Robert Martyna Shares a Commentary on the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In Professionals on February 1, 2010 at 5:30 am

Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, declares that there are many reasons to go into business for yourself. In fact, there are almost as many entrepreneurial stories as there are entrepreneurs. It could be that you have climbed as far up the employment ladder as you can. Many people, says Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, reached the top of the heap at their old job, looked around, and thought, “Is this all there is?” Robert Martyna says that an entrepreneur’s answer to this question is a resounding, “No!” Entrepreneurs have the pluck to go out and build a business with their own wits and connections, instead of merely sitting at a desk and working for a paycheck.

People get business ideas all the time. Robert Martyna knows that a business idea is not worth the paper it’s written on until it is backed up with good, solid market research. Since so many people are coming up with business ideas all the time, you need to find out if someone has already capitalized on yours. If so, you need a new one. Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, will tell you that a great business idea doesn’t always turn into a profitable business. Do some market research. Find out if the customers will come before you spend the time and resources to build a business.

For Robert Martyna, it is essential to calculate the real price, in time and money, of a new venture. That means doing a lot of legwork, and not expecting a paycheck for that hard work. It is a trying process, even under the best circumstances. Do not go in alone. Use the support systems already built into your life. Embrace family support. Trying to do it without the support of family and other loved ones will cause needless stress, according to Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo.

Robert Martyna tells potential entrepreneurs that they are not likely to excel at every level of expertise necessary for launching a successful start up. That is natural. We are only human. Even Robert Martyna, who serves as the CEO of Tradavo, did not get there alone. A strong indicator of likely success in the future is the willingness to ask for help from colleagues today. Call upon the support of partners, consultants, and employees. Good luck!

Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo

  1. Robert Martyna served as Managing Partner of Bay Area Principal Management Consultants, providing management consulting services to venture backed start-up companies in retail, enterprise and communications software. Robert Martyna also founded Quintessent Communications in 1997, acting as President and CEO through 1999.

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