Sigma Alpha Lambda – 6 Core Values

In Information on June 20, 2012 at 3:57 pm
Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

If you have been searching for someone who works towards achieving his dream, Kyle Thomas Glasser fits that description. His whole life revolves around dedicated, hope, persistence and achievement. In fact, his faith is unbelievable. Despite the fact that he is ever busy, at least he can afford some time to visit sigma Alpha Lambda community to offer a hand. Kyle is an active member of community-oriented programs as well as many other associations.

However, as he tours all these communities he respect six core values that anyone should bear in mind to make sure that their life goes well. If you follow keenly the core values you will read here, your future will definitely be full of life and happiness. The values are:

In every organization that you are posted to work as a medical doctor or any other profession, you should practice high integrity level as well as exert fiscal responsibility. Just in case you need some help of what integrity is, here you go. Integrity is a self-motivating factor, it keeps you going, stay strong and it is a very important thing that is found in you. For people who have integrity in their work place, they are said to be strong-willed, proud and steady. Integrity shows your inner side, and if you have it you will be acting according to what is right rather than what other people tell you to do.

The other core value according to Kyle is that you should treat everyone around you with the highest level of dignity and respect. You know some people do not have respect for others just because of their background. Well, participating in Sigma Alpha Lambda community programs helps you know how to respect others no matter how they look or what their background, ethnicity or community is.

Sigma Alpha Lambda community programs help student to be united in their university. This is because community programs encourage solidarity and union among the team members. Kyle followed this core value and that is why has been a respected member in the association.

You should not unduly exploit the resources in your community, university, chapter and even in the world. This is a very important core value and Sigma Alpha Lambda helps students and every member achieve.

You should encourage every member to have personal growth, innovation, have the team spirit whenever working in a team and act independently when the need arises.

The final core value is living every day in an honest manner and has moral character. All the six core values you have found here have helped Kyle Thomas Glasser achieve his goal of studying medicine.

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