Mallory Fleming Explains the History of Volleyball

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Mallory FlemingAs a competitive player for more than 10 years, Mallory Fleming has studied the history of volleyball and its various incarnations. In this interview with Presentation Solutions, Mallory Fleming describes standard rules and regulations and discusses the sport’s international popularity.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the basic premise of volleyball?

Mallory Fleming: A court is divided in half by a net. Each team features six players on either side of the net, separated into two rows: front and back. The objective is to return the ball to the other side successfully within three hits.

Presentation Solutions: Are there different rules in other countries?

Mallory Fleming: Although minor differences exist depending on the competitive level, most international, national and domestic leagues use the same setup.

Presentation Solutions: How do players accomplish this?

Mallory Fleming: Players must use an approved motion—either overhand or underhand—to strike the ball. To return the ball successfully, the team must avoid hitting it out of bounds or into the net. Also, if the ball hits the ground before the return, the other team receives a point.

Presentation Solutions: What actions are prohibited?

Mallory Fleming: Players are not permitted to catch or hold the ball. Blocking serves is against the rules as well.

Presentation Solutions: When did volleyball’s popularity spread?

Mallory Fleming: In the 1940s, the American-based sport became more widely played in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a leading volleyball organization?

Mallory Fleming: The World Volleyball League was created in 1990 to provide a platform for the sport’s athletes and administrators.

Presentation Solutions: What other forms of volleyball are there?

Mallory Fleming: Beach volleyball has quickly developed into an international favorite, with the first official league beginning in Southern California in the early 1950s.

Presentation Solutions: What about volleyball in the Olympics?

Mallory Fleming: Volleyball made its Olympic debut at the 1964 Games in Tokyo. Beach volleyball appeared at the Olympics in 1996.

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