FXDD Mobile Apps for the Mobile Trader

In Finance, Information on July 13, 2012 at 8:04 pm


While the desktop remains the dominant platform for trading, there are now more than 106 million smartphone owners in the U.S., leading to an app market that is growing at an incredible pace. Reports suggest that more than 10 billion apps had been downloaded by 2010 and that number is expected to approach 80 billion by 2014.

FXDD recognized early on that this anywhere-anytime consumer trend was perfectly aligned with Forex markets and offer the ability to trade virtually anywhere at almost any time. FXDD has a line of mobile applications designed for today’s mobile trader that include the FXDD iTrader, Currenex iPROTrader, FXDD MT4 droidTrader, FXDD JForex for iPhone and FXDD JForex for iPad.

At FXDD, we know that our clients rely largely on the desktop computer for most trades. We also realize that the nature of Forex trading lends itself to the mobile environment. To that end, FXDD has developed a full line of mobile apps to compliment our PC-based tools. With these, we provide the comfort of consistent and constant liquidity, access to information and the flexibility to trade around the clock, whether you’re sitting on the beach in Fiji, or at your desk in the office.

Whether you are already trading with FXDD, or you are a prospective client, FXDD iTrader powered by Forex On The Go, can provide you with free mobile MT4 trading on your iPhone. With FXDD’s mobile apps, you have access to real-time pricing, charts and trading. Access your FXDD account from the time trading begins on Sunday evening in the Eastern Time Zone all the way through 4 p.m. EST on Friday when the trading week wraps.

If you are a PowerTrader and/or VikingTrader client, you can use FXDD iPROTrader with your existing trading accounts to view open positions or enter new ones all while on-the-go. FXDD iPROTrader gives you the anytime-anywhere flexibility to place limit and stop orders, to create a new order or even cancel out existing positions. You can also project open positions right from your smartphone.

No iPhone? No worries. FXDD MT4 droidTrader, powered by Forex On The Go Technology, puts free mobile MT4 trading into your hands right from your Android device. This service is available to new and existing FXDD clients. The same FXDD trading account information available to your iPhone is now available on your Android phone with real time pricing, charts, and trading. FXDD customers can access their FXDD accounts virtually any time or anywhere they’re connected.

The FXDD JForex iPhone app offers one of the most innovative Forex trading platforms on the market and includes live, secure connectivity with the server and the industry’s lowest FX spreads.

With this application, traders have on-the-go access to the industry’s best FX tools, including trading reports, live charts with technical analysis, market news and economic calendars. Forex TV is included, providing FXDD clients with commentary from Forex movers & shakers and pivot point levels.

For FXDD clients who want a Forex application that takes advantage of the additional real estate that the iPad offers, try the FXDD JForex for iPad app. With all of the same great features of the FXDD JForex for iPhone but with more information on the screen at one time, this app is for you.

There are many advantages to mobile trading, though there are limitations and FXDD is the first to say that it may not be for everyone. FXDD has gone to great lengths to provide access to the best apps the industry has to offer. That said, we realize that some clients find the trading software for mobile phones doesn’t provide the stability and functionality that they’re accustomed to from the platforms they use with their PCs. Most agree that the FXDD mobile apps we described above are extremely convenient for analyzing the market and practicing on demo accounts.

Some FXDD clients rave about the convenience of making trades no matter where they are and others prefer a more traditional approach of making trades from their desktop. Whichever your preference, FXDD has the tools you need to trade Forex.

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