Tips from Carmack Moving and Storage – Moving Children and the Elderly

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Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage

Presentations Solutions recently sat down with Carmack Moving and Storage to talk about the delicate process of moving with young children, teens, or older family members. Each group poses special challenges, says the team at Carmack Moving and Storage but have one not-so surprising thing in common. Read on for tips and advice from Carmack Moving and Storage.

Presentations Solutions: Thank you for offering to speak with us today; we appreciate your time.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Not a problem, we love to talk about the things we love the best at Carmack Moving and Storage.

Presentations Solutions: Let’s talk about moving in general. Is it a difficult process?

Carmack Moving and Storage: It can be without the right help. It gets particularly tough when there are special circumstances, such as moving with kids, pets, and seniors.

Presentations Solutions: How so?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Each of these groups adds their own obstacle to the moving process.

Presentations Solutions: We understand pets, but what about children?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Children, especially smaller children, need help coping with the process. They might not understand what is actually happening.

Presentations Solutions: And really small children could possibly get injured with all of that furniture moving around.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Exactly… When really small kids are involved, we suggest having an extra adult around to give a helping hand.

Presentations Solutions: Is there a particular age group of children that handle moves best?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Physically and mentally, teens are the most capable but they are often the ones who take it hardest emotionally.

Presentations Solutions: Why is that?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Many teens, when faced with being uprooted, rebel…at least a little. They might feel like they are being torn from everything they know–and in a way they are.

Presentations Solutions: How do you help them get through the situation?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Be as honest as possible about why you are moving, when, and where. And, make sure they know that we are still in the communication era…they can talk on the phone, text, and even video chat with their friends.

Presentations Solutions: What about helping an aging parent move… I would assume there would be unique difficulties there as well?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Yes, there are many concerns when relocating with an elderly family member such as distance to and from health care, pharmacies, transportation, etc.

Presentations Solutions: Being in close proximity to relatives is important, too.

Carmack Moving and Storage: That’s very true.

Presentations Solutions: What are some reasons people in this age group move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Retirement, the need to downsize, wanting to be closer to grandchildren, and even health concerns.

Presentations Solutions: Health concerns?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Many retirees move to states like Arizona for the dryer air which is better for their respiratory systems than, say, living in Louisiana or Alabama where the humidity in the summer makes it difficult to breath.

Presentations Solutions: Is it hard to talk to a senior about moving?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That depends on the individual. Many are perfectly ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Others are more hesitant to change.

Presentations Solutions: I can guess why there would be a resistance…

Carmack Moving and Storage: Yes, like kids and teenagers, many older folks just don’t want to have to re-learn a new way of life.

Presentations Solutions: In other words, they don’t want to do things differently?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That about sums it up. The difference is that younger people are scared of change whereas seniors are just plain set in their ways and reluctant to alter their schedules.

Presentations Solutions: We appreciate your time today and look forward to speaking with you again. Do you have any final thoughts we can close with?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Regardless of who you are moving the most important thing is to prepare…and to call a great moving company!

Carmack Moving and Storage has been moving families and commercial offices in the Northern Virginia area for nearly 28 years. A small, family owned and operated company, Carmack Moving and Storage offers many benefits that big brand movers don’t, including a staff of “lifers” in the industry. Carmack Moving and Storage is available for local and interstate moves and can help with out of country relocations as well.

Founded in the mid-1980s, Carmack Moving and Storage has grown – primarily through word of mouth – to be the area’s premiere moving and storage services provider. For additional information about Carmack Moving and Storage including free moving and storage tips, visit

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