YOR Health Reveals Qualities for Successful Leadership

In Health and Beauty on April 4, 2013 at 4:12 pm
YOR Health

YOR Health

Irvine, California-based YOR Health is a company on the move. With hundreds of Independent Representatives across the globe, the company is bringing health and wellness to those who need it most. YOR Health offers its network of Independent Representatives the opportunity to create happiness and wealth while helping others achieve their health and nutrition goals. In this brief article, the team at YOR Health discusses several key qualities necessary for successful leadership.

We often say that the strength of YOR Health is its people—and that is true. In any organization, its leadership is what provides the guidance, support, and inspiration to leverage that strength to achieve maximum success. Certainly, without its leadership, YOR Health would not be in the successful position it is in today.

Victim or Victimizer?

Often, says YOR Health, people find themselves stuck in the position of Victim or Victimizer. Neither position is desirable from the standpoint of leadership, however. It takes great personal strength to break the karmic cycle that would have us stay in these positions of Victim or Victimizer into which we have been cast, reflects YOR Health.


The true leader – whether at YOR Health or elsewhere – has risen above these roles and occupies a third position, the role of Victor. The most fundamental characteristic of the Victor is this: he or she takes responsibility for everything in his or her life. By doing so, he or she is never the victim, according to YOR Health. All that exists in the world of the Victor is to identify challenges and to conquer them.

Discover a New Version of You

A YOR Health leader is someone who serves his or her community, acting as a teacher and a trusted support to others. Our leaders have a commitment to the team and are ready to get out there and show others how to grow to become successful leaders themselves. More than anything, a YOR Health leader inspires others to want to grow and to better themselves.

YOR Health believes each person has the potential for leadership. All it takes is the right opportunity and the right environment to nurture that leadership potential.

YOR Health wants to help IRs grow as people and become leaders. YOR Health commits to improving your life in three key ways: financially, physically and mentally. It can safely be said that YOR Health leaders are students for life, always open for greater learning, greater understanding. At the annual YOR Health Leaders’ Summit (YLS), leaders will train attendees for leadership by showing them how to become the best version of self that is possible. By focusing on mental / emotional / spiritual growth, YOR Health believes that all other important areas of life will be improved as well – and not just as an IR for YOR Health. If you have the desire to grow as a person on every level, this is by far the most powerful vehicle available anywhere.

YOR Health Leaders Lay Foundation for Others

It must also be said that YOR Health’s leaders are both humanistic and pragmatic. Many people have the desire to “help others.” Our leaders understand that in order to truly help others, we must first take care of ourselves; we must build a solid foundation from which we can go forth and have something to offer that will be able to make a positive difference in the world.

YOR Health cites two different schools of thought in leadership that can be summarized as “outside in” and “inside out.” “Outside in” means understanding how others think and how to reach and inspire them. “Inside out” means understanding self, so that one can be solid and clear enough in his or her purpose so that he or she can continuously inspire and develop those who follow.

Both are crucial to genuine YOR Health leadership.

Finally, an inspiring leader is defined by his or her passion—passion for product, passion for company, passion for life. YOR Health provides a vehicle for bringing out the passion in each individual by offering an amazing product that benefits people, an amazing community that inspires individuals to new heights, and a company culture that ultimately is a celebration of life.

True leadership is the most rewarding activity in life and YOR Health encourages Independent Representatives to take on this challenge.

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