Richard Siskey On Finding a Good Company Founder

In Finance on June 16, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Richard Siskey

“It has long been a debate amongst angel investors about whether it is better to have a good company founder or a good idea,” says Richard Siskey.  Whatever the right answer is, Richard Siskey believes that there are certain qualities to look for in a founder when weighing a capital investment in a company.  Establishing a reputation for success with thirty years of experience, Siskey understands the ins and outs of angel investing.  Spending most of his professional life building, funding and selling companies, Richard Siskey has met quite a few company founders.

“Do they do the ‘right’ thing?  That is one of my first questions concerning a company owner in which I may be investing,” reports Richard Siskey.  And when Richard Siskey is talking about the right thing he speaks of two levels.  “First and most obvious, I look at whether or not they do the right thing as far as making good, solid decisions,” states Richard Siskey.  In addition, adds Siskey, do they do the “right” thing when it comes to integrity?  “Integrity in business means everything,” affirms Richard Siskey. “In the final analysis, all you have is your name and reputation.”

Persistence is also near the top of the list of qualities found in a good founder, says Richard Siskey.  “If a founder gives up easy before I have ever invested money, they will give up easy after they have my money,” points out Richard Siskey.  Company owners need to have a “stomach for the tough” and learn what it means to never give up, according to Siskey.  “Winston Churchill said it best when he said, ‘never, never, never give up'”, Richard Siskey maintains.

“Is this person teachable?” is another question Richard Siskey asks concerning an owner of a company in which he may potentially invest.  “What I do goes way beyond monetary value for me,” explains Richard Siskey.  For me and many other angel investors, says Siskey, it is the opportunity to invest in a person, personally.  “I love training leaders, investing in and growing people,” adds Richard Siskey.  Making money off the investment is “second to being able to help grow people”, says Siskey.

And with the teachability, according to Richard Siskey, must come flexibility.  “I think they go hand-in-hand,” comments Richard Siskey.  If a person can learn, according to Richard Siskey, they will be flexible in their strategy, approach, and flow with the ever-changing winds of business.  “Bottom line, flexibility tells me that this person is willing to see another perspective from someone who has ‘been there, done that before,’” says Richard Siskey.  Flexibility, concludes Siskey, will allow business owners to see beyond their vision and dream to one that “may be larger and greater than they ever thought possible.”

Richard Siskey is an angel investor and the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC. For more information, contact Richard Siskey at

About Richard Siskey

Over a span of thirty years, Richard C. Siskey (Rick Siskey) has become known as a premier investor and advisor to numerous entrepreneurs and businesses.  Possessing what the Greater Charlotte Biz magazine dubbed, “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance,” Richard Siskey knows what it takes to start, build, finance and sell businesses.

Motivated by raw challenge and competition, Richard Siskey founded Wall Street Capitol.  After spending years in the financial markets, Richard Siskey developed moves and strategies that were a proven success.  In establishing Wall Street Capitol, Siskey envisioned a company that would service all the financial needs expected by high networth clientele.  Today, with a phenomenal talent and skill set under one roof, Wall Street Capitol performs at a level not easily matched for entrepreneurs and individuals of financial means.

Richard Siskey is the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC.  Siskey Industries offers traditional and alternative sources of capital funding, strategic advisory solutions and alternative investment opportunities.  As Chairman of Siskey Industries, Richard Siskey joins his expertise to a network of industry professionals in the arena of private equity investing.

Known for his integrity, Richard Siskey has built his businesses based upon that value.  In a recent article one of Siskey’s clients commented, “Integrity, without question, has to be number one in financial services. I have personally seen his integrity moved from words to action.”

In 2000, Richard Siskey moved Wall Street Capitol to a specially designed 75,000 square foot office building located on prime real estate in the SouthPark area of Charlotte, North Carolina.  With the professional touch often related to Siskey, these offices have become the infrastructure for expansion.  Today Richard Siskey, Wall Street Capitol and Siskey Industries serve a diverse base of clients both regionally and nationwide.

Richard Siskey believes that community and family are to be valued above business.  He has supported and actively given to Queens College, Catholic Social Services and numerous charities that include the United Way.  In a long list of opportunities, Siskey points to one that has nothing to do with money or business:  the YMCA.  In 1995, Richard Siskey’s civic contributions and support of the YMCA organization were honored with the naming of The Siskey Family YMCA, a recognition for which he remains very grateful.

Richard Siskey completed his Masters of Business Administration at the Queens University of Charlotte.  Deeply grateful to have earned his graduate degree from the prestigious McColl School of Business, Siskey has lectured throughout the country on a number of fiscally oriented topics. Richard Siskey is also past member of the National Speakers Association, in good standing.

Richard Siskey has been a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina for over twenty-six years.  He is married to Diane and they have two adult children.

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