The State of Jazz According to Tom Patterson, Band Director in the Round Rock District

In Music on March 24, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Tom Patterson of Deerpark in the Round Rock school district recently commented that jazz has become an ornament that adorns all modern musical genres. Tom Patterson of Round Rock added that jazz music may no longer be the leader of the music industry, but it still remains the grandfather. The modern traditional jazz scene is a productive but under-represented segment of the musical population, noted Tom Patterson of Round Rock. Tom Patterson pointed out most musicians are not jazz musicians. Regardless, maintained Round Rock’s Tom Patterson, jazz remains more prevalent than ever through its ubiquitous influence.

Any modern genre of music, explained Tom Patterson to Round Rock students, owes its existence to jazz. Tom Patterson of Round Rock also told them that Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop and Electronica are all jazz based music. Round Rock District’s Tom Patterson added that these contemporary forms of music all have jazz structures in common. Common jazz structures, according to Tom Patterson of Round Rock, include complex rhythms and chromatic chord progressions. Tom Patterson of Round Rock further explained that we do not notice these elements everyday simply because they are so common. In fact, it would be easier to notice their absence.

As Band Director at Deerpark in the school district of Round Rock, Tom Patterson is familiar with the fact that much of today’s radio repertoire is constituted almost entirely of jazz inspired musical forms. Tom Patterson of Round Rock pointed out that if we remove all jazz based music from radio broadcasts, all that would be left on the air would be classical music and talk radio. It is important to develop an appreciation, instructed Tom Patterson of Round Rock, for jazz and its integral part of music today.

Like any great art from, concluded Tom Patterson of Deerpark’s Round Rock district, jazz has not confined itself to the land of its birth. Round Rock’s Tom Patterson drew attention to how jazz, in a relatively short time, has spread all over the world. From its American roots, jazz has traveled to every continent and country. Tom Patterson of Round Rock concluded that a jazz fan could easily find jazz festival in every time zone of the globe.

  1. Tom Patterson, Round Rock School District’s Deerpark Middle School Director of Bands, has loved music since he was a child. On the journey to become a Band Director in Round Rock, Tom Patterson began his career as an educator in the fall of 1998.

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