Guy Asaro Weighs in on the Energy Saving Potential of the Green Movement

In Real Estate on December 4, 2010 at 6:38 am

The green movement has a lot of permutations, notes Guy Asaro, and each professional must apply it to their particular industry. In most instances, says McMillin Homes president Guy Asaro, the green movement involves conserving energy and materials thorough imaginative and innovative methods. Guy Asaro’s particular interest is in greening the residential building and land use industry to which he has dedicated his professional career.

Working hands-on in the building and real estate industries since the 1980s, Guy Asaro brings a unique and seasoned perspective to the modern home building market. Green living is inevitable, says Guy Asaro, not merely a good idea. The days of wasteful energy use, explains Guy Asaro, have gone the way of the dodo bird. A real estate developer cannot compete in today’s market, adds Guy Asaro, without incorporating facets of the green movement into his or her work.

According to Guy Asaro, designing a land use plan involves several aspects of conservation. One significant aspect of conservation, says Guy Asaro, is the land use factor. The land plan itself, notes Guy Asaro, must be geared toward saving energy. Guy Asaro also points out that building offices that are close to residences can shorten or eliminate automobile commutes. Retail centers should be near enough to the residential clusters, says Guy Asaro, so that residents do not have to get in their car and drive each time they want to shop. People that drive less, says Guy Asaro, will conserve our overall consumption of fossil fuel and spend more time walking on the area’s quaint sidewalks and trails. In fact, the more significant places residents can reach on foot, adds Guy Asaro, the higher the reported levels of residential satisfaction. The community strengthening effect of increased pedestrian activity, concludes Guy Asaro, is a great beneficial side effect of reduced car traffic.

About Guy Asaro

Guy Asaro currently serves as President of McMillin Homes, one of The Corky McMillin Companies.  Guy Asaro is a 28 year veteran of the real estate industry. Guy Asaro joined the Corky McMillin organization in 2004 and was made president of the homebuilding operations in 2007.  Guy Asaro also serves as a member of the five-person Executive Committee for The Corky McMillin Companies which guides the operations and strategic planning for the entire Corky McMillin organization.

In his position as president, Guy Asaro is the overseer of McMillin’s four regional home building divisions including Southern California, Central Valley and Bakersfield in California and San Antonio, Texas. Guy Asaro supervises all aspects of the home-building operations including planning, product development, construction, sales and marketing and after sale customer service, as well as mortgage and escrow services.

McMillin Homes is in its 50th year of doing business and has built approximately 30,000 homes primarily throughout the state of California.  McMillin Homes closed 1,107 homes in 2007, 830 homes in 2008, and 825 homes in 2009 companywide.

Prior to becoming the president of McMillin Homes, Guy Asaro held the position of senior vice president of land acquisition and planning for sister company McMillin Land Development.  Before joining the Corky McMillin organization, Guy Asaro was a vice-president of The Eastlake Company for five years and also ran his own development company.  Guy Asaro has previous experience including holding an executive position with both The Baldwin Company and Pacific Bay Homes.

Guy Asaro is very active in community affairs for the real estate industry.  Guy Asaro currently serves on the Building Industry Association of San Diego County’s Board of Directors and is a past president of its South County Division.  Guy Asaro has also served as a member of the Chula Vista Mayor’s Task Force on School Issues, Budget Oversight Committee for the Chula Vista Elementary School District and SR-125 Development Task Force.

Guy Asaro received his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Redlands.  Guy Asaro lives in Scripps Ranch with his wife Chelsea and their three children.

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