Dr. David Snodgrass DDS Discusses Methods of Treating a Child’s Toothache

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Dr. David Snodgrass DDS

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS is an experienced pediatric dentist with the well-regarded Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates in Middle Tennessee. For most people, notes Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, dentistry and its associated processes are somewhat of a mystery. When kids in particular experience tooth trouble, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, it is not uncommon that the problem will be neglected. However, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS cautions that any sign of tooth trouble, from a chip to a toothache, should be attended to immediately.

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS finds it very helpful when the parents of his patients are informed about basic dental first aid practices. Toothaches are generalized pains that can indicate a more serious condition, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS. Toothaches may be caused by the gradual affects of decay, explains Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, or by a more immediate injury like a chipped or cracked tooth. Sometimes a tooth may not ache right after it is chipped, if the injury is mild, notes Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, but food will lodge in the affected area and later lead to irritation and pain.

If a child has a toothache, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, clean the area around the achy tooth and rinse your child’s mouth with warm water. Dr. David Snodgrass DDS then suggests following up with a bit of flossing to remove any food that may be lodged or impacted near the achy tooth. Dr. David Snodgrass DDS typically recommends against applying heat to a toothache. If the toothache is causing facial swelling, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, apply a cold compress and call your Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates.

When the times comes to take your child to Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and the pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King, make the visit as easy on the child as possible. Give the child some form of control over the situation, suggests Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, by allowing them to choose what they will wear or suggesting that they bring along a favorite toy. As a parent, it is important that you remain calm when bringing your child to the Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates. Children are very intuitive and sensitive, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, and if their parents are worried or uneasy, kids will feel the same.

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About Dr. David Snodgrass DDS

Since 1987, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has practiced dentistry in the greater Nashville area.  A graduate of the University of Tennessee, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Science in 1984.  In 1986 Dr. David Snodgrass DDS received his pediatric dentistry certificate from Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In addition to his practice, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS currently serves at Vanderbilt University in the capacity of a part-time professor of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, along with co-founder Dr. John T. King, established Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates.  Dr. David Snodgrass DDS wanted to establish a dental practice that parents could trust and where children would feel safe and welcomed.  Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates offers a kid-friendly, carnival-like environment with a focus on pediatric dentistry excellence.  Dr. David Snodgrass DDS’ dream has grown from one to multiple offices serving the greater Nashville area, including Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Hermitage and Franklin/Brentwood.

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS’ expertise can also be found in numerous publications.  The author of articles concerning growth and development, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has appeared in several orthodontic and pediatric dental journals. Dr. David Snodgrass DDS holds memberships in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Orthodontic Society, the International Association of Orthodontics and the Tennessee Dental Association.  Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has numerous awards and accolades including the Achievement, Fellowship and Diplomat Awards from the American Orthodontic Society and the International Association of Orthodontics.  Through orthodontic study organizations, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS is a recognized lecturer and mentor in the Southeastern United States.

Outside of his practice, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS believes it important to use his talents and gifts in the service of humanity.  Since 2007, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has taken service-oriented trips to Haiti.  Following his initial trip, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS would journey to perform the same work in the Dominican Republic.  After working in the Dominican, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS was flown back into Haiti.  In 2010 on his return trip to the area, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS worked in the dental clinic of Danita’s Children Hope for Haiti Center.  The Hope for Haiti Center dental clinic was fully equipped by Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates.  In that most recent trip, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS witnessed over 300 Haitians receive cleanings, fillings, sealants, and extractions, stainless steel crowns, as well as having routine procedures performed.  In November of 2010, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and Dr. King led a team of eleven team members from their dental practice back to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  A brief stop over in Sousa allowed the team to treat over 200 patients, free of charge.

Most recently a group of 15 Haitian orphans visited the United States and middle Tennessee to record a music project.  Those orphans stopped by Dr. David Snodgrass DDS’ offices of Snodgrass-King and were treated for any and all types of dental procedures.

From his belief in a “kid-friendly” environment to his pursuit of pediatric dental expertise, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS believes excellence in pediatric dental care is essential.  And with that belief in excellence Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has a heart to serve and give that same excellence to those who may never have the opportunity to receive such dental care.

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and his wife Melody reside with their three children in Brentwood, Tennessee.

For more information about Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates go to or call them at 615-771-1111.

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