Catherine Case Szarwark Supports the New York Junior League

In Sports on August 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Case Szarwark

Catherine Case Szarwark is always glad when someone asks her about the New York Junior League (NYJL), because it gives her the opportunity to discuss one of her favorite causes. According to Catherine Case Szarwark, the NYJL is a collective of women dedicated to community action and the development of the innate potential of women everywhere. According to Szarwark, the NYJL works at the community level to cultivate leaders and organize knowledgeable volunteers. The NYJL’s objective, explains Catherine Case Szarwark, is to promote education and charity while reaching out to women of all religions, creeds, races and national origins.

Catherine Case Szarwark calls the New York Junior League an inspirational and powerful organization with a diverse population of members who are committed to volunteerism. For Catherine Case Szarwark and thousands of other dedicated women, volunteering for the NYJL is an opportunity to affect real positive change through direct community involvement. Szarwark lists some of the “signature initiatives” for which the New York Junior League has garnered significant renown. The Financial Literacy program, says Catherine Case Szarwark, is a volunteer-powered initiative teaching people how to proactively manage their finances and gather the valuable knowledge necessary to establish true long-term financial stability. Catherine Case Szarwark also heartily endorses the Playground Improvement Project, a tireless effort to beautify and renew dilapidated playgrounds, giving young children more places to play, as well as develop their social, motor and mental skills.

Catherine Case Szarwark points out the significant contributions of the NYJL’s Community Health Access Model Program (CHAMP). In fact, notes Catherine Case Szarwark, the national Junior League ranges much farther than New York. Currently the Junior League’s membership base is constituted of more than 155,000 active women volunteers in Canada, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. Catherine Case Szarwark is a proud member of this worldwide volunteer organization, dedicated to the betterment of the human condition through the community action of conscientious women.

About Catherine Case Szarwark

For Catherine Case Szarwark, accomplishments came early in life. While friends were hoping to adapt to middle school, Catherine Case Szarwark found her passion. Szarwark started fencing in the sixth grade when a mini-fencing class was offered for physical education. She discovered that she loved it and possessed a rare talent.  Catherine Case Szarwark’s parents were supportive and her path to success began.

Catherine Case Szarwark spent six years at the Nashville Fencing Academy where she developed into one of the finest fencers in the country.  While attending Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee, Catherine Case Szarwark rose to the highest-ranking American epee fencer in the under-17 age category.  Her fencing for the American team took Catherine Case Szarwark to Italy and Germany, and Szarwark spent time at the United States Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she trained alongside Olympic hopefuls from all over the United States.

Upon graduation from high school, Catherine Case Szarwark elected to attend Penn State University where she fenced under the legendary Coach Emmanuil Kaidanov.  There, Szarwark compiled a record of 149 wins against only 35 losses, for an 81.0% winning percentage.  This remains the sixth-best in the storied history of fencing at Penn State University.  Catherine Case Szarwark earned all America honors three times, and was the captain of the Women’s Epee team in 2006-2007 when Penn State University won the NCAA National Championship. In speaking of this team, Coach Kaidanov singled out Catherine Case Szarwark for her leadership and dedication.

Catherine Case Szarwark also earned All Academic Big Ten honors, and finished with a 3.4 grade point average at Penn State University.  Szarwark now lives in New York City and has taught fencing at the New York Athletic Club. She works at NYU School of Medicine and is involved in Junior League of New York.

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