On Off Digital World’s New iPads and Net books

In Technology on June 17, 2010 at 6:39 pm

On Off Digital World has observed that the realm of portable computers has evolved with significant changes in user needs. Computer users expect different things from computers these days, adds On Off Digital World, than they did before the Internet was widely used. On Off Digital World says the Internet era has made email, chatting, VoiP calls and web browsing into commonplace computing essentials.

Technology has come far enough, says On Off Digital World, that the simplest of today’s computers are Internet capable. For access to the Internet, explains On Off Digital World, computer users used to be caught between the portability of Internet ready phones and the bulk of home computers. Something too small sacrificed usability, while something too big sacrificed practicality. Even laptop computers, notes On Off Digital World, can weigh as much as 10 pounds. The evolution of computing needs, says On Off Digital World, has prompted innovative responses from hardware and software manufacturers.

The consumer electronics market, continues On Off Digital World, has adapted to these computing needs. On Off Digital World says that the rise of net book computers exemplifies the way technology has adapted to advanced Internet use. The recent launch of Apple’s iPad, adds On Off Digital World, and its trend setting sales figures confirms the arrival of a new Internet based computing era. The best way to be equipped for the new computing era, says On Off Digital World, is to have a net book or an iPad.

Many customers and interested readers ask On Off Digital World, what is the difference between iPads and net books? “Net book” is an umbrella term used to describe a wide family of miniature laptop computers capable of everyday Internet based tasks. Except for a few differences, namely in price, size and style, says On Off Digital World, the Apple iPad does the same everyday tasks of a net book. On Off Digital World adds that these tasks include watching movies during travel, cataloging photographs and surfing the web in wi-fi hot spots. On Off Digital World adds that the iPad is slimmer and sleeker than any net book on the market. At the same time all net books, adds On Off Digital World, are cheaper than iPads and have considerably more storage space.

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