Rich Von – How Pop Warner Football Gives Back

In Professionals on January 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm
Rich Von

Rich Von

According to ardent supporter Rich Von, Pop Warner Football provides youth the opportunity to become involved in sports at a young age, helping to build discipline and a competitive spirit. Rich Von became involved with Pop Warner Football after his son graduated from high school. He realized that he missed being part of the game. Von says that parents can register children in Pop Warner Football at five years of age and they can play until they are sixteen, at which point they often become involved in high school football and possibly college football.

Founded in 1929, Pop Warner provides youth the opportunity to learn to dance, play football, and cheer from a young age, Rich Von says. This preparation gives youth the skills they need to participate in school sports, with many students having a clear competitive advantage in trying out for these activities, Rich Von has found. Additionally, Rich Von and other parents report that participating in sports helps keep children busy, thus preventing them from getting into trouble.

Another important component of the organization is Pop Warner’s academic requirement. As Rich Von explains, Pop Warner participants must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or equivalent, which in many areas is a C average. Rich Von finds many of the youth on his team exceed this requirement by far, and with the focus and discipline they learn playing football they find an overall determination that helps them in all areas of their lives.

Rich Von and other Pop Warner coaches believe that their coaching should help develop youth across a variety of areas, creating well-rounded children who excel in every part of their lives. The academic requirement underlines Pop Warner’s message that to succeed in life, children must always strive to better themselves, Rich Von describes.

According to Rich Von, parents can sign children up for Pop Warner at the organization’s website, or by calling their local chapter. Some parents may want to attend a game or practice before committing, Rich Von points out. Rich Von emphasizes that there is no cutting of children from Pop Warner’s rosters, so children’s egos are built up, helping give them the confidence they need to continue to pursue what they want in life long after their association with Pop Warner ends.

Rich Von has more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry, having worked in sales and marketing prior to that. As a business owner, Rich Von knows the importance of building self-esteem from a young age in order to encourage children to continue to strive to reach their goals throughout their lives.

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