Garrett Hoelscher Says Functional Strength Training Can Help Accomplish the Impossible

In Finance, Health and Beauty, Lifestyle on May 20, 2012 at 4:21 pm
Garrett Hoelscher

Garrett Hoelscher

Presentation Solutions recently sat down with financial analyst Garrett Hoelscher, to discuss staying fit while working a desk job.

Presentation Solutions: First, Garrett Hoelscher, we’d like to thank you for your time today.

Garrett Hoelscher:  I am always happy to talk about the things I am passionate about. Fitness is something upon which I place a very high value.

Presentation Solutions: Can you tell us what you typically include in your workout routine?

Garrett Hoelscher:  Well, there are many different approaches to exercise, and I have tried many of them…

Presentation Solutions: We understand that there is particularly one that you believe in, is that correct?

Garrett Hoelscher:  Yes. What I have found most effective and efficient are CrossFit workouts. CrossFit consists of intense intervals of movements that use multiple muscle groups simultaneously. My own personal experience with CrossFit has taught me a lot about the body and fitness.

Presentation Solutions: Is this program something you do at your local gym?

Garrett Hoelscher:  You could, but in most gyms across the country, we see countless types of machines that isolate muscle groups. Aside from professional body builders, these will do little good for most people.

Presentation Solutions: Why is that?

Garrett Hoelscher:  Those machines develop nonfunctional strength – they make it possible to strengthen one group of muscle without developing complementary and supportive muscle groups. That increases the likelihood of strain and injury.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds like it could potentially be dangerous for inexperienced gym-goers.

Garrett Hoelscher:  It could. In my humble opinion, it best to focus on functional strength and conditioning by way of big exercise and lifts that workout the whole body together. This increases total net strength.

Presentation Solutions: Isn’t functional strength training only for athletes who need each muscle to coordinate with one another quickly an efficiently?

Garrett Hoelscher:  No, not really. A workout routine like CrossFit is actually a fitness model that anyone and everyone can follow. Basically, it leads to a better sense of balance and increased joint stability since all of the muscles must work in unison. In fact, functional strength training’s roots are in physical therapy and rehabilitation where individuals who have suffered an injury must learn to use their entire body instead of compensating for the hurt area.

Presentation Solutions: Are there certain pieces of equipment one should use for this type of training?

Garrett Hoelscher:  There are several key strength training aids. Sandbags, free weights, exercise balls, and balance disks are pretty commonly utilized implements.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give us an example of how your CrossFit training has helped your overall life?

Garrett Hoelscher:  Absolutely… last year some friends and I decided to climb Mt. Washington. I was just past the recovery stage of reconstructive knee surgery. It was a 20-mile hike in grueling conditions but I made it without reinjuring my knee. I wholeheartedly believe that because of my background in CrossFit my body was able to handle the strain of such a strenuous undertaking.

Presentation Solutions: That alone is quite a feat and it is amazing that you could conquer Mt. Washington post surgery – any kind of surgery, but especially knee surgery.

Garrett Hoelscher:  Thank you.

Presentation Solutions: Again, we appreciate your speaking with us and are sure that you will serve as an inspiration to our readers. We look forward to catching up with you again later in the year.


With a diverse resume, Garrett Hoelscher has leveraged his experience to effectively serve a diversity of clients in his work as a financial analyst. Currently a Performance Manager at Wayfair, Garrett Hoelscher has come around full circle from his early days as a commercial banking intern at ING in New York City.

Over his years of business experience, Garrett Hoelscher has had the opportunity to reside in a variety of locations throughout the United States. Garrett Hoelscher points to the time spent in Aspen, Colorado as one of the most memorable. There, Garrett Hoelscher found success as an entrepreneur and enjoyed outdoor activities such as skiing the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Today, Garrett Hoelscher is a resident of the northeastern United States where he stays in shape with hiking, skiing, and the pursuit of the CrossFit rigorous fitness regimen. He also enjoys the outdoors, including the pursuit of skiing, mountain trekking, and lacrosse.

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