Mario Romano Says “Show Me – Don’t Just Tell Me”

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Mario Romano

Mario Romano

Mario Romano and the team at Wealth Engineering believe that their online education and analysis platform is quite simply the best option available to individual investors. Mario Romano, CEO of Wealth Engineering, will tell you directly that “talk is cheap – results are what matter most!”

According to Mario Romano, Wealth Engineering markets the “Investview” product of Global Investor Services Inc., a publicly traded company providing online financial education, analysis tools and live webinar-based training to individual subscribers.

From Mario Romano’s perspective, what sets the Investview product apart is its live trading rooms. These live webinars are held five times per week and Mario Romano says that they demonstrate real trade strategies to students. Mario Romano explains that this is not training that uses examples from the past. Instead, Mario Romano says that students are able to apply the education and trade strategies to real trades and share performance from start to finish. “Most others tell you, while our platform demonstrates everything,” points out Mario Romano.

Mario Romano presents the approach of the platform as simple. Investview combines the three critical elements required:

  1. Education – Mario Romano says that everyone must have the training and knowledge to approach investing in the market intelligently.
  2. Analysis Tools – The tools to assess and evaluate the markets, companies and key financial information are critical, says Mario Romano, and this type of information was once available only to professionals.
  3. Application– The ability to apply the education and the analysis to real trades, notes Mario Romano, is the element of the solution that puts the Investview platform in a class of its own.

Mario Romano lives with the conviction that we are living in an age where we can be the most educated and informed investors in history. Mario Romano points out that information is available to everyone and it allows individuals the opportunity to participate in their own financial outcome. Mario Romano believes the Investview product platform will enable everyone to take control of his or her capital and become a “wealth engineer.”

Mario Romano dedicates his professional life to these objectives and strives to establish Wealth Engineering as a leader in providing financial education to the masses worldwide. For more information, Mario Romano can be reached at 732-889-4308.

Mario Romano began his Wall Street career at Lehman Brothers in 1982. From then until the beginning of the new millennium, Mario Romano held several executive positions with a select group of Wall Street institutions. Mario Romano also served as CEO of Romano Enterprises LLC from May 2000 through December 2004. In 2005, Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering & Development and through their combined efforts, Mario Romano contributed to securing the largest contractual agreements for the InvestView platform of Global Investor Services Inc. Mario Romano has fine-tuned motivational skills that have allowed him to establish, grow and manage a group of over 100 retail stockbrokers. With over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience, Mario Romano believes the time has come for individuals to learn how to manage and grow their wealth. Mario Romano dedicates his professional life to these objectives and strives to solidify Wealth Engineering as a leader in providing financial education to the masses worldwide.

  1. I agree with Mario Romano that the results are what matters most than just saying it. People will believe in you if you can show them what are the results of what you’re doing. Mario Romano’s objectives will really help other people. His idea of online education is something that is important to share his knowledge about wealth engineering. Congratulations to Mario Romano for a job well done!

  2. I haven’t heard about Mario Romano’s online education program before. Well, after reading this post about Mario Romano, I became interested about wealth engineering and how would it help small businesses and even beginners to be successful. Thanks for sharing this! Mario Romano’s online education is something I look forward to.

  3. I guess so that everyone must have a training and knowledge before getting into a business just like what Mario Romano have said. It would be useless if you would start a business without enough knowledge unless you have someone that you can trust to run your business. Individual investors should participate in Mario Romano’s online education so they can learn more about wealth engineering. This is a great article about Mario Romano. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  4. Mario Romano’s online education would not only reach investors within his place but also to other places. This kind of education is something that people mostly used nowadays. Mario Romano’s quote here, “Show me – don’t just tell me”, should serves as motivation for investors to do their best to reach their goals. They need to do something to make it happen. I learned something about Mario Romano today and I want to thank you for that. More power!

  5. Great article about Mario Romano’s thoughts about wealth engineering and how he would share to the world his knowledge and own experiences. I guess Mario Romano has enough experience in wealth engineering. I enjoyed reading this post! Mario Romano has already proven his self about this.

  6. Nice! I am so impressed with the perseverance of Mario Romano and his team to spread high quality online financial education. I am currently taking up Business Management course and I think this idea of online education of Mario Romano will surely the best option to get a mass of information about the field of my study and of course to mold well my personality to become a successful businessman. I am so glad that Mario Romano had introduced Investview.

  7. Hello there! This is a very good to read article. Mario Romano had discussed the subject plainly understandable which everyone who could read it will be able to absorb the thoughts that he’s trying to deliver. I am a mother with two kids and this past few days I’ve been thinking to go back in school to pursue my financial management course. Even though I am so determined to continue my education I am hesitant to leave my kids at home with just the babysitter. Luckily, I found this writings of Mario Romano in Google. And reading all of his written articles somehow enlighten me that an online financial education is the solution. Thanks to Mario Romano!

  8. I am looking for online financial education information and the related topics and I find this writings of Mario Romano. After reading the whole article I am so amazed by how Mario Romano is thinking of ways to help the others in gaining more knowledge in the area of finance and with related areas to succeed. And what I like most from all the statements of Mario Romano is that “Most others tell you, while our platform demonstrates everything” which is so true. Another thing is that the actual application of our learnings and the trade strategies to real trades and share performance from start to finish is I think the most advantaged of their training program.

  9. I think its right to agree with Mario Romano for I believe that the best learning is by experience. Compare with the traditional class discussion and with other training programs online these ideas of Mario Romano about online demonstration and actual practice of the students acquired education beats them. Whoever read this posting will certainly like it and will praise Mario Romano for developing such magnificent program.

  10. Extraordinary post! I’ve known investing and marketing related works is a very critical field that requires solid knowledge and strategic actions. Hence, a high quality education is required to achieve success in this field. And I’ve seen that high quality education in Mario Romano developed Investview program. As detailed by Mario Romano in this article, Investview provides great education to everyone, analysis tools, and most importantly the application. I think no one is better than Investview of Mario Romano.

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