fencing solution for your property.
Straight Shooter Game Fencing works with property owners throughout the US to provide high fence installation services at competitive prices. Get in touch to learn more.

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