How to Host a Successful New Year’s Eve Party

In Lifestyle, Recreation on December 19, 2012 at 9:49 am

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. Not only do the parties tend to last longer (for 4-6 hours), but most people have a lot of expectations on the last evening of the year. However, the staff at Presentation Solutions has some ideas to help hosts exceed any expectations from their guests.

Foods and beverages are key, but so is ambiance and decor. When in doubt on New Year’s Eve, go big on the look of the party with glamorous fabrics for the tablecloth and glitter letters spelling out a greeting to party goers. It’s also a fun idea to have an oversized, decorated sheet of paper where people can write down their resolutions.

For the food table it’s good to go bold, but that doesn’t need to translate into hours in the kitchen. Getting Chinese take-out with a wide variety of meat and vegetarian offerings is a great way to impress – without the stress. Another idea is to go vintage with food, serving things like Pigs in a Blanket, cheese fondue, or a Jello mold with gold flakes. Partygoers love to be wowed by the past, and the food can set a festive tone to the evening.

Props are always a good idea for New Year’s Eve parties. Festive hats and blowers are traditional, but sunglasses and sparkly bow ties are other options to help guests loosen up and get ready for the evening.

Retro music is a fun way to get people moving while counting down the hours until midnight. And picking a decade to feature is a great way to organize a play list. Also, that can add more to the choices for decor ideas. A disco ball for a 1970’s themed evening or a milk shake station for the 1950’s are just a couple of examples. The only limit is the party budget and the possibilities are endless.

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