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Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Epil-Stop to discuss hair removal.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: No matter where you find it, there’s only one way to take care of unwanted hair! Seen on Incredible Discoveries, Epil-Stop is the most sophisticated hair removal system ever created. In two quick and easy steps, Epil-Stop removes the hair using a botanically enhanced formula and conditions your skin with a revolutionary new soothing Afterwash.

Incredible Discoveries explains how Epil-Stop’s advanced two-step hair removal system makes it easier, safer and more fun to get rid of unwanted hair while conditioning your skin at the same time! With an advanced formula featuring botanical aloe, shea butter and sweet almond oil, Epil-Stop is a refreshing new experience in hair removal. Incredible Discoveries shows how easy it is to apply and not only reduces hair, but make it less coarse and noticeable.

Using Epil-Stop is fast, clean, easy, and makes you look good.  It mainly focuses on making sure that your skin isn’t going to be irritated or red, or have red bumps on it when you’re done. The Epil-Stop system is exactly what Incredible Discoveries viewers have been looking for! Finally! Incredible Discoveries introduces a NO-Nick-Cut-Rip-Tear-Singe-Pluck-Tweeze-Rash-Burn-Scar-way to get rid of unwanted hair! It truly is the next generation in hair removal and works in as little as three minutes! It smells nice.  It’s easy to do, and it works!  It’s the perfect solution to all my shaving problems.  Epil-Stop really works!

Incredible Discoveries wonders if you have hair in all the wrong places?  Wait! Don’t shave! Don’t wax! Don’t let electrolysis or lasers take up all your cash! If you want to get rid of hair, you need the advanced Epil-Stop Hair Removal System. Incredible Discoveries explains how Epil-Stop’s botanically enhanced formula works faster and more effectively than any other depilatory cream! The innovative double-sided tool makes it easier than ever to smooth on and slide off the special cream! Incredible Discoveries encourages you to find out why the revolutionary Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash is just what your skin has been asking for! Hear from real women and men on Incredible Discoveries who have made the switch to Epil-Stop and see why Epil-Stop is the only way to take care of unwanted hair.

Hair. Sometimes it shows up in all the wrong places. Incredible Discoveries found an easy solution to a hairy old problem. It’s the only solution Incredible Discoveries viewers will ever need to use, ever again. It’s the advanced, two-step system from Epil-Stop, the number-one name in hair removal cream. See how easy it is to use! Just smooth on the silky cream using the special, two-sided no touch Epil-Tool, wait as little as three minutes, then slide off the cream and the hair. Your hands don’t need to touch the cream. It just smoothes on and slides off! Here is the most exciting part: It’s called Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash. Check out this revolutionary step two. When you’ve finished rinsing the Epil-Stop Silky cream, apply the revolutionary Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash.

There is nothing else out there that can do this. It instantly neutralizes the hair remover cream to help prevent skin redness and those pesky, little red bumps. Wherever there is leftover remover, the Afterwash turns pink! So now, you always know if you’ve missed a spot! Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash restores your skin’s natural pH level, soothing and moisturizing it for a glowing finish. Epil-Stop’s advanced two-step hair removal system makes it easier, safer and more fun to get rid of unwanted hair while conditioning your skin at the same time.

Epil-Stop Silky cream isn’t like old-fashioned depilatory creams. It is an advanced formula featuring botanical aloe, shea butter and sweet almond oil, so your skin will look and feel healthier than ever. No other depilatory cream has this second, most important step. Only Epil-Stop’s two-step system gives you everything you need to take care of unwanted hair, without irritating your skin. It’s effective and gentle enough for you to use on your legs, underarms, arms or bikini line.

Incredible Discoveries: The night before a triathlon, I have to shave my entire body, and I don’t like it. It’s horrible!  I have to shave places that I don’t even like touching.  But I have to, in order to get the best time out of the water.  Since my team and I started using Epil-Stop, our whole pre-race routine is much faster, which also means our race time has improved. The whole team loves using Epil-Stop.  I would recommend it to any male or female. It’s fast, clean, smells good, and most important, it has great results.

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  1. Being a teenager I am very much conscious about my appearance and looks so I’m really being careful about my self hygiene. One of the common problems for a girl like are this unwanted hair. Lately while watching a segment by Incredible Discoveries I knew that I found what I am searching for. The Epil-Stop which is introduced by Incredible Discoveries is very great. Now I don’t have to spend so much time getting rid of this unwanted hairs. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Amelia – Incredible Discoveries are very happy that the product are very effective. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” And thanks for sharing your inspiring story. – Incredible Discoveries

  2. I am a fun of beauty contest and what always gets me down is this unwanted hair around my body. I’ve been searching for solutions to resolve this Incredible Discoveries but all they could recommend is laser treatments which is not applicable for me. When Incredible Discoveries introduced the Epil-Stop to us I know it did help a lot of people like me. Epil-Stop is a very effective and safe for your skin because it was made with organic ingredients. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Eunice – Thanks for leaving a feedback, hoping that Incredible Discoveries help you in a simple way. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” – Incredible Discoveries

  3. I was glad to learn about the Epil-Stop from Incredible Discoveries. Now I have conquered me dream to be a model which is always stop because of my unwanted hair and blackening skin after shaving. With what Incredible Discoveries are doing I know they could change the lives of so many. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Lara – Thanks for your feedback, we are happy that Incredible Discoveries is part of your future success. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” – Incredible Discoveries

  4. Getting rid of unwanted hair is what almost women like me dreamed of. But the most common way is by putting it out trough laser facility which I am very much afraid to use. But then I’ve seen this Epil-Stop in a show by Incredible Discoveries and tried to try it on. I was amazed for the faster result and totally recommend to my friends what I just discovered from Incredible Discoveries. You always know what’s the right product for us Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Rachel – We are glad that you smartly choose Incredible Discoveries product to use in your daily life. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” Thanks for sharing your story! – Incredible Discoveries

  5. I am very conscious about my looks. Just like any other girl I am a fan of fashion. Dressing up on style. My only problem Incredible Discoveries is the dark spots in parts of my body after shaving which stops me from wearing dresses that shows to much skin. This is the reason why I am taking my time to send my thank you to Incredible Discoveries for introducing me to Epil-Stop. Please accept my heart warming appreciation Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Lorraine – It’s our pleasure to help you, hoping that you are now confident to wear any dresses that you want. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” Thanks! – incredible Discoveries

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