Carlotta Luis Offers Helpful Facts about Sustainable Travel and Tourism

In Travel on March 15, 2011 at 7:22 am
Carlotta Luis

Carlotta Luis

Travel consultant Carlotta Luis loves her job. Based in the Miami, Florida area, Carlotta Luis embraces every opportunity to open new doors for curious travelers. Given her considerable knowledge of travel and tourism, Carlotta Luis is often asked to comment on the latest trends and values in the industry.

Carlotta Luis cites industry statistics from Sustainable Travel International and the World Tourism Organization. “Tourism is by far one of the largest industries in the world,” reports Carlotta Luis. Over 10% of the jobs on the entire planet, notes Carlotta Luis, are jobs created by the travel and tourism industry. In 2010, global international tourism arrivals numbered approximately one billion.

With the tremendous scale of global travel and tourism, explains Carlotta Luis, comes a significant environmental impact. Carlotta Luis finds that recent generations are faced with the ecological impact of travel now, more than ever. The sheer amount of machinery and fuel used to move one billion tourists per year around the world, says Carlotta Luis, has produced discernible affects on global climate change.

On a cultural level, Carlotta Luis reports that countries hosting tourists often pay a cultural cost in the form of land-use conflicts as well as the encroachment upon their indigenous identity. Carlotta Luis suggests that travel and tourism must adapt to meet the needs of the 21st century by addressing these issues.

Sustainable travel and sustainable tourism, explains Carlotta Luis, are terms that describe a host of far reaching methods and considerations dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible travel. Carlotta Luis offers an example of sustainable tourism based on visiting the natural wonders and indigenous people of a destination country. Rather than thinking of out-of-the way destinations as developers’ opportunities, Carlotta Luis suggests marketing such destinations on their natural merits. In other words, concludes Carlotta Luis, a beautiful beach does not need a wasteful, sprawling, glittering luxury resort to be an ideal tourist spot.

About Carlotta Luis:

Carlotta Luis has spent a great portion of her career focused on Caribbean travel. Providing solid basic information helps vacationers make the right choice and for Carlotta Luis and those she serves, the U.S. Virgin Islands remain an affordable, friendly and beautiful destination for vacationers looking for sand, sun and hospitality.

For more information, Carlotta Luis can be contacted at

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