Civil Servant Michael Ray Discusses Community Volunteering

In Professionals on May 18, 2012 at 4:12 pm

It has long been a fact of life that religious organizations help the needy.  Michael Ray has studied history and reports that in the old times, before America existed as these United States, convents were commonly regarded as the place to go for maternity care and other basic medical treatments. Michael Ray states that the tenets of most religions are based on helping the needy and less fortunate souls in our society. Centuries later, comments Michael Ray, convents and monasteries take it upon themselves to raise abandoned children, feed the hungry, and help heal the sick if possible.

Michael Ray cites historical changes.  With the rise of professional medicine, Michael Ray explains, the medical role of religious organizations has taken a back seat. But Michael Ray notes that religious communities still participate actively in many forms of social work, from orphanages to schools and beyond.  In our modern times, there are more people in need and less people in a position to help them.  For this reason, various religious organizations rely on volunteer aid and donations to maintain their charitable services.  Michael Ray finds giving back to his community very rewarding.

Would you like to volunteer your time or donate your money to a charitable religious organization?  Many people who answer, “Yes,” to this question simply do not have enough information to move on to the next step.  Michael Ray is aware of many organizations, religious and otherwise, that pledge help to the needy.  How will you choose whom to volunteer with?  Where will your donation go?  Who will it help?

Your best bet, says Michael Ray, is to find a cause that is meaningful to you personally.  Find a cause, be it abandoned children or weight loss, and make a few phone calls to your local religious organizations and charitable foundations.  Michael Ray knows from experience that you will feel most comfortable volunteering for a cause to which you feel personally connected.



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