Why Golf is So Addictive

In Sports on November 11, 2011 at 6:30 am
Life as a Golf Pro

Life as a Golf Pro

I first played golf at the age of fifteen. A local businessman owned a nine-hole course near my hometown and, for just a few bucks, I could play all day. My parents would drop me off in the morning and I’d play golf all day. The game is probably 75 percent mental, so if someone is undergoing stress, his game can easily be thrown off. But there have been a few times when, during my entire round, I felt like I was in some sort of ‘zone.’

Today, I continue to be amazed at how addictive the game of golf can be. Nine holes have doubled, with the back nine that is more narrow and difficult, and it’s the back nine that force me to really focus and concentrate.

In my opinion, the game of golf is challenging because so many elements need to come together for a golfer to play well. The key is perseverance. There are days when I feel like every putt is a failure, but then I hit those last couple of holes and turns it all around.

That is all it takes. That one perfect shot and you are re-hooked for tomorrow! Such a fun but frustrating sport.

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