Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, Looks at Some Myths and Realities of Starting a Business – Part Two

In Marketing on January 16, 2010 at 8:05 am

Building on Part One of a series on starting your own business, Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, continues his look at some of the common myths surrounding the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur.

You Have To Have an Original Idea

Not really. Many businesses are built around the same central idea. The difference is in the delivery. For instance, the core of all fast food places are the same. But they are marketed in unique ways. You can make a very comfortable living by copying someone else’s idea but the key is to do it in a different way. Don’t be discouraged by critics who will point out that “it’s been done before.” Just respond, “Great! That shows the idea works!”

You Will Be Your Own Boss

As CEO of Tradavo, Bobby Martyna knows that there’s only one boss in his new business and that is the customer. Customers are key to success. The customer is the one who calls the shots. You have to listen and take note, before someone else does. However, at the end of the day, when all their demands are met, then perhaps you can have some time to yourself and enjoy the pleasures of being your own boss after all!

It Takes Too Much Money To Get a Business Going

Some businesses do require a large initial investment but there are many businesses you can start that don’t necessitate a large amount of stock, machinery or equipment. Many don’t require much more than your brainpower, your knowledge and your time. A business where you sell your expertise, not actual goods, often offers high profit margins. All it takes is a computer, a desk and a cell phone.

You Get to Choose What to Do

We all have areas in which we excel, and normally these strengths lead us to specific areas of work. While paperwork or bank statements may be something you hate doing, working for yourself doesn’t offer the luxury of avoiding these unpleasant tasks. You may be able to take a course to improve your skills, or if it’s something you honestly cannot do, then hire someone to do it for you.

About Bobby Martyna:
Bobby Martyna is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded a number of venture-backed companies in e-commerce, enterprise and communications software companies. Bobby Martyna is also the founder and CEO of Tradavo, a wholesale marketer and distribution agent for small format retail. The Tradavo startup was completely self-funded and is currently the market leader in providing services from design to sourcing to small format retailers.

  1. Bobby Martyna is the founder and CEO of Tradavo and understands what it takes to build a business up from the ground. Bobby Martyna explains in this article that you will be your own boss, but also explains the importance of customer satisfaction. Bobby Martyna has provided a lot of helpful information that anyone looking to venture out as an entrepreneur, should look at.

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