Collex Collision Experts Utilizes Auto Watch’s State of the Art Technology

In Automotive on May 20, 2010 at 10:55 am

Thanks to a 30-year record of good hard work, Collex Collision Experts have become Metro-Detroit’s leader in auto body repair. Collex Collision Experts have reached the top because of their commitment to customer service and knowledgeable use of the latest automotive repair technology. Excellent service and innovative technology are the mainstays of Collex Collision Experts’ impeccable body shop reputation.

Collex Collision Experts takes the technical side of business very seriously. To remain ahead of the industry curve, Collex Collision Experts maintains a full time IT department. The IT department at Collex Collision Experts constantly works to improve existing systems and develop new programs. With a strong information technology infrastructure, Collex Collision Experts makes sure they have the best possible communication channels between mechanics, service reps, and the ever-important customers.

For example, the technology infrastructure at Collex Collision Experts provides a free service called Auto Watch. Auto Watch is a web-based monitoring system that allows customers to get daily, even hourly updates of their car’s progress during repairs. Technicians at Collex Collision Experts take periodic digital photographs of each client’s car during the job and post the photos on the company’s website. This way, Collex Collision Experts customers can keep tabs on their car 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from the convenience of a computer at home or at work.

Collex Collision Experts knows that auto body repair, especially in the Metro-Detroit area, is a highly competitive industry. To remain at the forefront of that competition, Collex Collision Experts makes sure that each facility is powered by the latest auto body repair technology. These technologies include vacuum-sealed downdraft paint and bake booths, laser alignment machines, and computerized paint mixing. On the customer service end, Collex Collision Experts use the latest technologies to provide Auto Watch live repair monitoring and a host of other services that make repairing a car after an accident as comfortable as possible.

  1. Today Collex Collision Experts remains the leader of Metro-Detroit’s highly competitive collision repair industry. Collex Collision Experts is also becoming known in Southwest Florida for the same high quality service.

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