CWD Construction Helps Renew Your House with a Makeover

In Home and Family, Real Estate on April 18, 2012 at 2:43 pm
CWD Construction

CWD Construction

CWD Constructionknows the lagging economy has forced many homeowners to stay in a house far longer than originally anticipated. The drop in home values, CWD Construction points out, has left many homeowners upside-down in mortgages, giving them no choice but to remain until the economy improves.

CWD Construction has addressed a widespread need in the market by helping homeowners renew their existing homes. Additionally, homebuyers with money to spend are finding great deals on fixer-uppers—homes that can be bought at a bargain in exchange for some renovation work. Because many individuals are not qualified to do this work on their own, CWD Construction offers custom home makeover work, helping restore homes that have fallen into disrepair.

According to CWD Construction, once a home has gone into foreclosure, it can sit empty for months. During that time, it falls into disrepair, a state that only adds to any damage that disgruntled residents might have done before vacating the premises, CWD Construction explains. CWD Construction begins by breathing life into vital living spaces with custom interior trim, new paint and flooring.

Once the living areas are renewed, CWD Construction turns its efforts to the bathroom, installing new showers with custom tile, new custom vanities with granite, and quality plumbing fixtures that make all the difference in a bathroom’s appearance. When it comes to bathroom projects, the team at CWD Construction works efficiently and quickly, always keeping in mind that the bathroom is a vital part of the household and needs to be in working condition as soon as possible.

The premier room in a house is the kitchen, and CWD Construction’s kitchen remodels are in high demand. With custom-built cabinetry that rivals those found in the most expensive luxury homes, CWD Construction turns the kitchen into a showplace. Services include granite countertops, exciting tile backsplashes, and upgraded plumbing fixtures. CWD Construction can even add a beautiful custom mantle surround at the cooktop and a custom work island.

Finish off the project of turning a fixer-upper into the home of your dreams by adding a fireplace or screened-in porch, both services CWD Construction provides. When you work with CWD Construction, you’ll get the services of its in-house interior designer, Sonia Dohm, to help you pick out the fixtures, flooring, and paint colors that will best express your personal style.

Sonia and Chuck Dohm are available to work with customers to determine if CWD Construction can help turn a fixer-upper into a dream home, even before a purchase has been made. For more information, visit CWD Construction online at

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