Dr. Jerry M. Foster: Third Party Medical Consultants Can Be Beneficial

In Health and Beauty on August 2, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Dr. Jerry M. Foster

“Medical situations can in so many ways be scary,” acknowledges Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  A medical practitioner for over thirty years in the fields of Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Foster believes in third party consultation.  “When a patient has been diagnosed with a serious illness, an objective third party can assist them in numerous ways,” asserts Dr. Foster.  A graduate of North Carolina State University and with Doctoral work completed at both Duke University and Vanderbilt Medical Center, Dr. Jerry M. Foster understands the value of a third party consultant.

The first benefit of a third party consultant during a medical situation is the obvious – information.  “One cannot let fear overshadow other decisions,” says Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  And during medical situations, a third party consultant can give an additional second opinion as well as other information, states Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  According to Dr. Foster, after a second opinion deems the first diagnosis correct, the consultant can offer information and pathways maybe not previously discussed.

The second benefit of employing a third party consultant, says Dr. Foster is the care.  “Families and patients undergoing major medical situations need a calming voice of care,” states Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  A third party consultant can provide that moment of needed care.

Finally, according to Dr. Jerry M. Foster, a third and final benefit of third party consultation during a medical situation is cost savings.  “Most often, a doctor is going to encourage a patient to receive a second opinion,” explains Dr. Foster.  However, a third party consultation can be given over the Internet, thereby saving a patient valuable dollars.  “The second opinion and follow-up information can be given quickly without the costs of office visits and travel,” concludes Dr. Jerry M. Foster.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster has served his patients for thirty years with distinction and accolade.  Board Certified by the state of Tennessee in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Jerry M. Foster has demonstrated his vast subject knowledge through several earned degrees.

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