Kelley D. Hamilton Reports on the “Bonaventure and You” Project

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Kelley D. Hamilton

Kelley D. Hamilton

As Chief Executive Officer of Oregon-based Bonaventure Senior Living, Kelley D. Hamilton says his mission is to expand the company’s generosity. In order to accomplish this goal, Kelley D. Hamilton encourages staff members and residents alike to support local charities. Recently Kelley D. Hamilton spearheaded the “Bonaventure and You” program, an opportunity to give back to local charities. Kelley D. Hamilton describes the effort in the following Q&A.

Q: Kelley D. Hamilton, when did the “Bonaventure and You” start?

Kelley D. Hamilton: We kicked it off last November, in 2012. I would like to expand the program, though.

Q: How does “Bonaventure and You” work?

Kelley D. Hamilton: We designed the program so that any new resident in a Bonaventure community could select a charity of their choice to receive a $1,000 donation in their name paid for by Bonaventure.

Q: That’s a great idea!

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, and there’s more. If a current resident has referred the new resident, we will donate an additional $500 gift in the current resident’s name.

Q: Were the Bonaventure communities themselves involved?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, the Bonaventure communities gave their residents the option of choosing six more local charities, for $250 gifts each along with an award ceremony honoring those who do so much for their local communities.

Q: How were the donors recognized?

Kelley D. Hamilton: We invited the general public to a “Heroes of Hope” celebration in each community, thanking both donors and charities.

Q: Were you pleased with the results of the effort?

Kelley D. Hamilton: We set up a total of 286 gifts to 236 charities. That’s in addition to the home office’s gift of over $70,000.

Q: What was the territory involved? How much was the total amount raised?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Our communities are located in Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and Idaho. The total giving was well over $150,000!

Q: What prompted you to initiate the “Bonaventure and You” program?

Kelley D. Hamilton: It’s simple; we care about the same things our residents care about. We want to be able to help not just our residents, but everyone in the local community.

Q: What are some examples of the charities your residents have selected?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Organizations like the Alzheimer’s Network, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oregon Paralyzed Veterans, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, the VFW and the Humane Society.

Q: How can people find out more about this program?

Kelley D. Hamilton: They can visit their local Bonaventure community, or go to for details.

Q: Any parting thoughts?  

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes. I’d just like to say that it’s really worth it to experience the satisfaction people get from contributing to causes and organizations they believe in, be it their local church or a national charitable organization. We understand how difficult it is to make those decisions in a tight economy, and it’s gratifying for us to be able to help.

Kelley D. Hamilton attended Portland State University. After earning his degree in Finance and Business Administration, Kelley D. Hamilton co-founded Kline Hamilton Realty Advisors. It was during his time at Kline Hamilton that Kelley D. Hamilton found his calling in senior living.

Kelley D. Hamilton came on board with Bonaventure in 2000, when it was still known as Mountain West Retirement. Today, Kelley D. Hamilton presides over a company that manages 37 flexible retirement communities across several states in the western and northwestern U.S. Always sensitive to the needs of residents, Kelley D. Hamilton has instituted feedback forms and town hall meetings at Bonaventure communities which has lead to Bonaventure’s stellar 96% resident satisfaction rate.

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