Ian Woodman’s Bucket List: Australia, Asia, and Africa

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Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman has Australia, Asia, and Africa at the bottom of his bucket list. It’s not that he has less desire to visit these places than others on his bucket list, but until retirement, Ian Woodman says it will be hard to find the time to make such long treks.

From the States, Australia is a fourteen-hour trip, involving crossing the International Date Line. That means if Ian Woodman leaves on Friday night, he’ll arrive on Sunday morning. Not only will this mess with his internal clock, it will also require significant time off of work. Not so easy for a man like Ian Woodman who is running his own successful business.

The trip to Asia can be even more grueling, explains Ian Woodman, taking as long as twenty hours. Africa requires a ten-hour flight, which is only slightly longer than the flight to England, notes Ian Woodman. While Australia, Asia, and Africa may not be at the top of Ian Woodman’s list, he hopes to find time once he retires to take the long trips.

An avid traveler like Ian Woodman will find an endless supply of things to do in Australia, where the beauty of the outback and history of the forests will keep him busy. In 4-wheel drive vehicles, Ian Woodman and his wife can take a guided tour around the outback, via the Savannah Way or the Explorers Highway. To indulge Ian Woodman’s love for water, Australia has surfing and diving, allowing his party to experience the beautiful waters of Australia.

Whether it’s viewing the Grand Palace in Bangkok or enjoying the beaches of Sentosa Island in Singapore, Asia has a little bit of everything for Ian Woodman and his wife. As it is the globe’s largest continent, travelers like Ian Woodman generally prefer to tour all of Asia in one long trip, similar to the tour of Europe that is also on Ian Woodman’s bucket list.

Africa’s safari experience will be ideal for Ian Woodman and his wife, who love to learn about new things. But Africa isn’t only for safaris. The beaches in North Africa appeal to travelers’ desire for relaxation and mountain lovers will enjoy Mount Kilimanjaro.

Like many of us, Ian Woodman has so many places he’d like to visit, but so little time. After retirement, Ian Woodman hopes to be able to cross these interesting places off of his bucket list, in addition to his many other travel experiences.

  1. Hello, Ian Woodman. Planning for your retirement this early is a good idea, because you never know what will happen. While you’re still young, travel and visit all the places that you want to see.

    • Travelling is my dreams even before and I want to enjoy my life to the fullest while I am still young. Thank you for backing me up, Chester. -Ian Woodman

  2. You definitely need time to plan a vacation. I’m impressed, Ian Woodman! You have arranged vacations despite being very busy with your work. I hope I can follow in your footstep and also find some time to spend with my family soon.

    • Ariel, planning for vacation really need time if you want it to be successful. I hope you can also have time to relax and forget about work and enjoy it with your family – Ian Woodman

  3. I love nature! That is why I plan to travel and see beautiful places. Thank you for the article, Ian Woodman. It gives me some ideas as to which countries I should visit first. I hope you can write more articles about your adventures.

    • There are still a lot of beautiful places you can visit, Carter. I hope next time I could also read some of your adventures. – Ian Woodman

  4. I really appreciate a person who puts his family first before career. Taking your wife when you go to other countries so that you can be together is a good decision. You are very different from other guys I know, Ian Woodman.

    • Thank you for the kind word Charmain. When I decided to have a family, it became my first priorities above others. I hope I can give inspiration to you and to other to do the same.

  5. A good person and a good husband knows how to divide his time among his job and his family. Your wife is so lucky to have you as a husband, Ian Woodman, because she knows how important she is in your life.

    • Hello Antonie, thank you for the comment. I am also lucky to have my wife because she understand me and makes me happy everyday. – Ian Woodman

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